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Tour de France Bingo

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Tour de France Bingo
Tour de France Bingo
Yellow Jersey Wearer In Pack
Bike Accident
Cameraman on Back of Motorbike
Car with Bikes on Roof-Rack
“Lung Bursting”
Millau Viaduct
Daniel Martínez Wins Stage
Spectator With Cardboard Sign
“Sprint to the Line”
Reference to Bradley Wiggins
Rider Wins Multiple Jerseys
Stage Map TV Graphic
Farmer Protests
Injured Rider
Chalk Signs on Road

Tour de France 2022 – Bingo

For a lot of Brits, the Tour de France is just a really long bike race that’s on TV during summer afternoons. But it’s a bit more than that. The TDF is the most gruelling bicycle race in the world contested by around 200 painfully thin men in spandex. There are few sports as physically demanding, except perhaps darts.

Tour de France Cycling Bingo Cards

Like darts, Le Tour is graced by a sizable contingent of moronic spectators, many of whom get up close and personal with the riders as they go by – sometimes they even cause crashes and pile-ups (see 2021). So despite the apparent dullness of the event, it does make for some edgy viewing every now and then. And there are plenty of tactics and odd terms to get one’s head around. If I haven’t yet won you over or if you’re a fan who likes to multitask, why not try our cycling bingo cards.

Our Tour de France cycling bingo cards feature typical commentator utterances and events that will likely occur throughout the 23 day spectacle. The goal is to mark these off as they occur – the first person mark all or the most off wins! We’d recommend you play for just one day – 23 days of bingo is probably more gruelling than the actual event which. incidentally is televised on ITV4

Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor