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Formula One Season Bingo

A new Formula 1 season bingo card generator for the 2024 F1 season!  Play with your friends or family as the 23 race weekends unfold.  Will anyone complete their card before Ahu Dhabi?  Also check out our Formula 1 Grand Prix Weekend bingo card which is designed to be played over a single race weekend!

Customise Your Card

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Formula One Season Bingo
Formula 1 2024 Season Bingo
Driver complains safety car is too slow
Rain is forecast but doesn't happen
Spin, crash or collision under safety car
1-2 any team
Win teammate home grand prix
Driver makes up 10+ places from grid position
Lando Slam
3+ cars fail to cross the start finish line at the end of lap 1
Grid sandwich
Speeding in the pit lane
Wets/inters used race
Lapped by team mate (on track)
Driver gets 2 time penalties in same weekend
Last lap overtake
Substitute driver (in race)
Crash or failure before lights out
Teammate collision
Double DNF any team
2 or more (SC or red flag) restarts in one race
2 or more red flags in qualy
Wets/inters used qualy
None of top 3 on grid finish on the podium
Trackside despair!
All British podium
Pit lane closed during qualy or race

Having bingo cards to complete as you watch Formula 1 with friends or family can really add to the entertainment value, whether it’s the whole season card or our Formula 1 Race Weekend bingo card.  Not only can it help to liven up a boring race, it can make late season races much more exciting to watch even if – as has happened for the last two years – Max Verstappen runs away with the title with several races still to go, because there’s still bingo card events to look out for.

Hopefully there will be a much closer title battle in the 2024 season, but going by what happened on the first day of testing that is looking a bit of a forlorn hope. As Jeff Dodds, the CEO of Formula E said on Instagram “The F1 title is 99% done.  Max could put the trophy in his cabinet right now”.  He followed up with a pledge to give $250K to the winning driver if it’s someone else, to be donated to a charity of their choice.

Seriously though, with no driver changes and no major rule changes the 2024 Formula 1 season was never going to be a particularly exciting one.  In fact there are at least two other things going on that are very likely going to be much more exciting than the Formula 1 races.

  • The 2024 silly season as so many driver contracts are up.  And boom! it’s all kicked off before the 2024 season has even started, with Mclaren and Ferrari acting to tie down their star drivers with long term contracts plus Lewis Hamilton’s shock move to Ferrari for 2025!
  • Formula 2.  It’s a must-watch in 2024 because of the combination of a new car design and a very strong field including two incredibly promising young drivers (Ferrari junior Oliver Bearman and Mercedes junior Kimi Antonelli) duking it out at Prema for who’s going to be the Next Big Thing.

The first grand prix of the year is Bahrain on March 2nd (yes, a Saturday), so now is your last chance to add new items to the card!

What’s On The Formula 1 2024 Season Bingo Card?

Most of the items from last year have been kept but some have been adjusted.  For example, crash or failure on way to or on grid becomes crash or failure before lights out to include anything that happens during the formation lap, and crash out from the lead was just a bit too unlikely so it becomes crash out from podium position (which did happen last year).

Some of the new items for 2024 are:

  • Grid sandwich – when teammates come first and last in qualy and/or line up first and last on the grid (as Red Bull did more than once last year).  Either will do but pitlane starts don’t count.
  • Lando Slam – assuming McLaren’s resurgence in form continues we could see quite a few instances of this podium celebration (which works best with a real bottle of champagne rather than the rosewater substitute that’s used in dry countries).  Let’s hope no trophies are damaged this time round.
  • Sprint and GP have different winners – with 6 Sprint weekends, there’s a decent chance of this happening at least once.
  • Maiden win (GP or Sprint) – to be clear, this means a driver who has not previously won a GP, winning a GP OR a driver who has not previously won a Sprint, winning a Sprint.  Since only 5 drivers (Verstappen, Bottas, Russell, Perez and Piastri) have won Sprints this not quite the long shot it would have been were it the GP only.
  • Formula 1 record broken –  though you might want to exclude driver or constructor breaks own record, which happens every time Lewis Hamilton gets a pole position, win or podium.

The two super-unlikely items all British podium and Hülkenberg podium are staying because one can dream – and if you don’t want them, just remove those items before you generate your cards.

If you think there’s anything that should be on the 2024 card but isn’t, you can always add your own items before generating your cards.

Events That Definitely Weren’t On Last Year’s Bingo Card

One of the wonderful things about Formula One is that occasionally, really crazy stuff happens.  Here’s just a few of the wild things that happened during the 2023 season that no-one would ever have thought to put on the bingo card!

Track Limits Mayhem

  • Driver gets multiple track limits penalties in one race
  • Driver has all laps in a qualy session deleted because of track limits
  • 2 or more drivers get post race time penalties
  • Driver gets multiple post race time penalties

…all of which happened in the SAME race, Austria!

Make Your Mind Up

  • Penalty applied then reversed – that was Fernando Alonso at Jeddah
  • Race cancelled – two races (China and Imola) were cancelled in 2023
  • Weekend format or rules changed with less than a week to go – this happened with the sprint format at Baku and the tyre rules at Qatar
  • Car rejoins race after retiring – that was Sergio Perez at Suzuka

Demolition Derby

  • Crash out from podium position on last lap – oh dear, George Russell
  • Teammates collide during qualy – oh dear, Mercedes
  • Car too damaged to start race – that was Lance Stroll in Singapore
  • 2 x Safety Car or VSC in 1st 10 laps – you’d normally only expect to see this in the lower formulas, but it happened in Vegas
  • Trophy damaged in post race celebrations – or how about two trophies damaged, in Hungary and Belgium?

Super Sub

I see your substitute driver scores points and I raise you driver substituting for a substitute scores points, overtaking both the original driver and the original substitute in the championship standings.  Surely we will see the clearly very talented Liam Lawson back on the grid in 2025, if not later in 2024!


What Happens If I Miss A Race?

If you miss a race – or indeed any part of a race weekend – check back here a couple of days after the race to catch up with what needs to be marked off.  You can also start playing part way though the season – either mark off all of the things that have already happened straight away or remove from the list before generating your cards.

Pre Season Testing – Bahrain February 21st – February 23rd

Red Bull dominance seems set to continue but with Ferrari a lot closer than last year.  The Mercedes looks much more driveable than in the last two years.  And there’s a whisper in the paddocok that Alpine might have dropped the ball and be slowest.  But it’s only testing and any or all teams could have been sandbagging.

Round 1 – Bahrain February 29th – March 2nd

The Bahrain race weekend is where we start to get a proper grip on what the 2024 pecking order looks like.  And if the 2023 race weekend is anything to go by, you’ll be able to mark off a whole slew of items on your bingo card.  Of particular note was last year’s triple whammy of driver gets 2 penalties in the same weekend, penalty for not serving a penalty correctly and speeding in the pit lane all resulting from Esteban Ocon triggering a unfortunate series of events by being slightly out of place on the grid.

Round 2 – Saudi Arabia March 7th – 9th

Last year’s Jeddah race was notable for the absence of red flags at a track where the smallest mistake can cause a stoppage and for controversy over the stewarding, both because of a safety car that many pundits considered to be unnecessary and because of Alonso’s penalties which caused him to be demoted from the podium after the podium ceremony and then reinstated. Not a good look, and it also reignited discussion of Abu Dhabi 2021 on social media which is an even worse look.

Let’s hope this bonkers street track produces excitement of the right kind this year.

Round 3 – Australia March 22nd – 24th

The 2023 Australian Grand Prix was an absolute shitshow that was the ONLY race in F1 history to be red flagged (and then restarted) three times.  The only way is up from here surely!  Also, can home heroes Oscar Piastri and Daniel Ricciardo score decent points or even a podium?

Round 4 – Japan April 5th – 7th

The Suzuka race has moved from the autumn to an early season slot that should make it even more thrilling, as many drivers will still be getting to grips with the 2024 car. Yuki Tsunoda will be looking to score points here.

Round 5 – China April 19th -21st (Sprint)

Will 2024 be the year that the Chinese Grand Prix actually happens, after being cancelled in 2020, 2021, 2022 AND 2023?  It would be nice to see Zhou Guanyu get the chance to race in front of his home crowd.  It’s also the first Sprint weekend of the season – will the format be unchanged from last year or will further tweaks be made?

Round 6  – Miami May 3rd – 5th (Sprint)

Extraordinarily, last year’s Miami race had zero retirements.

Round 7 – Imola May 17th – 19th

Imola is becoming a classic of the modern calendar but was beset by bad luck in 2023.  The entire race weekend was cancelled due to catastrophic flooding in the region, and later in the year the famous Imola Cat passed away.

Round 8 – Monaco May 24th -26th

The last two Monaco weekends have been affected by heavy downpours.  Will we see this again in 2024?  And will Charles LeClerc finally break the curse and perform well at his home race?  Also look out for someone being lapped by their teammate, which often happens at Monaco if someone has a stinker.

Round 9 – Canada June 7th – 9th

Canada is Lance Stroll’s home race and has produced some incredibly exciting racing over the years, especially in the wet.  Last year the rain only affected qualy.

Round 10 – Spain June 21st – 23rd

Spain is generally considered to be one of the less exciting races on the calendar and indeed, the main talking point in 2023 was the collision between the two Mercedes drivers during qualy.  But there’s lots to play for for the two Spanish drivers on the grid, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso.

Round 11 – Austria June 28th – 30th (Sprint)

The Red Bull Ring ought to be capable of producing an exciting and entertaining race but for the last couple of years it’s been all about track limits.  In 2023 multiple drivers got multiple track limits penalties including not setting a time in qualy due to having all laps deleted.  If there’s anything to do with track limits left on your bingo card, expect to mark it off during this round!

