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Buzzword Bingo

Use our free tool to generate buzzword bingo cards and then print them out to play on your own or with friends. Listening to cretinous, overused sayings has never been so fun!

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Buzzword Bingo
Buzzword Bingo
At the End of the Day...
I Turned Around and Said...
Supporting the Community
Any Phrase That Includes ‘Bae’
Any Phrase That Includes ‘Hack’
Promoting Inclusivity
I Was Literally....
I’m Not Being Funny, But...
Going Forward
Reach Out
No Worries
Wait, What?
Do You Get Me?
You’re On Mute
To Cut a Long Story Short
We Stand With...

Buzzword Bingo

There exists a quite hideous collection of sayings and buzzwords that befoul the office workspace. It’s the same with everyday life too. For instance, why do so many Londoners speak with their backs to each other? “I turned around and said…’ is very, very common in our nation’s capital.

Then you’ve got young people who forgo the word ‘said’ in favour of ‘like’. “I was like, he was like, she was like, he was like”. We’ve included these mind-numbing sayings in our buzzword bingo card.

You’ll also find phrases and terms used on television, by politicians and in adverts. The buzzwords, “inclusivity”, “supporting the community” and “diversity” are among the most cretinous examples. Although well-intentioned, their very essence has been ruined by overuse.

How to Play Buzzword Bingo

This is the kind of game you could play throughout the entire day. Whether you’re on the bus, a train, walking down the road or watching the TV, we’re sure you’ll come across a few of the abominations included in our buzzword bingo card. Just mark them off as they occur. Perhaps you could play with a spouse or friend to make things interesting?


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Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor