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Wedding Speech Bingo

Use our free tool to generate and print out your wedding speech bingo cards. Then take it with you on the big day. You could also print multiple cards out and use them with fellow guests!

Customise Your Card

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Wedding Speech Bingo
Wedding Speech Bingo
“Please Raise Your Glasses”
Nobody Laughs at Joke
“Compliments to the Bridesmaids”
Trembling Notes
“On a More Serious Note...”
Bride Looks Awkward
“...Been Through a Lot Together”
Tears from Bride
Reference to Stag Do
Speaker Sweats
“Enough from Me”
Use of Quotation
Mother-in-Law Joke
“I’m Not Used to Public Speaking”
Tears from Groom
Guest Gets Annoyed

Our Wedding Speech Bingo Cards

Everybody loves a wedding, right? And everybody just loves a wedding speech……uhhh, right? Well that depends. If you’re the one giving the speech, perhaps not. Whatever your role may be on the big day, there’s no doubt that the speeches, or ‘toasts’ as they’re known formally, are centrepieces to this age-old ceremony, for better or for worse. So with this in mind, we’ve created wedding speech bingo cards!

How to Use Our Free Wedding Speech Bingo Card Generator

How you use these free wedding speech bingo cards depends on your role on the day!

Wedding Speech Bingo as a Joke Game

If you’re a guest, maybe print one out and take it with you to the event and play secretly. Better still, you could generate multiple cards to play with your friends or even secretly with fellow guests as part of a wedding joke.

Wedding Speech Bingo as a Table Game

If its your wedding or you’re been tasked with organising proceedings, then consider using our tool to generate wedding speech bingo cards as part of a table game.

This is actually a really popular way to break the ice among guests. You just hand the wedding bingo cards out to their guests as they arrive and let them play as the speech unfolds.

* Should you be in the early planning phase of your wedding and you’re looking for some game/activity ideas for your bachelorette party be sure to take a look at our Ice Breaker Bingo and Hen Party Bingo cards.

Design Your Own Bingo Cards

Although our wedding bingo cards have been designed by the BNBS team, they’re fully customisable.

So you’ve got complete freedom to come up with your own designs to fit your overall theme. You can also create your own terms or add more to the existing list.

Once your happy, click ‘Generate Bingo Cards”, select the number you’d like to generate and then click ‘Generate Printable Cards’.

If you’d like to involve your friends or fellow guests straight away,  invite them by email via the boxes provided.

Ho to Play Wedding Speech Bingo

Like real bingo, it’s a case of scratching off card items as they occur. But instead of numbers, we’ve included some of the clichés that will likely be uttered as well as some of the things that the guests are likely to do during a typical address. The first person to mark off all or most of the items wins.


Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor