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Premier League Bingo Card 2024/25

Try our tool for generating Premier League 2024/25 bingo cards. You can print them out in sets or invite your friends by email. Each of you will get a unique card with which to play. Then mark off the in-game events and clichés as they happen!

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Premier League Bingo Card 2024/25
PREMIER LEAGUE 2024/25 The Bingo Card
Apology for bad language
Gary Neville mentions Man U
Player spits
An “Injury” in stoppage time
Manager blames ref in post-match interview
Crowd sarcastically cheer
Player takes his top off
Pundit struggles using the touch screen
Commentator shares a pointless stat
Michah Richards laughs
Drone shot
VT of fans walking to stadium
Player argues with ref
Waiting over 2 mins for VAR
Fans sing in unison
Kiss the badge

Prepare to sacrifice your weekends, because the premier league is back! And, more importantly, so are the bingo cards. Sit back, buy an expensive club shirt, and pretend you understand what financial fair play is… because the new season kicks off in August!

How did last season end?

Manchester City won again (surprise surprise), despite being pushed to the very end by an ever improving Arsenal. Liverpool were doing fairly well in Klopp’s last season…but then, out of respect for their departing manager, remained true to Klopp’s tenure by bottling it at the last minute. Meanwhile, Aston Villa surprised even themselves by finishing 4th.

Spurs did a Spurs and finished just outside the top 4. Whilst Chelsea had an underwhelming season, eventually ending with 6th place and the sacking of Pochettino. Geordies everywhere will be feeling “mint” with 7th, whilst Manchester United fans are fuming at their bang average 8th position (cue a Gary Neville rant…).

The classic mid table teams deliver as expected with West Ham (9th), Crystal Palace (10th), Brighton (11th), Bournemouth (12th), Fulham (13th), and Wolves (14th) all surprising absolutely nobody.

A big talking point is the miraculous survival of Everton (15th) who ended on 40 points, despite several FFP point deductions. Nevertheless, Everton remain in the premier league, so I’m afraid it’s another year of watching Jordan Pickford getting angry at defenders. Meanwhile, Brentford and Nottingham Forest also scrape over the line in 16th and 17th.

I hope the three teams that came up this year enjoyed their holiday in the premier league, because Luton Town, Burnley, and Sheffield United are heading straight back to the land of no VAR. Still, it was lovely to see Kenilworth Road on TV, making the rest of us feel better about the state of our own houses.

How will this season play out?

As always, Manchester City will be the favourites (yawn). They probably have the best squad and manager in Europe. But they also have 115 financial fair play charges to deal with this season (whatever that means), and their final punishment could have huge consequences for their future. If they were to suffer a point deduction, you’d have to say Arsenal are the most likely side to nick the title.

But the most interesting team will be Liverpool under new management. Will they reach the same heights Klopp got to? Or will this be a ‘year of transition’?

The clear relegation candidates will be the teams that just came up, especially Ipswich Town. But this league has always had the ability to shock, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them remain at the expense of a classic ‘mid table’ side.

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Premier League Bingo – How To Play

Use our printable, free Premier League bingo cards by yourself or with friends. Here’s how.

  1. Tap to start.
  2. Select Card Size – click the Grid Size panel for a drop down menu of options or make use of the default 4×4 layout.
  3.  If you’d like, enter your own phrases into the box, “Enter words/Emojis…”, or leave as is.
  4. Click “Generate Bingo Cards” Button
  5. You’ll then be presented with a playable demo card (click the squares to change their colour)
  6. Select the number of cards you want to print in the drop down menu OR type a custom number in the box. The phrases will be jumbled up for all cards, allowing you to play with friends.
  7. You can Either Select “Generate Printable Cards” OR invite your friends by entering their email and hitting ‘Invite’. Each of them will then receive unique Premier League bingo cards.
  8. Sit back and enjoy the match(s), either in person or virtually, daubing the items off as they occur. The winner is the first person to mark off all or the most items.
  9. Enjoy!

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