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Love Island Bingo 2024

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Love Island Bingo 2024
Love Island Bingo 2023 - Summer Edition
Gaping Mouth 'Surprised' Expression
"Giving me the ick"
"My type on paper"
"Ticking boxes"
"Early days"
"Know what I mean?"
"Girl’s girl""
"Dramatic head turn
Anyone says 'Unreal'
Drone Footage of Villa
Couple Argues
“Can We Have a Chat”
“I’m Not Feeling a Connection”
“Keeping My Options Open”
“Where’s Your Head At?”

Love Island Bingo

Although not everybody’s cup of tea, this saucy reality show is immensely popular in the UK and regularly pulls in more than 2.5 million viewers. Each series has included its fair share of ‘OMG’ moments (see below) and no doubt the next series will be no different.

You can pretty much guarantee loads of cliches and platitudes, and highlights will no doubt include ‘top bants’ between contestants, not to mention plenty of ‘mugging off’, ‘not going to lie’ and ‘unreal’ moments.

The All Stars version of the Love Island format, which ran in January and February 2024, saw fan favourites from previous series of Love Island return for another chance at love (and money, of course); included in the line-up were actors, TV personalities and YouTubers.  It was the first series of Love Island to feature only returning contestants and the first episode was seen by more than 3.4 million people.

Love Island will be back with a new series starting on 3rd June 2024, and probably running until early August.  It’s once again hosted by Maia Jama, and the contestants list is now in!  A major rule change has also been announced – the first episode will not include a public vote.

On the very first evening, a further curveball was thrown with the surprise arrival of Love Island first ever celebrity bombshell in the form of the one and only Joey Essex (perhaps trying to collect the set of reality TV show appearances).

2024 Love Island Contestants

  • Ciaran Davies – surveyor and “rugby hunk” from Wales
  • Samantha Kenny – makeup artist from Liverpool – dumped day 16
  • Munveer Jabbal – recruitment manager from Surbiton  – dumped day 10
  • Nicole Samuel – accounts manager and ex world champion street dancer from Aberdare
  • Ronnie Vint – semi pro footballer from South East Londondumped day 26
  • Patsy Field – office administrator from Orpingtondumped day 10
  • Mimii Ngulube – mental health nurse from Portsmouth
  • Sam Taylor – hair stylist from Chesterfield – dumped day 2 but rumoured to be returning later for Casa Amor
  • Jess White – retail manager from Stockport dumped day 38
  • Ayo Odukoya – model from Canning Town
  • Harriett Blackmore – dancer and personal shopper from Brightondumped day 26
  • Sean Stone – sweet salesman from Hertford


  • Joey Essex – needs no introduction – arrived day 1
  • Uma Jammeh – model from North Londonarrived day 3, walked away day 37
  • Omar Nymame – PE teacher from Croydon (and friend of Stormzy) – arrived day 5, dumped day 21
  • Grace Jackson – model from Manchester with “links to Rihanna” and 80,000 followers on Instagram – arrived day 12.  She’s also an ex of Joey’s!
  • Wil Anderson – quantity surveyor from Whitley Bayarrived day 12, dumped day 37
  • Tiffany Leighton – HR coordinator from Hertfordshire – arrived day 12, dumped day 21
  • Konnor Ewudzi – barber from Cornwall – arrived day 17
  • Matilda Draper – recruitment consultant from Beckenham – arrived day 17
  • Jessy Potts – brand partnerships associate from Leicester – arrived day 23
  • Trey Norman – commercial insurance broker from Doncasterarrived day 23, dumped day 35
  • Reuben Collins – accounts assistant from Surrey – arrived day 36
  • Josh Sunday Oyinsan – semi pro footballer and model from South London – arrived day 36
  • Lolly Hart – long haul cabin crew from Loughborough – arrived day 39

Casa Amor Arrivals

  • Blade Siddiqi – Butler in the Buff from Stevenagearrived day 28, dumped day 38
  • Diamanté Laiva – business owner from Londonarrived day 29, dumped day 31
  • Ellie Jackson – senior executive assistant from Cardiffarrived day 29, dumped day 35
  • Emma Milton – content creator from Manchesterarrived day 29, dumped day 38
  • Hugo Godfroy – electrician from Southamptonarrived day 28, dumped day 38
  • Jake Spivey – electrician from Essexarrived day 28, dumped day 31
  • Jessica Spencer – fashion stylist from London – arrived day 29
  • Joel Kirby – postgraduate & content creator from Devon – arrived day 28, dumped day 31
  • Lionel Awudu – financial advisor from Reading – arrived day 28, dumped day 31
  • Lucy Graybill – retail store manager from Glasgow – arrived day 29, dumped day 31
  • Moziah Pinder – personal trainer from Brighton – arrived day 28, dumped day 31
  • Ruby Dale – social media content creator from Surrey – arrived day 29

Also rumoured to be taking part but hasn’t appeared so far:

  • Gigi Simon – daughter of Lauren Simon who’s appeared on Real Housewives of Cheshire and Celebrity Big Brother


And here’s a reminder of how the All Stars contestants fared.

2024 Love Island All Stars Contestants

  • Georgia Harrison, campaigner – first seen in Series 3 – finished 5th
  • Chris Taylor, TV personality – first seen in Series 5
  • Toby Aromolaran, footballer – first seen in Series 7 – finished 4th
  • Kaz Kwami, YouTube star – first seen in Series 7
  • Georgia Steel, TV personality – first seen in Series 4 – finished 4th
  • Anton Danyluk, gym owner – first seen in Series 5 –finished 5th
  • Hannah Elizabeth, former Playboy bunny – a veteran of Series 1
  • Jake Cornish, former water engineer – first seen in Series 7
  • Liberty Poole, TV personality – first seen in Series 7
  • Demi Jones, former style advisor – first seen in Series 6 (the first winter series)
  • Luis Morrison, former footballer – another veteran of Series 1
  • Mitchel Taylor, gas engineer – first seen in Series 10
  • Molly Smith – first seen in Series 6 –  finished 1st
  • Callum Jones – first seen in Series 6 – finished 2nd
  • Joshua Ritchie, TV personality – arrived day 4, yet another veteran of Series 1 –finished 3rd
  • Arabella Chi, model – arrived day 5, first seen in Series 5
  • Tyler Cruickshank, former estate agent – arrived day 8, first seen in Series 7
  • Sophie Piper, former medical PA – arrived day 10, first seen in Series 6 – finished 3rd
  • Tom Clare, footballer – arrived day 10, first seen in Series 9 – finished 1st
  • Casey O’Gorman – arrived day 16, first seen in Series 9
  • Joanna Chimonides – arrived day 16, first seen in Series 5
  • Eve Gale – arrived day 22, first seen in Series 6
  • Jess Gale – arrived day 22, first seen in Series 6 – finished 2nd
  • Joe Garratt – arrived day 22, first seen in Series 5
  • Adam Maxted – arrived day 26, first seen in Series 2

Some of these contestants had already dated each other on previous series.



Love Island Bingo Cards

To help you get even more fun out of the latest edition of Love Island, we’ve come up with Love Island bingo cards. They include clichés, common occurrences and scenarios, many of which will take place during a typical episode.

Although you can play on your own, our Love Island bingo cards are best played with your friends. Just kick back and watch an episode, marking off the items as they occur. The first player to mark of most or all of the items is the winner!

How to Create Love Island Bingo Cards

Use our free tool to generate Love Island bingo cards then print them out to play with friends.  You can either rely on our default terms or come up with your own.

Simply enter your preferred terms in the box – once happy, click ‘Generate Bingo Cards’. You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can select how many cards to print out as well as the number of Love Island bingo cards you’d like per page.

It’s also possible to invite your friends by email. When everything is set up to your liking, hit ‘invite’ and your pals will receive their Love Island bingo cards.

Most Notorious Love Island Moments

Where to begin? Love Island has had its fair share of controversial moments in its seven year run that are far too numerous to mention here. But we’ve somehow manage to whittled them down to five. We begin with a rather sweet moment from series one.

The Proposal

Talk about getting into the spirit of things. As series one careened towards its inevitable conclusion, Jon Clark decided to do the honourable thing and propose to his Love Island partner, Hannah Elizabeth.

These two love birds had been the stars of the show so it was only right and proper for Jon to get down on one knee. Hannah happily accepted and they duly broke up before the year was out. Oh well.  At least she gets a second chance in the 2024 All Stars series!

The Dirty Duo

Emma-Jane Woodhams and Terry Walsh decided to consummate their fledging relationship in series two – in and of itself not an unusual occurrence on Love Island. But the pair concluded that the deed was best performed in front of their housemates in the dorm, not to mention more than a million television viewers. Classy!!

The Would-Be Warriors

It really ‘kicked off’ in series 3 when Sam Gowland took exception to Chris Hughes allegedly ‘being snaky behind his back’ (snaky bad).

The pint-sized antagonists then faced off in front of the fire pit to discuss the matter, with Sam in his moth-eaten jeans and Chris in his skin-tight slacks. As tempers began to fray, the pair had to be separated by the other contestants.

The Snake

The 2017 season also saw contestants Jonny Mitchell and Theo Campbell ‘almost come to blows’. The tension had been building for an episode or two before things came to a head at the fire-pit coupling ceremony.

Team GB athlete, Theo had already stirred things up in the villa by making a play for pretty much any female with a pulse, including Jonny’s ‘gel’, Tyla.

When Theo chose to couple up with Tyla, Jonny was effectively left without a partner. Enraged, he labelled Theo a ‘massive b***-**d and handbags ensued.

The Lost Crown

Zara Holland entered the villa as Miss Great Britain. But her lofty status as pageant queen didn’t last very long.

Following a steamy tryst with Alex Bowen in the hideaway, Ms Holland was stripped of her crown, with the pageant organisers unable to condone her naughty behaviour. Oh get over it. It’s not as if Love Island is like the last days of Rome…

The Chris and Olivia Show

These two are possibly the most argumentative couple in the history of the show. One particular highlight from their endless bickering occurred after poor Olivia was declared the most unpopular housemate with the public – agonising, gut-wrenching news for any reality show contestant.

Happily, the producers made sure she knew as well. When Chris didn’t provide her with enough reassurances about her very being, she was outraged and called off their volatile relationship. They made up though and even starred in their own short-lived spin-off show, ‘Cracking On’.

Anyway, what about this year?

Think you know who’s going to be dumped first? Then check out the latest love island betting forecasts.

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