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Road Trip Bingo

Use our free tool to generate and print out free road trip bingo cards for adults. Mark off the terms as they occur. The first to daub most or all items wins!

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Road Trip Bingo
Card Title
Traffic Cones
Moving Traffic
Ferrari Spotted
Middle-Lane Hogging
Overhead Sign: 50mph
Motorway Lane Closed
Back Seat Driver
Upended Traffic Cone
Micro Car
Overhead Sign: 40mph
Lorry in Middle Lane
Traffic Lights
Car With Bikes on Roof-Rack
Small Car Speeding
Suspension Bridge

Road Trip Bingo for Adults

Central to most road trips in the United Kingdom is traffic congestion and contra flow. As Ben Elton lamented many years ago, it seems that Britain is one endless line of bollards that bear no relationship whatsoever to the extent of the actual road-works. Journeying on pretty much every motorway in the UK seems to lend credence to this claim. So how does one get one’s kicks when travelling by car in the UK. By playing road trip bingo naturally.

Road Trip Bingo Cards

To add a sense of much-needed fun to the frustration of travelling in the UK by car, we’ve come up with road trip bingo cards. They include the kind of items that you can expect to see on a car journey. Just mark them off as they occur! Given the general subject matter of this site, please keep in mind that we’ve created our road trip bingo cards for adults, not kids!