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Wrestling Bingo

Use our exciting, free tool to generate and print out Wrestling bingo cards. Then arrange a watch party and play with friends!

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Wrestling Bingo
Wrestling Bingo
Wrestler Slams Canvas
Lights Go Out Before Ring Entrance
Wrestler Submits
Wrester Addresses Audience
Chest Tattoo
Fingerless Gloves
Wresters Go At It Outside Ring
Wrester Beats Pin
Belt Held Aloft
Wrestler Shakes Rope
Chair Used as Weapon
Wrestler Addresses Audience
Wet Hair

Wrestling Bingo

Is there a more exciting combat sport than Wrestling? Featuring supremely well-conditioned and talented athletes, pro-wrestling in all its guises wows audiences the world over.

Wrestling Bingo Cards

To enhance your viewing pleasure, we’ve created Wrestling bingo cards which can be used for pretty much any fight. Each card contains events and happenings that will likely take place during a fight. To in, all you’ve got to do is mark the items off as they occur.

Our free Wrestling bingo cards are customisable – so you can come up with your own terms if you prefer.

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Dale Shelabarger
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