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Dragonfish Bingo Sites

Dragonfish is probably the most popular and widespread bingo software, powering scores of bingo sites, many of which are also on the Dragonfish network. Dragonfish powered bingo sites on other networks can be found on the Cassava page) and we also have listings for Dragonfish slot sites.

Dragonfish Bingo Sites

The bingo sites listed here are all on the main Dragonfish bingo network. For bingo sites which are powered by the Dragonfish software but are NOT on the Dragonfish network please visit the Cassava Bingo Sites page. Confused? Read on….

Dragonfish Bingo Sites

  1. Who are Dragonfish?
  2. The Dragonfish Platform and the Dragonfish Network
    • The Platform
    • The Network
    • A Source Of Confusion?
    • Even More Confusion!
  3. Just Another Dragonfish Skin?

Who Are Dragonfish?

Dragonfish is part of 888 Holdings and is a B2B operation that provides online gaming services.  B2B means business to business and what Dragonfish does is supply the software platform that is used by 888 owned online gaming sites, to a very large number of 3rd party owned sites.  The software (and we aren’t just talking about bingo software – they also supply poker and sportsbook solutions, casino software and slots)  comes complete with management and licensing courtesy of Cassava (historically for UK players and currently for everyone else) and 888 UK Limited (for UK players from November 2014 onwards).

The Dragonfish Platform and the Dragonfish Network

The Dragonfish Platform

The Dragonfish software platform is extremely familiar to anyone who plays online bingo as it is found at so many sites.  This in itself is a big selling point as it means when you sign up to a new Dragonfish bingo site, you already know how to find your way around and how to buy bingo cards.

The Dragonfish Network

Bingo sites that are on the Dragonfish network have bingo rooms, promotions and a loyalty scheme shared right across the network and these are the ones to look for if you are interested bingo games such as the monthly Big £10K.

A Source Of Confusion?

The distinction between the Dragonfish platform and the Dragonfish network can be quite confusing.  Not all bingo sites that have Dragonfish software are on the Dragonfish network and indeed there are some very well known ones such as Costa Bingo that aren’t.  In fact there are entire other networks that are powered by the oh so familiar software – such as the Netboost network which includes Moon Bingo and Ted Bingo.

Not being on the main network gives sites more freedom over their bingo rooms and promotions.  However, it is still technically possible for bingo rooms to be shared between ALL 888 UK managed sites regardless of ownership or which network they are on. This was actually done several times during 2015 and 2016 for massive £200K jackpot games. Following this, in August 2016 888 introduced a massively networked 90 ball room, available not just across the Dragonfish network but at many other 888 sites including 888 Ladies, Gossip Bingo and later Costa Bingo. These days many jackpot bingo games are shared across networks.

Even More Confusion!

As if that wasn’t confusing enough, in Summer 2017 Dragonfish announced a second network, the Real Bingo Network – some months after the launch of its first site Blighty Bingo!  The new network is mobile/HTML5 only and (again confusingly) has most rooms in common with the original Dragonfish network – but its main feature is that it has no bingo bonuses and therefore no wagering requirements (they give out free spins and free bingo tickets instead).

Just another Dragonfish skin?

A few years back there were a great many sites on the Dragonfish network that were virtually identical to each other and only had the network bingo rooms, chat and promotions.  The only real differences between these sites were the name, the design of the home page and the colour of the bingo lobby and the only real incentive to join them, the welcome bonus.  It’s hard to see why anyone would want to play at one of these identikit type sites now though, because other more recently launched sites on the network have so much more to offer:

  • Exclusive bingo rooms and bingo games, such as the Freezer Room at Iceland Bingo.
  • Exclusive promotions – slots tournaments, leaderboard races and guaranteed jackpot or prize games that run at one site only or on a small group of sites area are a common way for Dragonfish network site operators to try and set themselves apart from the others.  Prize draw promotions are less common on this network.
  • Exclusive bonus games – these are usually written in Flash so work on computer only, but are now starting to come out on mobile/tablet as well (at Lucky Charm Bingo for example) thanks to the magic of HTML5.

The best Dragonfish network sites such as Chit Chat Bingo have a bespoke design as well as exclusive rooms and promotions.

There were no new bingo sites launched on the Dragonfish network between April 2018 and autumn 2019; all new launches were on the No Wagering Real Bingo Network which shares some but not all rooms with the main network.  This changed with the launch of Say Yes To The Dress Bingo and we expect to see more Dragonfish launches with bingo bonus offers in 2020.