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Hen Party Bingo

Use our free tool to generate free hen party bingo cards. You can use our terms or create your own. When you’re done, print them out and play them as a group! 

Customise Your Card

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Hen Party Bingo
Hen Party Bingo
Meet a man named John or Steve
Get a DJ to play Single Ladies
Have someone serenade the bride
Find a statue
Photobomb a stranger
Get a guy to give you his number
Find a cocktail with an umbrella in it
Get a stranger to kiss a photo of the bride
Get a photo with a stranger in fancy dress
Borrow a stranger's glasses or hat
Do the 'Titanic' pose with a stranger
Locate another hen party
Start a conga line
Kiss a barman's cheek
Make a veil from toilet paper
Find a guy with the same name as groom

Hen Party Bingo Cards

Hen parties tend to come in all shapes and sizes these days. There are all kinds of ways to keep the bride and her squad entertained, whether you’re on a night out or ‘enjoying’ a weekend away.

How to Play Hen Party Bingo

Hen party bingo anyone? To fan the flames of fun, we’ve created hen party bingo cards. Instead of numbers, they contain events, some or all of of which will occur over the course of a bacherlorette party. Like traditional bingo, the aim is to mark off these items as they occur.

The first hen to mark off the most or all items is declared the winner. We’ll leave it to you to determine what prize he/she gets.

Our hen party bingo cards are also fully customisable. So you can add all your own in-jokes if you’d prefer (and we bet you’ve got plenty of those) and/or change the design completely.

If you want all of your guests to have different cards, you will need to add lots of your own in-jokes to make the list much longer (40-50 items recommended) or reduce the grid size to 3×3

Once you’re happy, select the number you want and then print them out.  Alternatively, you can enter all of your guests’ email addresses (which we don’t store) and they’ll each receive a link to a unique bingo card which can be played on a phone or other device.

More Wedding Bingo Games from BNBS

As a companion piece to our hen party bingo card, we’ve also created an Icebreaker Bingo Card. If your party includes hens who haven’t met before, these bingo cards are a fun way for them to get acquainted.

If you want a game of good old numbers based bingo as entertainment at your hen do, take a look at our classic 90 ball bingo card generator – you can play with the design and maybe upload a picture of the bride to be as the background. You don’t need any other equipment – our sister site WDW Bingo has the best online bingo caller on the market to speak the numbers.

Should you be looking for further ideas around games and activities for the actual big day, take a look at our Wedding Speech Bingo cards.

Also, be sure to check out our Hen Parties From Hell article. It  details some of the horror-stories reported by hens for our recent survey.

Through these horror-stories, we’ve managed to gain some valuable insights into what actually makes a good hen do.

These include seeing friends, participating in relaxing activities, hitting the bars, travelling somewhere different and namely, playing games.

49% of our hen respondents said that they enjoyed playing some sort of game on a hen do. From our experience, this includes the kind of games that are simple, easy to play and can help break the ice.

How about bingo?

Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor