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MMA Bingo

Use our free tool to generate and print out MMA Bingo cards - play on your own during a fight, or better still, as part of a watch party.

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MMA Bingo
Card Title
Fighters touch gloves?
McGregor wins by KO
Chandler wins by submission
Fight goes 5 rounds
McGregor Win
Draw or technical draw
Point to be deducted
Fight to be won by submission
Fight to end in round 1
Round Kick
Double-Leg Takedown
Doctor Stops Fight
Fighter Felled by Uppercut
Fighter Knocked out
"It's Time"

MMA Bingo Cards

MMA is become one of the most popular combat sports in the world. More violent than boxing but also more skilled, mixed martial arts captivates audiences the world over.

To help you glean even more enjoyment out of this rather brutal pastime, we’ve created the MMA bingo card.

How to Play MMA Bingo

Instead of numbers, our MMA Bingo Cards contain events and occurrences, many of which will take place during a fight. All you’ve got to do is mark them off as they occur. The first person to mark off all or more items is the winner!

We recommend you use our MMA bingo cards as part of a watch party.