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Big Brother Bingo 2023

Use our free tool to generate and print out free Big Brother bingo cards. Then watch an episode and play along with friends!

Customise Your Card

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Big Brother Bingo 2023
Big Brother 2023
Nude Contestant
Tears in the Diary Room
Task Failure
“I’m Here to Win”
Subtitled Dialogue
“I’m a Huge Fan of the Show”
Lone Person in Kitchen
Someone Naps on Sofa
House Meeting Called
“Amazing to Be Here”
Anyone Exercises in Garden
Task Assigned
“It’s a Game”
“I’m Here to Have Fun”

Big Brother Bingo 2023

Big Brother 2023 is back – the landmark reality show that graced our screens in 2000s returns with another set of preening wannabes scheming and strategising their little nuts off if full view of the baying British public.

How to Play Big Brother Bingo

To help you make the most out of each episode, we’ve come up with Big Brother bingo cards. Instead of numbers, they contain sayings and events, many of which are sure to play out over the course of an episode. To win, all you’ve got to do is fill the most or all of the items out! We recommend you play with friends as part of a watch party!

You can also generate and print out your own cards with your own terms should you wish. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more information about the show as well as the contestants.