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Job Interview Red Flags

Use our tool to generate free Job Interview Red Flags bingo cards. Mark off the items (after your interview) - manage to put a line through most of them and you may want to look for gainful employment elsewhere!

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Job Interview Red Flags
Job Interview Red Flags Bingo
"Fast-Paced Dynamic Work Environment”
"We Work Hard and Play Hard"
Interviewer Looks Away When You Speak
Interviewer Talks about Themselves
Work Environment Described as ‘Agile’
Interviewer Bad-Mouths Colleague
“You Need to Be Available 24/7”
“We're Looking for Self-Starters”
The Interview is Short
“You’ll Need to Hit the Ground Running”
Vagueness About Salary
“I’m Going to Stop You There”
“You’ll Need to Work Autonomously”
Interviewer Unclear About Hiring Date
Interviewer Frowns Back at You
“Your Duties May Vary”

People often forget that a job interview is a two way thing. The onus isn’t merely on the candidate to project a good image. The interviewer should be doing the same thing too, showing the candidate what how fantastic their company is.

Sadly this is lost on many bosses and HR bods who manage to put off candidates before the interview is even finished. Whether through the use of poor body language, revealing remarks or mind-numbing corporate-speak, there exist a cornucopia of red flags that should make you think twice about signing on the dotted line.

Job Interview Red Flags Bingo

By way of example, we’ve created an interview job interview red flags bingo card. Instead of numbers, it contains sayings, behaviour and events that say plenty about the person interviewing you as well as the outfit they represent.

If you’re subjected to an interview that contains most of these red flags, just mark them off once you’re able to make your escape. Find that you’ve marked most of them of and you might want to seek gainful employment elsewhere.