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Rugby World Cup Bingo 2023

Use our free tool to generate and print out Rugby World Cup bingo cards for play with the mates. Great for watch parties!

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Rugby World Cup Bingo 2023
Rugby World Cup Bingo 2023
Pundit: “Thanks for the Moment Gentlemen...”
Anybody: “It’s just the basics...”
“Going Through the Phases”
Player Bounces Ball Before Kicking Off
Commentator: “Not Ideal Preparation for the World Cup”
Player Red Carded
Theatrical Dive for Try
Lineout Stolen
Faf De Klerk Spins Ball on Finger
Drop Goal
Penalty Try Awarded
Antoine Dupont Line Break
Illegal Dump Tackle
Head Injury Protocol
Physical Altercation
Quick Line-Out

Rugby World Cup Bingo 2023

The Rugby World Cup has finally arrived as 20 teams go to war over the course of six weeks to determine the best team on the planet. France are the favourites, closely followed by New Zealand and Ireland. Don’t discount current holders South Africa though, or for that matter Australia. Sadly, fans of England, Wales or Scotland probably shouldn’t get their hopes up too much.

How to Play Rugby World Cup Bingo

To add a sense of fun to each game, we’ve come up with Rugby World Cup bingo cards. Instead of numbers they contain in-game events and commentator clichés that will most likely play out during any given match. All you’ve got to do is mark of the items as they occur. The first person to mark off all or most of them by the end of transmission wins!

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