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La Liga Bingo Cards 2023/24

Want to generate free La Liga bingo cards for the 2023/24 season? Use our free tool to print out cards to play on your own or with your mates.

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La Liga Bingo Cards 2023/24
La Liga Bingo 2023/24
Player Kisses Ring After Scoring
Substitutes Star Fish Warm Ups
Crowd Displays Card Mural
Manage Gets Booked
Knee Slide Goal Celebration
Player Nutmegged
Goal from Corner
Crowd: "Olé, Olé, Olé"
Fan Plays Drum
Defender Scores Goal
Yellow Card
Short Corner Taken
Fan Wears Scarf Around Head
Penalty Scored in Top Right Corner
Fan Wears Face Paint

La Liga is considered to be one of the most competitive football leagues in the world. Indeed, it’s not just about Barcelona or Real Madrid anymore, with other teams now pressing the two Spanish giants including Sevilla and Atletico Madrid. To celebrate the new 2023/2024 season, we’ve created La Liga bingo cards to celebrate Spain’s top-tier domestic league. Read on for a guide on how to generate them.

  1. Enter your own items in the ‘enter words…’ box or stick with ours.
  2. Click the grid-size box to choose your layout.
  3. Click ‘generate bingo cards’ for a preview La Liga bingo card.
  4. Choose how many cards you want to print with the drop-down menu or enter a custom number.
  5. Click ‘generate printable bingo cards’ or use the email box to invite friends. They’ll all receive unique La Liga bingo cards with jumbled up items.
  6. Kick back and watch a La Liga game, daubing items as they take place. The player who marks off all or the most wins.

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Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor