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Deal or No Deal Bingo Sites

The Deal Or No Deal Bingo game is themed on the Deal Or No Deal TV show which has given its name to several slot games, scratchcards, Slingo, a live casino game and even an entire online casino – but Deal Or No Deal Bingo sites remain the most popular.  Deal Or No Deal Bingo comes in 75 and 90 ball versions and is played across the Virtue Fusion bingo network.  Win the game and then decide whether to accept the Banker’s offer.

Deal Or No Deal Bingo Sites

Deal or No Deal Bingo Sites

  1. The TV Show
  2. The Bingo Game
  3. Other Deal or No Deal Games

The TV Show

Based on a Dutch format and filmed in Bristol, the hugely popular TV show fronted by Noel Edmonds was first broadcast in 2005 on Channel 4 and  attracted in excess of 4 million viewers during its 11 years on air. During the game, 22 sealed boxes each containing a sum of money ranging from 1p to £250,000 were opened in batches, and the contestant had to choose periodically whether to keep their box or accept an offer from the Banker. Eventually, if they kept their nerve, there would be just two boxes left and the final choice….deal or no deal? A few twists were introduced from time to time but basically the format remained the same for over 2000 shows.  The final show aired in December 2016.

The Bingo Game

  • How To Play

    Deal or No Deal Bingo is based round a traditional 90-ball or 75-ball bingo game, but 21 of the bingo balls appear on an array of red Deal or No Deal Boxes. The 22nd box is for the players, and just as in the TV show there is a mystery amount inside the box. As the numbers are called, the corresponding boxes are opened and the amounts are revealed. When someone wins with a full house, the banker will make them an offer for their box. They must decide…..deal or no deal? They don’t have to make the all-important decision alone though, because to add to the fun all the other players in the bingo room can vote to help the winner make up their mind.

    Deal Or No Deal Bingo is indisputably the best known and most popular bingo variant game on the UK market and players still love it even after all these years.

  • Progressive Jackpots

    To win the progressive jackpot in Deal Or No Deal Bingo 90, the winning player must bingo in 31 calls or fewer and to win it in Deal Or No Deal Bingo 75 they must bingo in 42 calls or fewer. They win 50% of the jackpot and the remainder is split between the other players depending on the number of tickets they bought.  In both rooms the chance of the jackpot dropping is very small but Virtue Fusion periodically run escalator jackpot promotions (typically once or twice a year) which include one or both of the rooms.  During the course of the promotion, the number of calls within which bingo must be called for the jackpot to drop gradually increases until it is won.

  • Where to Play

    Although there was an official Deal or No Deal bingo site it was by no means the best place to play and the official Deal Or No Deal Casino didn’t have any bingo at all, never mind Deal Or No Deal Bingo.  Both these sites have now closed.  The incredibly popular 75 and 90 ball Deal Or No Deal bingo rooms are available right across the Virtue Fusion network and often have enhanced prize money sessions and escalator jackpots.  Gala Bingo also had Big Banker Bingo which was a very similar but unbranded version of the 90 ball game, but this has now been removed.

Other Deal Or No Deal Games

There are many other Deal or No Deal games (mostly slots) including:

  • Deal Or No Deal Slot
  • Deal Or No Deal The Banker’s Riches
  • Deal Or No Deal The Perfect Play
  • Deal Or No Deal Double Action
  • Deal Or No Deal Go All The Way
  • Deal Or No Deal What’s In Your Box (Jackpot King)
  • Deal Or No Deal Megaways
  • Deal Or No Deal Blackjack
  • Deal Or No Deal Roulette
  • Several Deal Or No Deal scratchcards
  • Deal Or No Deal Slingo (featuring a huge jackpot)
  • Evolution Gaming’s live casino Deal Or No Deal game which serves up an interactive Deal Or No Deal experience just like being on the TV show.

The TV show may be over, but the brand endures and its popularity shows absolutely no signs of waning – indeed, many of the Deal Or No Deal slot games are recent releases and we expect more in 2020.