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Halloween Bingo – Monster Movies

Use our free tool to generate and print out Monster Movie bingo cards as part of our Halloween series. Play on your own (not recommended), with your other half or your friends!

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Halloween Bingo – Monster Movies
Monster Movies Bingo
Dramatic scream
Close-up of monster’s face
Dilapidated house
Monster rushes towards character
Character screams ‘What do you want?’
Foggy scene
Flashback to monster’s creation
Character hides in an enclosed space
Dead trees in background
Monster appears in a reflection ormirror
Floorboards creaking
Creepy child appears
Professor or Doctor provides exposition about monster
Character appeals to the monster to stop
Phone or radio is dead
Priest appears

Monster Movie Bingo

Our Monster Movie bingo card features clichés, tropes and common events that take place throughout pretty much any movie featuring monsters, apparitions, zombies and poltergeists.

To celebrate Halloween, we recommend you generate and print them out and play with friends. The first person to mark off most or all of the items wins! You can also customise the terms and design of our Monster movie bingo card.

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