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The Apprentice Bingo Cards

Use our bingo card generator tool to print out unique Apprentice bingo cards. You can either print out a set or invite your friends by email. They can be used for a single episode or for the entire series. But hurry, we expect the candidates to drop like flies!

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The Apprentice Bingo Cards
The Apprentice Bingo
"I've Got My Eye on You"
Tea at La Cabana Café
"100% All the Way"
"Will You Please Let Me Finish?"
Group Hug
Sweeping Views of London
Confusion about Project Brief
PM Betrayal in Boardroom
"What a Bloody Shambles"
Sir Alan Makes Clumsy Pun
Candidate Holds Phone Horizontally
"You’re Fired!"
"It is with Regret That…"
Fake Receptionist Answers the Phone
Karen Brady Looks Sceptical
Views of Canary Wharf

The Apprentice 2024 started on 1st February with a new batch of hopeful candidates vying for a £250,000 business investment from Lord Sugar. Episodes aired on Thursday evenings on BBC One and iPlayer, but initial reports say that viewer numbers are significantly down on last year.

And that’s a wrap for the 2024 season, with Rachel Woolford successful in her bid to gain investment to grow her fitness studio business into new locations and Phil Turner just missing out for his online pie shop.  Check back early next year for the 2025 show!

Our tool for generating Apprentice bingo cards can be used for solo play or with friends. Here’s how to create bingo cards for the Apprentice 2024.

  1. Select Card Size – click the grid box to activate a drop-down menu of options, or stay with the default 4 x 4 layout.
  2. If you like, add your own phrases in the ‘Enter Words/Emojis’ Panel.
  3. Click ‘Generate Bingo Card
  4. You’ll Be Presented with a Preview Bingo Card
  5. Choose the Number of Cards You Want to Print via the Drop-Down Menu OR enter your desired number in the ‘custom number’ box. The phrases will then be jumbled up for each card.
  6. Click ‘Generate Printable Bingo Cards
  7. Kick back and watch an episode of the Apprentice with your pals in-person or virtually, marking off each item as it occurs. The first person to mark off all or most items wins!

The Apprentice – Contestants

Here’s a list of the 2024 contestants and the business they were seeking investment for:

  • Amina Khan – Skincare & supplementsJoint fourth to be fired after showing poor leadership in the discount buying task
  • Asif Munaf – WellnessThird to be fired after failing the escape room project, but the nature of the failure was overshadowed by his controversial tweets
  • Flo Edwards – Recruitment consultancyFired at the interviews stage
  • Foluso Falade – Ethical social enterpriseJoint twelfth to be fired after a poor branding effort in the vegan cheese task
  • Jack Davies – Recruitment and/or food review blog  – Joint fourth to be fired after showing poor leadership in the discount buying task
  • Maura Rath – WellbeingJoint tenth to be fired after delivering a very poor broadcast segment and being regarded as a persistently weak contributor
  • Noor Bouziane – Premium jewelleryNinth to be fired after her advertising campaign for an electric camper van was considered “half baked and terrible”
  • Oliver Medforth – SalesFirst to be fired after organising a corporate away day so bad that more than half the participants requested refunds
  • Onyeka Nweze – TechSixth to be fired after delivering a poor presentation at the launch event for the Formula E sponsorship task
  • Paul Bowen – PiesSecond to be fired after failing to convince Innocent Drinks that his white chocolate and popping candy cheesecakes aligned with the rest of their product range
  • Phil Turner – Also Pies – RUNNER-UP
  • Paul Midha – Dentistry – Fired at the interviews stage
  • Rachel Woolford – Boutique fitness studio – WINNER
  • Raj Chohan – Mortgages & finance –  Joint tenth to be fired after showing poor leadership and presentation skills in the TV selling task
  • Sam Saadet – Pre & post-natal fitness coachingSeventh to be fired after overseeing an extremely uninspiring campaign in the kids’ cereal task
  • Steve Darken – Management consultancyJoint twelfth to be fired after creating a curry flavoured vegan “cheese” that everyone hated
  • Tre Lowe – Wellness – Fired at the interviews stage
  • Virdi Singh Mazaria – Music productionEighth to be fired after losing in every single one of the seven tasks to date
Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor