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Six Nations Rugby Bingo Cards

Our printable Six Nations bingo cards are free to generate and can be used for solo play or with your friends. Mark off the in-game events and commentator cliches as they occur during each game week.

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Six Nations Rugby Bingo Cards
Six Nations Rugby Bingo
BBC Pundit: “Thanks for the Moment Gentlemen...”
“Doing the Simple Things Well” Remark
Ireland Beats England
“Going Through the Phases” Remark by Anybody
Wales Buckle Under Pressure In Second Half
Gabby Logan Dons Leather Gloves
Player Sports Mullet
Italy Ends In Last Place
Welsh Club Rugby in “Disarray”
Player Scores Two Tries
“New Beginning for England”
Player Red Carded
Theatrical Dive for Try
Lineout Stolen
Player Scores Drop Goal
Penalty Try Awarded

The 2024 Six Nations saw England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Wales battling it out once again for the Northern Hemisphere’s most coveted trophy.

France and Ireland were once again the favourites (although some fans believed that without Sexton Ireland’s chances weren’t so great) and this year they met in the very first match at the Orange Velodrome, Marseille.  Ireland did indeed go on to win although without repeating 2023’s Grand Slam and Triple Crown, and unfortunately the 2024 tournament was full of controversy.

In 2024, for the first time players wore smart mouthguards in training sessions and matches.  These hi-tech custom fitted devices, which were previously trialled at the WXV tournament in autumn 2023, send live updates to help medical staff know when players need an off-field head injury assessment for concussion.

You can watch the entire Six Nations tournament courtesy of the BBC and ITV.  You might not have wanted to watch the 2024 tournament if you’re an England fan – it looked like another year of pain for them.  But astonishingly, they scored a narrow victory against Ireland at Twickenham.

Check back in 2025 for updated bingo cards!

 How to Generate Six Nations Bingo Cards

  1. Select your own phrases and enter them into ‘Enter Words…’ panel OR stick with default phrase.
  2. Click Select Card Size Box for Drop-Down Menu and Select Your Chosen Layout.
  3. Click Generate Bingo Card Button for Playable Preview Card
  4. Select the Number of Cards You’d Like to Print form Drop-down Menu Or Input a Custom Number (all phrases will be jumbled up for each Six Nations bingo card)
  5. Click Generate Printable Cards or invite your friends via the email box. Just enter their names and they’ll receive unique Six Nations rugby bingo cards.
  6. Sit back and watch the games, marking off phrases/items as the ocfur. The first to mark off all or most of the phrases/items wins.
Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor