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Golf Bingo

Take a look at our free golf bingo card generator. You can generate and print out golf bingo cards to play on your own or with friends while watching any major tournament.

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Golf Bingo
Golf Bingo
Ball Driven to the Fairway
“Get in the Hole”
“Ryder Cup Team Mates”
Ball in the Water
Spanish Player Wins Tournament
Double Bogey
“How Did That Stay Out”
Player Wins by 5+ Shots
Player Chips in From Bunker
“That’s Bad Luck”
Golf Cart
Player Hampered by Tree
Reference to Head Movement During Stroke
Sweeping Preview of Hole

Golf Bingo

Golf – you either love it or absolutely loathe it. It’s an age-old sport requiring people to hit a ball around a course with odd-shaped clubs with the aim of putting it in a tiny hole. The game is maddeningly difficult to play – just hitting the ball consistently is hard enough let alone finding the green. This is why lots of people prefer to watch golf on the telly. Throughout the year our TV screens are besmirched/graced by major golf championship tournaments including The Masters, the PGA Championship and The Open.

In 2024 the dates of the men’s majors are:

  • The Masters – 11th – 14th April 2024 at Augusta National Golf Course
  • PGA Championship – 16th – 19th May 2024 at Valhalla Golf Course
  • US Open – 13th – 16th June 2024 at Pinehurst No 2
  • The Open – 18th – 21st June 2024 at Royal Troon

There is no women’s equivalent of the Masters (there is of the other three tournaments) but they have two extra majors, the Chevron Championship and the Evian Championship

Golf Bingo Cards

If you’re not one of these people (or maybe you are) that’s totally captivated by these tournaments, take a look at our free printable golf bingo cards. They feature commentator sayings and in-game events that commonly occur. The aim is to mark them off as they happen. You can also come up with your own if you’d prefer. What better way to pass the time as your golf mad friend or partner watches the tournament unfold over the course of, um, three days… Have fun!

Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor