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Great British Bake Off Bingo

Use ouf excellent free tool to generate and print out Great British Bake Off Bingo Cards - then play with your family and friends during each episode!

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Great British Bake Off Bingo
Bake Off Bingo
Someone mentions their 'nan'
Sexual Innuendo by Anyone
Finger Cut
Oven Not Hot Enough
Burnt Cake
Wildlife Filmed During Cooking Process
Technical Challenge Fail
Someone Mentions Timing
“A Bit Too Sweet For Me”
“The Competition is Stiff”
“Well Done, All of You”
Hollywood Handshake
Cake Collapses

Great British Bake Off Bingo

The Great British Bake Off 2023 is now over! 12 passionate amateur bakers were put through their paces over the course of the season, as the wheat from the chaff was slowly separated. The ups and downs of the contestants as they vie to become the UK’s Best Amateur Baker are now conculded for this year, with Matty crowned the winner (although many fans feel that it should have been Josh).  See you in autumn 2024 for a brand new season!

Bake Off Bingo Cards Cooked up by BNBS

To whet your appetite even more, we’ve created Great British Bake Off Bingo Cards. They contain cherished saying and occurrences that will probably occur during some or all of the episodes. Generate and print the cards out and play with your friends.

How to Play Bake Off Bingo

Our Bake off Bingo cards are fully customisable. So you’ve got the opportunity to come up with your own design and add your own terms if you’d prefer.

Just add your own design and/or terms using the options provided above. Once you’re satisfied, hit ‘Generate Bingo Cards’.

Then choose the number of cards you’d like to print and click ‘Generate Printable Cards’. As an addtional option, you can also invite your friends to take part via email.

Great British Bakeoff 2023 – Contestants

  • Abbi
  • Josh
  • Keith
  • Nicky
  • Saku
  • Dana
  • Tasha
  • Dan
  • Rowan
  • Matty
  • Amos
  • Cristy
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