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Football Commentator Bingo

Use our free tool to generate printable football commentator bingo cards. Play with your friends, marking off each cliched saying as it occurs. Have fun!

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Football Commentator Bingo
Football Commentator Cliches
“He’ll be disappointed with that”
"Them Players"
“Promising young player”
Lists player’s previous clubs
“Not a yellow for me”
A referee is called to discuss the on-field ref’s decisions
“He turned [age] last week”
“What a cross!”
“This historic/ legendary ground”
Commentator references the ‘atmosphere’
Speculation about a manager leaving someone out of the squad
“Some questions to be asked at half time”
"I can't believe it!"
“Genuine Pace”
“A proper footballer”
“He’s not that type of player”

Football Commentator Bingo

Watching football on TV can prove hazardous to one’s health. And we’re not talking about the slings and arrows of professional sports either. No. We blame the commentators and pundits. In the old days, we had Jimmy Hill and his immortal one-liners. Then there was John Motson. Poor old Motty went on so long that his commentary had mutated into a series of noises by the time his career drew to a close.

These legends have since been replaced by the Liverpool-loathing Martin Tyler and Gary Neville, both of whom manage to avoid clichés for the most part. Sadly the same can’t be said of Gary’s younger brother, Phil, or the great Michael Owen. Mr O’s predilection for platitudes has most football fans reaching for the nearest house-brick to throw at the television.

Tragically, Owen is supported by a well-balanced team of banality monsters including Rio “Not for Me” Ferdinand and Peter “I Have to be Honest” Crouch. And then you’ve got Joe “Them Players” Cole. In fairness to Joe, we reckon he’s more suited to a ‘butchering the English language bingo card”. Maybe we’ll do one at some point. We wish Michael Owen would.

Football Commentary Bingo Cards – How to Play

To help you avoid a nervous breakdown, we’ve created football commentary bingo cards that contain many of the mind-numbing sayings you can expect to hear during any given telecast. As with traditional bingo, all you’ve got to do is mark off the sayings as they occur. The first to daub all or most of them wins!

Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor