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Halloween Bingo – Slasher Movies

Use our cool free tool to generate and print out Halloween bingo cards. This card in our series is all about slasher movies. Play with your friends and mark of the cliches as they occur! The first person to mark all or most off wins!

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Halloween Bingo – Slasher Movies
Halloween Bingo - Slasher Movies
Jump scare
Killer makes a sarcastic comment
Sound of heavy breathing
Extreme close-up of an eye
Killer wears a mask
Someone says ‘I’ll be right back’
Meta-reference to slasher movies
Puddle of blood on the floor
Character hides in a cupboard
Killer comes back to life
Character drops their weapon
Ominous music starts
Character is skeptical that anything is wrong
Someone storms off in anger
Character who has sex is killed
Final girl survives and is rescued

Halloween Bingo – Slasher Movies

As part of our Halloween Bingo Cards series, we present you our Slasher Movie bingo card. Instead of numbers, we’ve populated our card with the kind of tropes and clichés you’ve come to love from watching horror movies involving sharp knives.

Just print the cards out and play with your other half or your friends while watching one a slasher movies of your choice. You can of course come up with your own if you’d prefer. Our Halloween bingo cards are fully-customisable!

So cuddle up on to the sofa with a cushion and a pen and one of our bingo cards and mark off the items as they occur. Be sure to check out our other Halloween bingo card: Monster Movies Bingo!