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Serie A Bingo Cards 2023/24

Use our free tool to generate printable Serie A bingo cards for the 2023/24 season– play on your own or with friends!

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Serie A Bingo Cards 2023/24
Serie A Bingo Cards
Prolonged Shrug with Head Tilt
Pinch Fingered Protest to Referee
Single Roll on Ground After Tackle
Dramatic Head Movement During Dive
Exposed Medallion
Goal Celebration: Double Finger Sky Point
Thumb in Mouth Goal Celebration
Standing Finger Wag at Referee
Empty Seats in Stadium
Double Roll on Ground After Tackle
Fan with Megaphone
Goal Celebration: Single Finger Sky Point
Enormous Banner in Crowd
Incoherent Crowd Chant to Tune of Karma Chameleon
Fan Ignites Flare
Prayer Gesture Protest to Referee

Although Serie A has seen better days in terms of investment and, uh, international interest, the league still produces its fair share of entertaining moments and not always because of the actual football.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with Serie A bingo cards for the 2023/24 season that we reckon capture the essence of the game in Italy.

Here’s a guide on how to use our free bingo card generator.

  1. Enter your own words or phrase in the ‘enter words’ panel or rely on ours.
  2. Select the ‘grid size’ panel to reveal a drop-down menu and choose from the three layouts.
  3. Click ‘generate bingo cards’ for a playable Serie A bingo card preview.
  4. Select how many you want to print via the drop-down menu or choose a custom number
  5. Click ‘generate printable bingo cards’ or invite your friends by entering their details in the email box. Each player will receive cards with rearranged/different phrases.
  6. Sit back and watch a game(s) from Serie A. Mark off the items as they take place. The first person to mark off all or the most items is the winner!

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