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New Bingo Sites November 2020

New bingo sites galore! We’ve got reviews of all the newest and best new bingo sites for 2020.  Exclusive bingo bonuses when you deposit £5, no deposit free spins or keep your winnings with zero wagering requirements, we’ve got it all – and if slots are your thing, we’ve also got some great new casino sites for you!

New Bingo Sites 2020

This year saw some big changes in the world of online bingo, including the launch of brand new bingo software.  Although a number of older bingo sites closed, there are plenty of new bingo sites being launched to replace them – and throughout 2020, we’ve seen a better range of welcome offers at new UK bingo sites.  We expect this to continue, with plenty of different types of bingo software and welcome offers at new bingo sites in 2021.

  1. Why play at a new bingo site?
  2. All new bingo sites are not equal
  3. When is a new bingo site, not a new bingo site?
  4. New bingo sites: big changes last year
  5. New bingo sites: what’s coming in 2020?
New Bingo Sites
New Bingo Sites


Why play at a new bingo site?

If you’re completely new to online bingo, you’ll probably want to go for one of the big name bingo sites for the reassurance of a household name (although as will be seen from our page about trusted and safe bingo sites, the size of the brand does NOT necessarily mean your money is safe).  Many players choose to stick with just one site, especially if it has a really good range of bingo rooms, player promotions and slot games.  There are lots of potential reasons why you might want to sign up with a new bingo site, however:

  • Different choice of bingo games
  • Different choice of slot games
  • New people to chat with
  • Different player promotions
  • Different payment options (e.g. MuchBetter, Apple Pay, Pay by Phone)
  • Bingo rooms that hit the sweet spot between being too quiet (boring) or too busy (wins too infrequent)
  • Better customer service/wagering requirements/withdrawal rules
  • Last but not least – you get to take up a new welcome offer

All new bingo sites are not equal

Once you’ve played at a few different bingo sites you will soon notice that many of them have exactly the same bingo rooms and slot games and sometimes exactly the same promotions as each other, with only the home page looking different.  For example, almost all Jumpman bingo sites have the same Mega Wheel welcome offer, and all Dragonfish network sites have the same monthly £10,000 bingo game.  This is because Jumpman and Dragonfish provide an off the shelf product for anyone who wants to open their own online bingo site quickly and easily – otherwise known as a white label or skin site.  The licensing, account verification and payment processing are all handled centrally and this explains why all Dragonfish powered bingo sites have a licence from 888 UK Limited and payment processing by Cassava, and all Dragonfish network bingo sites have the same customer services telephone number.

Most new bingo sites are skins, but the quality of skins varies dramatically.  For example, a new Dragonfish site with added extras such as exclusive bingo rooms and promotions ticks many more items on our list than a Jumpman skin site does.

Every now and again, however, something which is genuinely new and different is launched.  Truly new bingo sites, it seems, are like buses – you wait months and then two come along at the same time, in this case MrQ and Buzz Bingo, launched within a couple of months of each other and bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of online bingo.

  • Mr Q is a completely new bingo platform that is British through and through.
  • Buzz Bingo is Playtech bingo as you’ve never seen it before (and the ONLY bingo site where No Wagering doesn’t also mean No Bonus).

Getting on for 2 years after launch, these two revolutionary new online bingo sites are still attracting players in droves.   Both are No Wagering bingo sites and indeed, they do that so well that it is hard for any other new bingo site to compete!

When is a new bingo site, not a new bingo site?

Sometimes we add bingo sites to this page that aren’t brand new sites – some relaunches of old bingo sites qualify and there’s also the case where bingo is added to existing slot and casino sites.


Most relaunches and redesigns of existing bingo sites don’t make it into our New Bingo Sites listings – just having a new look or upgraded technology doesn’t cut it (although we might write a news item about it if there’s added extras).  To qualify, the site needs to have a new bingo welcome offer that is open to everyone even if they’ve played at that site before.  This usually happens when there is a software or network migration – for example Sailor Bingo moving from Cozy to Dragonfish and Lovehearts Bingo becoming a No Wagering site.  If everyone is able to sign up and claim the welcome offer regardless of whether they’ve played there previously, it’s effectively an entirely new site.

Casino or slot sites with newly added bingo

In 2019 bingo was added to a number of Nektan slot and casino sites (some of which had been around for years) and there was also a case (Virgin Games) of a site which had previously had bingo but removed it, adding it back in a year later. We’re expecting more of this in 2020 in connection with the excellent Pragmatic Play bingo software (of which more later).  Merely adding bingo as Mr Green did a couple of years ago isn’t enough, though – to qualify, these sites need to have a bingo related welcome offer.


New bingo sites: big changes last year


Account verification

New account verification rules took effect last May and apply to new players on any UK licensed site. Previously, players were often only required to prove their identity when they tried to withdraw but now, bingo sites (along with casinos and all other betting sites) have to verify age and identity of a new player before they are allowed to make a deposit or play any games – including free to play and demo games.   Most large operators use specialist player verification services that carry out checks behind the scenes but at many new bingo sites this can mean sending in copies of documents such as passports and driving licences before taking up no deposit bingo offers and newbie free bingo rooms.


Waves of bingo site closures

2019 was a year during which many more bingo sites closed than opened.  This was partly due to some exceptional circumstances.

  • GVC’s streamlining of Cozy.  GVC apparently decided to stop working with any small time operators and closed a large number of Cozy skins, including the house owned flagship brand Landmark Bingo.  The Cozy white label sites which remain are mostly ultimately owned by Stride Gaming via their subsidiary 8 Ball, and it is hard to see why anyone would want to play at them anyway given that there is an enhanced version of the software, a better welcome offer and much better player promotions at Foxy Bingo.
  • The final phase of the Jumpman migration.  A number of old 15 Network and Wheel of Slots bingo sites, including Bingo Minions and Clucky Bingo, didn’t make the cut and were closed instead of migrating to the new platform.
  • Some older Dragonfish skins closed.  There are still plenty of older Dragonfish sites offering a more traditional bingo bonus welcome offer, though, and many players prefer to sign up with one of them rather than a new Dragonfish site with a free bingo tickets offer.


Network consolidation

A few years ago before all of the closures, there were three Cozy networks, two Jumpman networks and several Dragonfish networks that were completely separate from each other.   The Cozy and Jumpman networks have now gone completely and the distinction between the different Dragonfish networks has become blurred as many rooms including free bingo and jackpot games are shared across multiple networks.  The effect of this is to reduce player choice but increase liquidity, making the bingo rooms livelier and prizes larger.  Bigger prizes make the bingo more attractive and this brings even more players into the bingo rooms, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  When there are excessive numbers of players in a bingo room

  1. The chance of actually winning anything becomes very small
  2. The chat can become impossible to keep up with, especially on a mobile

This does not make for a pleasant player experience even in a free bingo room, and this is why the best new bingo sites on the Dragonfish platform have exclusive as well as networked rooms.


Redeposit bonuses and loyalty points replaced with other player incentives

This has been going on for a while because of the Point of Consumption tax which was first introduced in 2014 and extended to bonuses in 2017, but in 2019 redeposit bonuses became very few and far between.  Slot spins are far more common than bonus in deposit or play based promotions, and many sites have introduced a free daily game instead, where players can win small amounts of bingo or slot bonus as well as cash and/or free spins.

Here at Best New Bingo Sites we love daily games – we think they really add to the entertainment value, whether the prize is instant or whether you have to collect sets of tokens and redeem for a prize as in the Catford Square game at Kitty Bingo.  Arguably the best daily game is Trio at Tombola.  This match 3 game can be played twice a day – once at Tombola Bingo and once at Tombola Arcade – and has hundreds of daily prizes ranging from £5 – £1000, worth £35,000 a week in all.   This is a big improvement over their earlier daily game Stars which had to be played every day for a week and which had only one (admittedly rather large) prize each week and the Worlds daily game which wasn’t free.

Not all new bingo sites have the facility to add a daily game (it depends on the software), but those that don’t usually either have daily slot spins as part of the loyalty program (Dragonfish), or some form of gamification where players can collect items and redeem for a bonus or bonus game (Jumpman).


Pragmatic Play bingo finally launched

The Pragmatic Play bingo product which was first shown at ICE London in February 2018 was finally released, initially as a soft launch at one site only and then across a selection of Nektan sites.  A bingo bonus welcome offer coupled with fixed jackpot games in one of the bingo rooms has attracted enough players to make it a serious contender and in Spring 2020 the Pragmatic Play bingo software was rolled out to all Jumpman bingo sites and Jumpman slot sites, replacing Jumpman’s own bingo product.


No Wagering running out of steam?

At the start of 2019 No Wagering bingo sites and No Wagering slot sites seemed to be on a roll – hugely popular with players and more opening all the time.  But in fact, the backlash had already started.  BGO, one of the pioneers of No Wagering offers, returned to a more traditional bonus for their welcome offers in late 2018 (although the loyalty scheme remains No Wagering and there is an alternate No Wagering welcome offer for slots).  During 2019 some other No Wagering slot sites including the likes of Arcade Spins also returned to an old fashioned bonus offer and as we go into 2020 we’re seeing Dragonfish launches such as Tickety Bingo with a traditional bingo bonus welcome offer

We have a couple of theories about what’s going on here.

  • We believe that some of the No Wagering sites – Buzz Bingo, MrQ, Heart Bingo, PlayOJO and a few others – do so much to keep their players engaged that they have little desire to go and play anywhere else and that is a very difficult act for a new No Wagering site to follow or compete with.
  • The arrival of bingo at Nektan sites complete with a 300% bingo bonus offer put the cat among the pigeons. Free bingo ticket and/or slot spin welcome offers (mostly but not all No Wagering) were all that was available at new bingo sites during the early part of 2019.  Once the Nektan offers came on the scene, many players apparently decided that they preferred a bonus with a wagering requirement to free bingo tickets without one.


Popular slot games removed from UK market

At the start of October 2019 the UK Gambling Commission acted to have all slot games offering a “buy the bonus round” option removed from UK bingo and slot sites and casinos.  Some of these slots simply disappeared and others had the buy the bonus option disabled.  The licensing regime in the UK requires the game providers and games to be licensed as well as the casinos, and in this case the UKGC sent a letter straight to the providers rather than the operators.  A few casinos left the games online but to no avail as the providers either switched them off or disabled the bonus buy button server side for UK players.

Having done this once (actually more than once, as that’s also how autoplay restrictions came into force), the UKGC can do it again.  What slot feature will be vanish during 2020, we wonder?  Gambling the bonus round?  Paying to respin one or more reels?  Or will they just lower the maximum spin value?


The shadow of Brexit looms over the iGaming industry just as it does over every other industry but online bingo has a special issue – Gibraltar.  Many operators have offices and/or servers there (though some have moved to Malta over the last 3 years).  Gibraltar is tiny (5km x 1.6km, population around 34,000) and expensive, so up to 10,000 people who work there (around half the Gibraltar workforce) live in Spain and cross the border twice every day.  A recent dry run for post Brexit border controls (which will be required, deal or no deal) resulted in a 3-5 hour wait to cross.  This is bound to cause massive disruption.

It also remains to be seen how whatever post Brexit trade deal (if any) is eventually agreed will affect cross border digital services; the servers for NetEnt slot games, for instance, are located in the EU.


New bingo sites: what’s coming in 2020?

Here are some of our predictions for the coming year, together with an indication of how likely we think they are to come true.


Yggdrasil bingo, possibly

Yggdrasil’s bingo platform has been in the pipeline for more than 2 years now (it was announced at the end of 2017 shortly before the Pragmatic Play product) and has been demo’d at various shows and conferences, but for the last few months everything has gone very quiet.

One of the most exciting features in the demo we saw was the option to include bingo in the mission based promotions that run from time to time across the Yggdrasil network.  Typically these involve collecting a certain number of wilds, other symbols or bonus features on 3 or 4 different games in the smallest number of spins possible.  The idea of having bingo missions such as collecting wins or patterns included in this type of promotion is certainly an intriguing one, but it may also be partly what’s caused the release to be delayed.

The bingo product was supposedly going to be launched in Sweden before the UK, but this hasn’t happened yet.  The Swedish licensing regime which came into force at the start of 2019 bans operators from offering players any bonuses apart from a first deposit bonus and this casts doubt on whether the mission based promotions would even be allowed there.

Yggdrasil’s stand at ICE 2020 didn’t feature the bingo product at all and it is starting to look as if it has been quietly cancelled or at least indefinitely postponed.

More Microgaming bingo sites, maybe

Microgaming reportedly have a new 30 ball bingo game coming soon and are looking to work with a wider range of operators but again, not much has been heard about this recently.  One obstacle is that Microgaming don’t offer a white label solution as far as licensing goes; any operator wanting to open a Microgaming bingo site has to apply for a licence in their own right if they don’t already have one.

An encouraging sign is the addition of remote bingo to Aspire Global’s UK licence, announced at the end of August 2019.    We believe this is in connection with Microgaming bingo and look forward to seeing it rolled out at Aspire slot and casino sites, but we still don’t know when it will be available in the UK (it was rumoured to be launching in Denmark first) or whether there will be a bingo focused welcome offer.

Karamba and PlayOJO are now publicising their soon to be launched bingo products within the industry but the details are yet to be released – could they surprise us by going for Pragmatic Play instead of Microgaming?

UPDATE: far from launching any new bingo sites, Microgaming are reportedly withdrawing their bingo product from the market!  So it looks like Pragmatic Play or no launch this year for Karamba and PlayOJO as we’re not aware of any other bingo platform that will be ready during 2020.

An even more adult look for bingo sites, probably

A couple of years ago bingo site promotions pages seemed to be wall to wall cuddly toys, fairytale characters and other childish things.  Operators are now not allowed to show this kind of imagery publicly; they have to restrict it to logged in, age verified accounts so as not to encourage children to gamble.  Even the tiles for slot games in the lobby (if visible without a login) have had to be toned down.  Fears that games such as Fluffy Favourites would have to be removed entirely have proved to be unfounded thus far, and currently many bingo sites include Fluffy Favourites spins in their welcome offer.  This may have to stop though; 32red were recently in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority just for mentioning the name of a fairytale themed slot game in a Google ad.  We can foresee a situation where (thanks to the new account verification rules for free play) bingo sites are allowed to give out free spins on Fluffy Favourites but are not allowed to tell players which slot they are for until after account verification has been completed!

Mobile play will continue to be a game changer, definitely

It’s clear from our own visitor stats that not only are more and more of you playing bingo and slots on mobile, an increasing number never play on any other device, and that means that the way people play has been evolving and will continue to evolve.

A player on a bingo site via a mobile device is highly likely to be doing something else at the same time – watching TV, chatting, paying attention so as not to miss getting off the bus at the right stop or even – shock, horror – an actual phone call.  This means that mobile content needs to be snackable i.e. delivered in bite size chunks.  A single bingo game is about the right length for that and so are a few slot spins.

The problem with playing bingo on mobile, though, is that if there is only a short window before the game starts in which to buy tickets, it’s really easy to get distracted or hit a data blackspot and miss it – and that’s one reason why there is such a big difference in how busy the bingo rooms are at sites with a fully featured pre-buy (Virtue Fusion, Relax Gaming, Gamesys) compared to sites without (Cozy, Jumpman, Dragonfish).  With pre-buy, a player can buy tickets for a number of games in one go and then dip in and out of the action – and the chat – at will.  The Pragmatic Play bingo platform has pre-buy and this is another reason why new bingo sites are going for this software.

Dip in and out of the chat, that is, if chat is easy to use on a mobile – but in some cases it isn’t, or there isn’t any chat.  We believe that removing the chat is very off-putting for bingo players and that mobile players still want to chat.  Far from not wanting to chat as often or as long as desktop players, mobile players use the chat just as much as non mobile players (50% of players across all devices, according to our source at Playtech).  Some make heavy use of emojis while others type just as fast on a mobile as a desktop user would on a regular keyboard.

The move towards mobile play also affects the design of the bingo games themselves and we expect to see many more new bingo games like Buzz Bingo Blast and Tombola Blocks, where players have just one ticket to keep track of and play is super fast.  The operator who is best at this is undoubtedly Tombola themselves and their recent game Potion has clearly been designed for maximum playability on phone screens.  Pragmatic Play clearly understand this too and have now launched a bingo game which is classic 90 ball bingo with only the exciting part (as players come close to bingo) played at normal speed and the earlier calls done super fast.


Regulation, regulation and more regulation, sure as death and taxes

If there’s one thing we can be absolutely 100% sure of, it’s that the Gambling Commission will continue to roll out new ways to protect players, from themselves as well as from operators.  More of the same, in the form of further social responsibility measures and further restrictions on slot game features or themes would come as no surprise.  What you may not have spotted ahead of time was the Gambling Commission turning its attention on the use of credit cards for gambling, both on and offline – covering sports betting, casino and lottery as well as bingo.  After considering a number of options they decided on a complete ban!  The credit card ban, which came into force on April 14th, also affects the use of other payment methods such as paysafecard and Paypal which can be funded using a credit card.  The onus is on the payment providers to ensure that credit cards can’t be used and if they aren’t successful in doing this , those payment methods will be hit with the ban hammer as well.  Many bingo sites are restricting Paypal and other such payment methods to existing players, so if you sign up at one of them now, you won’t be able to use Paypal as a payment method.

Another restriction that was imposed in Spring 2020 came from the ASA and relates to the way that free bingo ticket offers are advertised.  Bingo sites are now only able to show a face value for the tickets in cases where players can actually buy tickets with cash as well as or instead of getting them free.  For instance, tickets for the Dragonfish monthly £10K game were being advertised as worth £10 each, but since the only way to get hold of these tickets is via player promotions this is no longer allowed.  This is why free bingo ticket offers now show the number of tickets rather than their face value.

Restrictive regulation or no, another thing that’s a dead cert is the ongoing popularity of online bingo and we expect to be able to bring you plenty of new bingo sites to play at throughout 2020 and into 2021.


Are New Bingo Sites Trustworthy?

New bingo sites are safe and trustworthy as long as they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. However, not all bingo sites have the same level of insolvency protection for player funds and you can find out more about that on our Trusted & Safe Bingo Sites page.

How Many Online Bingo Sites Are There?

There are hundreds of online bingo sites that are open to UK players but not many of them are actually new bingo sites. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been seeing an average of one new bingo site a month launched. We have lots of listings for older bingo sites elsewhere on our site, so you’ll probably be able to find several that are new to you.

Can I Play Free Bingo At New Bingo Sites?

Yes, free bingo rooms for new players are a feature at most new bingo sites (and indeed at many older ones). To be allowed to play, you’ll need to have your account age and ID verified and register a payment method even if no deposit is required.

Do New Bingo Sites Accept Credit Cards?

No, there are no UK bingo sites, new or old, that accept deposits via credit card.  They are all banned from doing so by the UK Gambling Commission with effect from April 2020.

Where Can I Find New Slot Sites?

All new bingo sites have slots but not all new slot sites have bingo. If you are mainly interested in playing slots and want a slots focused welcome offer check out our New Slot Sites page for dozens of new slot sites.


*New members only, must opt in. Min £10 deposit & wager. 30 day expiry from deposit.18+. Free Spins: on Double Bubble. 1p coin size, max lines. Bingo: Advertised ticket value based on £1 tickets. Game availability & restrictions apply.

*First-time depositors only (UK exc NI, 18+). Min deposit £10. Max offer £30 Bingo Bonus, 20 Free Spins [game of our choice] & 150 Free Bingo Tickets [£50 Daily Treat]. Bingo Bonus & Bingo Tickets (granted in bingo bonus) winnings must be wagered 4x. Bingo Tickets expire after 7 days. Free Spins [FS] winnings are credited as bonus funds with 40x wagering. Slots Bonus winnings, if applicable, will be capped at £100 + original bonus amount. FS winnings cap: £2.00. Wagering contribution varies by game. FS expire after 7 days. Promo code: LEAFY. We reserve the right to deny promotional offers based on abusive bonus activity across sites operated by the Company. Deposit balance available for withdrawal at any time (UK only). General withdrawal restrictions & full T&Cs apply. Valid until 31/12/2021.

*New players only making their first deposit. Min deposit £10 using promo code: BINGO. Max £30 Bingo Bonus (5x wagering on dep + bonus, 4x conversion) + 40 Spins on Starburst (40x wagering, 4 x Conversion). Free Room available for 7 days from the day after your first wager of at least £1 on bingo. Max 6 tickets per game. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply.

**18+, BeGambleaware.org Minimum deposit £10, maximum bonus £20. You must wager your bonus 40x to make it withdrawable. Free Spins are credited on Starburst in batches of 10 over the next four working days and carry a 15x wagering requirement. Bonus will expire after 7 days of opt-in.

*New players only (UK, 18+). Valid until further notice. Min deposit £10. Max Bingo Bonus (BB) £50. BB WR:x4. 30 FS on selected games. FS term: 7 days. FS wins are granted in games bonus [GB] and capped at £2. GB is valid on selected games only.GB WR: x80. GB wins cap: £100 + bonus amount. WR vary by game. UK - deposit bonus is available for withdrawal at any time. Donation to charity: THL will match 20% of first deposit (up to £5) as a donation to NHS Charities Together. We reserve the right to deny bonuses based on abusive activities. Withdrawal restrictions and full T&Cs apply

*New players only. Min deposit £20, Max bonus £100. 50x WR, 100 Free Spins - 10 batches of 10 Free Spins Daily - No WR - Max Win £10 per batch. T&Cs Apply

*New players only. Valid once until further notice . Min deposit £10 for 200% Bingo Bonus [BB] up to £50 + 20 Free Spins [FS] on White Wizard Deluxe (valid for 3 days, wins cap: £3). FS wins granted in Games Bonus [GB] after all FS used. GB valid on selected games only. Wagering requirements [WR]: 4x (deposit + BB) & 85x(GB). WR vary by game. GB wins cap: £100 + initial bonus amount. UK: deposit balance can be withdrawn at any time. 18+. Withdrawal restrictions & Full T&C apply.

*Must claim during account registration, claim once only, valid 24hrs, bonus & winnings playable on all bingo games (excl. BOB and Britain’s Got Talent bingo), 4xWR, T&Cs apply 18+

*First-time depositors only (18+ UK Only - excluding players based in Northern Ireland). Min Deposit £10. Max Offer: 100% Bonus up to £25 Bonus Plus 25 Free Spins. Promo code: BAZAAR  Bonus winnings must be wagered 60x Games bonus winnings will be capped at £100+ original bonus amount. Free Spins are valid for 7 days. Free Spins winnings are credited as bonus funds with 40x wagering. Free Spins winnings are capped at £2.5. Wagering contribution varies by game. We reserve the right to deny bonuses based on abusive bonus activity across sites operated by the Company. Deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time(UK only). Odds of winning vary between players depending on gaming and deposit activity.  General withdrawal restrictions & full T&Cs apply. Valid until 31/12/2021