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King’s Coronation Bingo 2023

Use our free tool to generate and print out Coronation Bingo Cards. Then invited your friends to a watch party and play King's Coronation Bingo.

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King’s Coronation Bingo 2023
Coronation Bingo
Gold State Coach
Coronation Fanfare
Household Cavalry Appears
TV Pundit: “Representatives from Around the World”
Crowning of Charles
British Bunting
Choir Boys
The Anointing
TV Pundit Mentions Robert Vyner
Queen Consort Crowned
Mention of Ceremony Being over 1000 Years Old
The King’s Procession
Any TV Pundit: “Pageantry”
TV Pundit: “A Hard Act to Follow”
“God Save the King”
TV Pundit: “The Country Comes Together”

The King’s Coronation 2023

Thousands of street parties will be taking place across the United Kingdom as the country celebrates the crowning of King Charles III. Watch parties are also going to be huge. With the latter in mind, we’ve created King’s Coronation Bingo cards. They closely follow the rules of the traditional game.

The only main difference is that the numbers are replaced with likely events and sayings that will take place on the big day. These range from ritualistic occurrences such as fanfares to TV clichés and platitudes. The first person to mark off all or most of the terms is declared the winner. Our cards are ideal for Coronation watch parties and will add a sense of fun to proceedings.

How to Play King’s Coronation Bingo

You can either use the terms already in place or come up with your own. You can do this by adding them in the box provided. When you’re happy with your final King’s Coronation Bingo card, select grid size (we’d suggest 5 x 5) as well as your desired font. Then click ‘generate bingo cards’.

From here, you can choose how many King’s Coronation Bingo cards you’d like to print out. It’s possible to select up to 20. You can also enter your own desired number. However, if you’d prefer, you can invite your friends via email to so that they receive their Coronation bingo cards in their favourite email client. Just enter their email addresses into the box and hit ‘invite’. They’ll receive their Coronation Bingo card instantly.