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House of the Dragon Season 2

Use our free tool to generate free House of the Dragon bingo cards. Print out the cards and play on your own or with friends as Season 2 unfolds!

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House of the Dragon Season 2
Death by dragon
Travel by dragon
Helaena mutters cryptic prophecy
Targaryen sibling conflict
Blood and cheese
Dragon-on-dragon violence
Non-Targaryen dragon rider
Foreshadowing the extinction of dragons
Foreshadowing the events of the long winter
Daemon commits act of violence
Larys creeps everyone watching out
Rhaenys is the only person thinking clearly
New dragons get introduced
Dragon dies
False alliances are formed

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is a Game of Thrones spin-off set around 200 years before the original series and stars Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke. The show is partially based on G.R.R.Martin’s 2018 Game of Thrones prequel Fire and Blood and chronicles the events which would eventually result in the fall of the House of Targaryen; when your authority is backed up by your power over dragons, but you kill off all of your dragons in the course of a war of succession, it’s not going to end well.   The book is written in the style of a historical document, but the show is both more graphic and more character driven (Paddy Considine’s performance as King Viserys I in Season 1 was both extraordinary and harrowing).

Season 2 of House of the Dragon begins on 16th June 2024.  Expect new characters, lots of fighting and gruesome deaths.  We’ve updated the bingo cards with brand new items for the new season!

House of the Dragon Bingo – How To Play

Our House of the Dragon bingo cards can be played alone or with friends.  They are designed to be played over the whole season but you can also play for just one episode.  Here’s how to use them:

  1. Tap To Start
  2. Choose your card size – click in the Grid Size box to see the choices or stick with the default 4×4.  You might want to try 3×3 for a single episode and 5×5 for the whole season (especially for solo play).
  3. Add any extra items you like in the box where it says “Enter words/emojis” and remove any you don’t want on your cards (for example, if you’re playing for a single episode late in the season you may want to remove “Blood and cheese”)
  4. Press “Generate Bingo Card
  5. You’ll see an example, playable card (click on the squares to make them change colour)
  6. EITHER choose a number of cards to print (from the drop down or enter a number in the “custom number” box).  The cards will all contain a different arrangement of items in the grid. Then press “Generate Printable Cards” to produce a printable document containing all your bingo cards.
  7. OR invite your friends by entering their email addresses in the box and pressing Invite – you’ll each receive a different card.
  8. Watch House of the Dragon together – either in the same room or via a watchalong – and daub the items off as they happen, online or on printed cards.  The winner is the first to daub them all, or the player who has daubed the most by the end of the session.
  9. Have fun!

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