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New Bingo Sites May 2022

New bingo sites galore! We’ve got reviews of all the newest and best new bingo sites for 2022.  Exclusive bingo bonuses when you deposit £5, no deposit free spins or keep your winnings with zero wagering requirements, we’ve got it all – and if slots are your thing, we’ve also got some great new casino sites for you!

New Bingo Sites 2022

A few years ago there were several new bingo sites launched each and every month but in 2022, they are much thinner on the ground.  Bingo as a game remains as popular as ever, so why are there fewer new bingo sites in 2022 than in the past?  There’s a few reasons:

  • Operators used to be able to attract droves players to a brand new bingo site by plastering it with fun looking cartoon imagery and adding a big fat welcome bonus offer with restrictions buried in the terms and conditions ensuring that most players would never be able to withdraw any winnings (Cozy bingo sites, for example, were notorious for just that).  Changes to advertising standards and to the rules around the taxation and marketing of bonuses mean they can’t do this any more and need to come up with something that genuinely makes their site better than the competition.
  • There’s not as much choice of bingo software for operators looking to open a new bingo site than there was a few years ago, and higher barriers to entry.  The Cozy bingo platform is no longer available at all, Playtech is prohibitively expensive for smaller operators and Dragonfish have called a temporary halt to new bingo site launches (see below for more about this)
  • Increasingly, operators are choosing to add a bingo product to an already existing casino or slot site rather than launch a whole new bingo site.  It’s the Pragmatic Play bingo platform that makes it possible for them to do this. Even when they do launch a new site that has bingo, the welcome offer may very well be for slots not bingo – all Jumpman sites, for example, are like this.

So in 2022, finding a new bingo site that will give you a bingo bonus to play with is getting tougher and tougher.  We’ll continue to bring you as many new bingo sites as we possibly can.

  1. Why play at a new bingo site?
  2. All new bingo sites are not equal
  3. When is a new bingo site, not a new bingo site?
  4. New bingo sites: changes in the run up to 2022
  5. New bingo sites: what else to expect in 2022?
New Bingo Sites
New Bingo Sites

Why play at a new bingo site?

If you’re completely new to online bingo, you’ll probably want to go for one of the big name bingo sites for the reassurance of a household name (although as will be seen from our page about trusted and safe bingo sites, the size of the brand does NOT necessarily guarantee that your money is safe). Many players choose to stick with just one site if they are happy with the range of bingo rooms, player promotions and slot games. There are lots of potential reasons why you might want to sign up with a new for 2022 bingo site, however:

  • Opportunity to try out different bingo games
  • Different slot games
  • New people to chat with
  • Better user experience on your preferred device
  • Different player promotions (prize draws, jackpots etc)
  • Different payment options (e.g. MuchBetter, Apple Pay, Pay by Phone)
  • In search of bingo rooms that hit the sweet spot between being too quiet (boring) or too busy (wins too infrequent)
  • Better customer service/wagering requirements/withdrawal rules
  • Last but not least – you get to take up a new welcome offer

All new bingo sites are not equal

Once you’ve played at a few different bingo sites you will soon notice that some of them have exactly the same bingo rooms, slot games and promotions as each other, with only the home page looking different. For example, almost all Jumpman bingo sites have the same Mega Wheel welcome offer, and all Dragonfish network sites have the same weekly jackpot games. This is because Jumpman and Dragonfish provide an off the shelf product for anyone who wants to open their own online bingo site quickly and easily – otherwise known as a white label or skin site. The licensing, account verification and payment processing are all handled centrally and this explains why all Dragonfish powered bingo sites have a licence from 888 UK Limited and payment processing by Cassava, and all Dragonfish network bingo sites have the same customer services telephone number.

Most new bingo sites are skins, but the quality of skins varies dramatically. For example, a new Dragonfish site with added extras such as exclusive bingo rooms and promotions ticks many more items on our list than a new Jumpman skin site does (especially as the Jumpman bingo rooms aren’t even unique to Jumpman!)

Every now and again, however, a new bingo site is launched that isn’t a skin and offers something special. The big story in 2021 was Heart Bingo.  After years as a Gamesys bingo site, it moved to the Pragmatic Play bingo software in autumn 2021 and proceeded to show everyone how Pragmatic Play bingo should be done with exclusive bingo rooms, a barrage of player promotions and a themed free daily game as well as special themed slot games.  Meanwhile, Gamesys launched a new site of their own, Double Bubble Bingo, complete with its own new bingo game.  Existing Heart players could transfer their account to Double Bubble Bingo, or open a fresh account at the new Heart Bingo, or both.  Better still, both these new bingo sites are No Wagering and have lively chat rooms with friendly and helpful chat hosts.

When is a new bingo site, not a new bingo site?

Sometimes we add bingo sites to this page that aren’t brand new sites – some relaunches of old bingo sites qualify and there’s also the increasing number of cases where bingo is added to existing slot and casino sites.


Most relaunches and redesigns of existing bingo sites don’t make it into our New Bingo Sites listings – just having a new look or upgraded technology doesn’t cut it (although we might write a news item about it if there’s added extras). To qualify, the site needs to have moved to completely different bingo software and/or have a new bingo welcome offer that is open to everyone even if they’ve played at that site before. For example, Kitty Bingo moving from proprietary software to Virtue Fusion and Lovehearts Bingo becoming a No Wagering site. If everyone is able to sign up and claim the welcome offer regardless of whether they’ve played there previously, it’s effectively an entirely new site – and even if they can’t, when a site moves to new or better software we think it’s worth bringing it to a whole new audience.

Casino or slot sites with newly added bingo

This trend started when the excellent Pragmatic Play bingo software was first launched (a couple of years ago now) and has been gathering steam ever since.  Perhaps the highest profile example is that of PlayOJO, which had been around for years as a well known online casino prior to adding bingo back in 2020, but there have been many others.

We expect to see more of this in 2022, especially as there’s new bingo software (End2End) reportedly in the pipeline. It’s likely to be implemented in the same way as Pragmatic Play, as a plug-in rather than as a complete white label solution.

A few of these sites add a bingo related welcome offer at the same time as adding the bingo, but many of them don’t. We aim to add all of the former and a selection of the latter to our New Bingo Sites listings to give players as much choice as possible.

Bingo sites you’ve never heard of

Occasionally we will also add bingo sites that have been around for a while but haven’t had much publicity in the last few years – like these….

Changes in the run up to 2022

A few very important things happened during 2021 that have really changed the landscape of the online bingo world and affected new bingo site launches for 2022

Gala Bingo left Virtue Fusion

In July 2021, after the best part of a decade on Playtech’s wildly popular bingo platform, Gala Bingo made the move to Entain’s proprietary bingo software (based on the old Cozy bingo product).  The big question was, how much would this upset their player base?  Despite measures such as ensuring everyone would be able to keep their chat name through the migration, the recreation of Gala exclusive bingo games such as Coronation Street Bingo and Bingo Beats on the new platform and the simultaneous launch of Entain’s version of the perennially popular Deal Or No Deal Bingo game, the answer seems to be quite a lot – if the number of players we saw signing up at other Virtue Fusion bingo sites in the weeks following the move is anything to go by.  In any software upgrade or migration, there’s always a minority of players who simply don’t like change (just look at how long Virtue Fusion had to keep the old Flash bingo lobby available because some players didn’t want to switch to the new – and vastly superior – HTML5 version!).  In the case of the Gala move, though, the number of unhappy players appears to have gone way beyond that.  They didn’t like the way the change was implemented with little warning or explanation, they didn’t like the new interface, they didn’t like the prizes getting smaller due to leaving the Virtue Fusion liquidity pool and they didn’t like the lack of minigames in the bingo rooms on mobile – and that’s just what we saw people complaining about in the chat in the days following the move!

Nevertheless, enough of the original Gala player base has apparently been retained to give Entain’s bingo product the liquidity it needed to be a serious contender, especially now that most of the Entain rooms (including ones that were initially unique to Gala) are available at all of Entain’s bingo sites.

What, then, can we expect from the Entain bingo product in 2022?  We don’t think they will be opening any new bingo sites.  New bingo games, and new and innovative promotions, though – watch this space!

An unexpected effect of the Gala migration has been a tendency for Entain and Virtue Fusion to try and outdo each other by running similar promotions at the same time as each other (which is great news for players!)  It started with rival escalator jackpot promotions soon after the Gala move, has been going on ever since and will no doubt continue into 2022 and beyond.

Flutter bought Tombola

In November 2021 Flutter, the operator of Paddy Power, Betfair and Sky Bet, agreed a £402 million deal to purchase Tombola.  The acquisition is pending approval from the CMA and is expected to complete during 2022. The big question is, what will they do with it?  Will the Tombola bingo platform replace the Virtue Fusion product at Paddy Power Bingo?  Will Tombola get more slot games and if so what will happen to their much loved proprietary Arcade games?

Broadway Gaming bought Dragonfish

Shortly before Christmas 2021 Broadway Gaming, the operator of Rosy Bingo, Butlers Bingo and other sites, agreed a £40 million deal to purchase the whole of 888’s bingo business.  That’s all of the house owned Dragonfish powered sites, plus the business-to-business supply of software and management services to dozens of Dragonfish skin sites.  Again, the big question is what will they do with it?  It is to be hoped that they will tackle the elephant in the room at Dragonfish bingo sites  – the lack of schedule buy.  The inability to buy tickets for anything other than the next game is making many of the bingo rooms dismally quiet, with hardly any players and tiny prizes.  You only have to look at how many players buy tickets ahead of time for games that run in a room of their own to see how much of a benefit proper pre-buy facilites would be to Dragonfish bingo sites.

The most immediate effect of the sale was a halt in new bingo sites launching on the Dragonfish software during the transition period.  In a February 2022 interview with EGR the CEO of Broadway said that there was a huge B2B opportunity opened up by the purchase, so we can definitely expect plenty of new Dragonfish bingo sites once everything has settled down at their end. The latest information we have suggests that new Dragonfish bingo sites will be back in the picture from June 2022 after the licence transfer takes place at the end of May.

What else to expect in 2022

Bonus games will remain popular

Over the last few years operators have been gradually replacing their loyalty and VIP schemes with bonus games (which are usually playable once a day). Generally, players can win a small amount of bingo or slot bonus, free spins or sometimes cash. Essentially, these games reward players for visiting often rather than for the amount they spend.  However:

  1. Many of these daily games are no longer free to play. They require the player to have played or deposited a qualifying amount on the day, or the day before, to qualify.
  2. Most of the ones that are still free to play have become noticeably stingier; the prizes have got smaller and the chance of winning anything at all has gone down.

Despite this, at Best New Bingo Sites we still love daily games. We think they really add to the entertainment value, whether the prize is instant as in the spin the wheel games at Buzz Bingo or whether you have to collect sets of tokens and redeem for a prize as in the games at Double Bubble Bingo and other Gamesys sites.

Tombola have changed their daily game several times over the last few years, the latest version being Free Vibes.  Like its predecessors it can be played twice a day (once on Bingo and once on Arcade) and there’s £40,000 cash to be won each week.

Not all new bingo sites are able to add a daily game (it depends on the software), but those that don’t often either have daily slot spins as part of the loyalty program (Dragonfish), or some form of gamification where players can collect items and redeem for a bonus or bonus game (Jumpman).

Gambling Act review takes shape

The Gambling Act 2005, which regulates all UK gambling sites and products, online and offline, has been undergoing a comprehensive review over the last couple of years and despite everything else which has been going on in the UK to take up Parliamentary time the review is slowly rumbling on.  There has been a great deal of speculation about what might be included and currently the thinking is that it could be largely focused on affordability checks.  No-one in the industry really knows, though, and the next step towards clarity will come with the publication of the White Paper which will contain the government’s conclusions from the consultation (which closed back in March 2021) and its proposals for reform.  The White Paper was supposed to be out in June 2021 but has been delayed, partly because the culture secretary and gambling minister were replaced in September 2021 and the Gambling Commission currently has an interim CEO.  The latest reports on when it’s going to be out say June 2022.  Once it’s been released, it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take to implement everything in it; if primary legislation is needed it’s unlikely to be until after the next election (and maybe not even then) but if all that’s needed is for the Gambling Commission to update the licence conditions it could be a matter of a few months or even weeks.

In the meantime, operators are understandly nervous about what’s going to be in it, with concerns over stake limits and the future of advertising, promotions and loyalty schemes as well as over draconian affordability checks.

All the discussion around stake limits has related to slot games and spin value, but a £2 stake limit could also have big repercussions on bingo players as it could be per game not per ticket, making it impossible to buy even a strip of tickets for a game once the ticket price is more than 30p.  Cheaper tickets and a lower maximum purchase sound good but inevitably it would mean much smaller prizes.

Curbs on advertising could mean the disappearance of bingo ads from TV and radio, the end of sports sponsorship by gambling firms, and new rules on what types of promotions bingo sites are allowed to run. In Sweden, for example, operators are only allowed to give players a bonus once.  They are allowed to have a welcome offer but no further incentives or bonuses are allowed.  What if the UK does something similar?  Could we see the end of prize draws, free spins and even free bingo rooms?

Affordability checks will annoy players in even more ways

Operators have been under increasing pressure from the Gambling Commission to ensure players are not sucked into spending more than they can afford on bingo, slots or any other gambling product.  Some use age, occupation and location data to set a threshold above which you must undergo affordability checks and some set the same threshold for everyone.  Players have become used to having to send in copies of ID documents such as driving licences and passports in order to get their account verified prior to making a withdrawal, but affordability checks take things to a whole new level as they involve supplying bank statements, payslips and so on.

As an alternative to getting players to send in documentation such as payslips and bank statements, some operators have been investigating the use of Open Banking technology for affordability checks.  This would allow you to authorise your bank to share your data with the operator directly over a secure channel to establish how much you can afford to spend on gambling products, most likely determined by an computer program without a human being involved.  It would be better for data security and less hassle than sending copies of documents over the internet; nevertheless, players may feel very uncomfortable with this type of affordability check – especially if it becomes part of the proposed Single Customer View, which would allow operators to share player affordability data with each other with the aim of preventing players spending more than they can afford across multiple brands and operators. Indeed, in a survey of 2000 users carried out by Racing TV, a whopping 95% of respondents didn’t like the idea of operators having access to their bank accounts!

Aspire casinos will get bingo courtesy of end2end

End2End are a bingo software provider from Argentina.  They’ve recently been granted a UKGC licence for their bingo product and subsequently signed a deal to integrate it into Pariplay’s Fusion platform.  Pariplay are owned by Aspire Global (who already have a UKGC licence for remote bingo dating back to when they were planning to add Microgaming bingo).  Shortly after that, Aspire Global bought 25% of End2End’s shares, with an option to acquire the rest in 3 or 5 years’ time,  so it looks like a dead cert that we’ll see the End2End product at Aspire casinos in the not too distant future.  End2End and Aspire were exhibiting together at ICE London in April 2022 but there is as yet no date for when the bingo will go live.

 No Wagering further developments

A couple of years ago No Wagering bingo sites and No Wagering slot sites seemed to be on a roll – hugely popular with players and more opening all the time. But in fact, the backlash had already started. The now defunct BGO, one of the pioneers of No Wagering offers, returned to a more traditional bonus for their welcome offers in late 2018 and by the end of 2020 their wagering requirements were higher than ever. Several other No Wagering slot sites including the likes of Arcade Spins also returned to an old fashioned bonus offer and at the end of 2019 Tickety Bingo became the first Dragonfish bingo site for ages to launch with a traditional bingo bonus welcome offer.  In 2021 the situation became a bit more balanced – Betfred Bingo moved to a No Wagering model but competitor site Buzz Bingo went the other way, while Dragonfish bingo sites of both kinds launched. Several No Wagering slot sites came to the market also.

We have noticed, however, that these days it tends to be the big, established operators and not the relative minnows that run the No Wagering offers and there are a few reasons for this.

  • One problem for smaller operators is that No Wagering offers have frequently been targeted by organised groups of bonus abusers (who spoil the party for legitimate players).  With the exception of the wonderful Mr Q, small operators tend to lack the resources to deal with this effectively.
  • Another issue for smaller operators is retaining players without making them play through wagering requirements, as they are rarely able to run all the exciting promotions and big money games that larger operators can.
  • Big operators – especially those with sportsbooks – are also under some pressure from the Gambling Commission and from industry body the Betting and Gaming Council to set an example to the rest of the industry for fairness to players, and getting rid of wagering requirements is certainly one way to do just that.

Polarisation of Pragmatic Play bingo sites

Hundreds of sites now have the Pragmatic Play bingo product, but some are doing it MUCH better than others.  Visit Heart Bingo or PlayOJO and you’ll find exclusive bingo rooms, lively chat and plenty of promotions.  At Jumpman Gaming and Grace Media;, however, there’s a much smaller selection of bingo rooms and all have had the chat facility removed; the screen space where the chat window used to be has been filled up with extra minigames.  In late 2021, a number of Skill On Net casinos added Pragmatic Play bingo rooms and never even enabled the chat in the first place.

We’re looking at a situation, then, where some of these Pragmatic Play bingo sites are “proper” bingo sites with exclusive bingo happenings and a lively community, and others are basically casinos with a little bit of bingo on the side and no social interaction.  Presumably there must be players who quite like the latter concept.

Why is this happening?  Because exclusive promotions, exclusive bingo rooms and hosted chat are expensive to do properly and operators are clearly coming to the conclusion that if they are unable to do it properly they can avoid wasting a lot of money, time and energy by not bothering to do it at all. And you know what? They’re right!  A half hearted attempt to create a bingo community is invariably dismal for everyone.

A trend away from 24/7 bingo to less frequent, bigger money games

You only need visit a Pragmatic Play or Dragonfish lobby to see that there’s a huge appetite for daily or weekly bingo games with a headline prize; those rooms always have large number of players whereas the rooms that run games all the time with prize pools determined by ticket sales can be extremely quiet with disappointingly small prizes.  In the future, we could see some bingo sites running more of these occasional, guaranteed jackpot games and fewer regular games, with maybe just one or two rooms open the rest of the time – it’s plainly what a lot of players want, especially at sites where there’s little or no chat.

Stake limits on the way?

Slot game stake limits are being looked at as part of the Gambling Act review and are also being investigated by the industry standards body the Betting and Gaming Council as they roll out a new code of conduct for slot game design.  The Gambling Commission, meanwhile, has now unilaterally changing the rules on slot game design more than once without waiting for either the industry or the government to act. In October 2019 they wrote directly to all UK licensed slot game providers (bypassing the operators) telling them to remove all slot games offering a “buy the bonus round” option from UK bingo and slot sites and casinos. And in February 2021 they announced a complete ban on autoplay to take effect by the end of October the same year.

Might they act on stake limits (perhaps reducing online stakes to a maximum spin value of £2 as was done for FOBTs) without waiting for new legislation? And which other slot features might be for the chop in 2022? Gambling the bonus round? Paying to respin one or more reels? Other forms of stake modifier?

More high profile exits from UK

As a result of taxation changes and increased regulation over the last few years, it’s been getting harder and harder for operators to trade profitably in the UK and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them leaving, whether (as in the case of BGO) it’s pressure from the regulator that leads them to surrender their licence or whether it’s simply a commercial decision to pull out.   Exactly as predicted, a high profile exit – that of Novibet – has already taken place in the first couple of months of 2022.   The HUGE fine – £9.4 million – that was slapped on 888 at the beginning of March 2022 is exactly the sort of thing that might cause more operators to consider leaving.

Surprise M&A

Mergers and acquisitions have been a thing in the online bingo world for years (think Rank buying Stride and Entain buying Cozy) yet it still came as a bit of a shock when we heard about the Flutter purchase of Tombola and the Broadway purchase of Dragonfish.  Will something just as surprising be announced some time in 2022?

Mobile play continues to be a game changer

It’s clear from our own visitor stats that not only are more and more of you playing bingo and slots on mobile, an increasing number never play on any other device, and that means that the way people play has been evolving and will continue to evolve.

A player on a bingo site via a mobile device is highly likely to be doing something else at the same time – watching TV, chatting, paying attention so as not to miss getting off the bus at the right stop or even – shock, horror – an actual phone call. This means that mobile content needs to be snackable i.e. delivered in bite size chunks. A single bingo game is about the right length for that and so are a few slot spins.

The problem with playing bingo on mobile, though, is that if there is only a short window before the game starts in which to buy tickets, it’s really easy to get distracted or hit a data blackspot and miss it – and that’s one reason why there can be such a big difference in how busy the bingo rooms are at sites with a fully featured pre-buy (Virtue Fusion, Relax Gaming, Gamesys, Pragmatic Play) compared to sites without (Dragonfish). With pre-buy, a player can buy tickets for a number of games in one go and then dip in and out of the action – and the chat – at will.

Dip in and out of the chat, that is, if chat is easy to use on a mobile – but in some cases it isn’t, or there isn’t any chat. We believe that removing the chat is very off-putting for many bingo players and that mobile players still want to chat. Far from not wanting to chat as often or as long as desktop players, mobile players use the chat just as much as non mobile players (50% of players across all devices, according to our source at Playtech). Some make heavy use of emojis while others type just as fast on a mobile as a desktop user would on a regular keyboard.

The move towards mobile play also affects the design of the bingo games themselves and we expect to see many more new bingo games like Buzz Bingo Blast and Tombola Blocks, where players have just one ticket to keep track of and play is super fast. The operator who is best at this is undoubtedly Tombola themselves and their more recent games such as Potion and Paper have clearly been designed for maximum playability on phone screens. Pragmatic Play have tried to emulate this with Bingo Blast, a bingo game which is classic 90 ball bingo with only the exciting part (as players come close to bingo) played at normal speed and the earlier calls done super fast, but with considerably less success.

What we DON’T expect to see any time soon, or possibly ever, is online bingo on any device smaller than a smartphone, and again, this comes back to the chat which simply wouldn’t be possible on a screen any smaller than that.

Whatever happens in the coming year, we have faith in the ongoing popularity of online bingo and we hope to be able to bring you new bingo sites to play at throughout 2022 and beyond.




Sue Dawson
Head of Content

Sue Dawson has been writing about (and playing) online bingo and slots since 2013, putting her unique spin on everything.


New bingo sites are safe and trustworthy as long as they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. However, not all bingo sites have the same level of insolvency protection for player funds and you can find out more about that on our Trusted & Safe Bingo Sites page.

There are hundreds of online bingo sites that are open to UK players but not many of them are actually new bingo sites. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been seeing an average of less than one new bingo site a month launched. We have lots of listings for older bingo sites elsewhere on our site, so you’ll probably be able to find several that are new to you.

Yes, free bingo rooms for new players are a feature at most new bingo sites (and indeed at many older ones). To be allowed to play, you’ll need to have your account age and ID verified and register a payment method even if no deposit is required.

No, there are no UK bingo sites, new or old, that accept deposits via credit card.  They have all been banned from doing so since 2020 by the UK Gambling Commission.

All new bingo sites have slots but not all new slot sites have bingo. If you are mainly interested in playing slots and want a slots focused welcome offer check out our New Slot Sites page for dozens of new slot sites.


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