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Super Bowl Bingo Cards

Our free Super Bowl bingo cards are totally free to generate and are a great way to enjoy the big game, either on your own or with friends.

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Super Bowl Bingo Cards
Super Bowl LVI Bingo
Opening Kickoff Returned for Touchdown
Touchdown in Opening Minute
Special Teams Player Named MVP
Team Overcomes 10+ Points To Win
Game Finishes by 3am
Offensive Player Named MVP
Combined Team Score -30 Points
Smoke Lingers in Stadium Following Half-Time Show
UK Host: “Right, the Talking’s Over...”
Winning Player(s) Make Confetti Angels
Field Goal Wins Game in Last Minute
Losing Team Shut out
Woke Undertones at Half-Time Show
Game Finishes After 3am
Team Leading at Half-Time Loses Game
Rams Player Rushes for 100+ Yards

Super Bowl 57 takes place on February 11th 2024 at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, with a halftime perfomance by Usher. It is expected to air on BBC One and Sky Sports.

Here’s how you generate our free Super Bowl bingo cards.

  1.  Choose your own phrases and enter them in the ‘Enter Words…’ box. Or you can use ours!
  2. Select Card Size – click the Grid Size box and select layout from drop-down menu.
  3. Click Generate Bingo Card for playable preview card
  4. Select the number of cards you’d like to print or enter a custom number. Each card will then be given jumbled up phrases.
  5. Select Generate Printable Cards. Alternatively, invite your friends using the email box and hitting ‘invite’. They’ll all receive a unique Super Bowl bingo card.
  6. Sit back and watch the game with your friends. Mark off each item as it happens. The first to mark off the most or all items is the winner!

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