Round 12 – Great Britain July 5th – 7th

As well as being one of the classic tracks, this weekend is probably the best shot at an all British podium (but still a long one); last year all three British drivers were classified in the top 5 and two on the podium.

Round 13 – Hungary July 19th – 21st

Lewis Hamilton holds the record for the most number of poles at one track; it’s 9 poles, and it’s Hungary.  Can he break his own record and make it 10?  And will the podium sitters take better care of their porcelain trophies this year?

Round 14 – Belgium July 26th – 28th

Spa is another one of the absolute all time classic tracks.  It’s very susceptible to bad weather and the last few years have seen the race all but cancelled (2021) and the start delayed (2023 Sprint) because of torrential rain.

Round 15 – The Netherlands August 23rd – 25th

More of a party than a serious grand prix, this is the home race of Max Verstappen so expect to see the orange army out in force!

Round 16 – Italy (Monza) August 30th – September 1st

Last year’s Monza race was a disappointing and boring display of Red Bull dominance.  Let’s hope that the 2024 event is a return to the kind of form that throws us exciting curveballs like Pierre Gasly’s 2020 win and McLaren’s 2021 1-2 finish.

Round 17 – Baku September 13th – 15th

The Azerbaijani Grand Prix has moved from its usual early season slot which means car development trajectories will be much better known.  It should still be a super exciting race though, right?  And let’s hope it’s for the right reasons this time – Esteban Ocon pitting at the end of lap 50 to find the pitlane full of people was definitely the wrong kind of excitement. Expect to cross off several items involving red flags if you haven’t already done so.

Round 18 – Singapore September 20th – 22nd

Every year has its crazy race, and in 2023 it was Singapore.  Red Bull’s dominance going AWOL, George Russell crashing out on the last lap from a podium position, supersub Liam Lawson scoring points and the EXTRAORDINARY spectacle of the first four cars in the race line astern in a DRS train, with less than 2 seconds between 1st and 4th, with just a few laps left to go made it so very much more gripping than the rest of the season.  It’s going to be hard to top that in 2024!

You may have heard that there are corruption allegations regarding the funding of this race.  A former transport minister who was involved with the deal has indeed been charged with 27 corruption counts and this has led to a government review of the contract, but they remain committed to hosting the race.

Round 19 – USA (COTA) October 18th – 20th (Sprint)

Still considered by many to be the US Grand Prix (with the other two tracks as upstarts), COTA has issues with the bumpiness of the track which last year caused DSQs because of the plank being too worn.  Logan Sargeant is the only driver to have three opportunities to score points at home and last year, COTA was where he scored his first points.

Round 20 – Mexico October 25th – 27th

Home for Sergio Perez, but if his erratic form from last year continues, will he even make it this far?  The Mexico race can also be somewhat unpredictable (though not last year!) due to the high altitude affecting car aerodynamics.

Round 21 – Brazil November 1st – 3rd (Sprint)

Interlagos can ALWAYS be relied upon to produce a thrilling race weekend and last year was no exception. Fernando Alonso’s perfectly set up last lap overtake of Sergio Perez for the final podium position in the Grand Prix, beating him to the line by just 0.053 of a second, was an absolute masterclass in how to work magic against a rival in a superior car.

Round 22 – Las Vegas November 21st – 2rd

The inaugural Las Vegas event in 2023 was a much more interesting and entertaining Grand Prix than anyone expected, with a thrilling conclusion as Sergio Perez was again overtaken on the last lap, by Charles Leclerc this time.

Round 23 – Qatar November 29th – December 1st (Sprint)

The Qatar race will take place 6 weeks later in the season in 2024 than it did in 2023, to avoid the crippling heat and humidity that poleaxed so many of the drivers.  It’s to be hoped that the tyre allocations will be a bit better thought out this year as well.

Round 23 – Abu Dhabi December 6th – 8th

Yas Marina is no longer quite the snorefest it used to be since track changes improved the racing.  And maybe, like last year, some important driver and constructor fights will go right down to the wire. But unless Red Bull have had a major upset, the most exciting part of this last weekend of the season may very well be the Formula 2 finale.

How To Use the 2024 F1 Season Bingo Cards

  1. Tap To Start
  2. Add any extra events you want to appear on your cards to the list and remove any you don’t like or don’t want.
  3. We suggest keeping the grid size at 5×5 to ensure there’s enough items to hold everyone’s interest all the way through the season, but you can reduce to 4×4 or 3×3 if you like.
  4. Generate Bingo Cards
  5. To play for the entire season, it’s probaby easiest to use printed cards.  You can generate a set to print by entering the number you want in the Custom Number To Print box.  It’s best to print several more than you need in case your watch party grows as the season progresses, and also so that people can pick a card they think will be fun to play (e.g. Hülkenberg podium in the centre square if you like a challenge, driver argues about team orders if you don’t!)
  6. Generate Printable Cards; this takes you to a page with all your cards on which you can print right away, or save the URL for later use when you are near a printer.
  7. Alternatively you can invite through email; this sends each of your chosen recipients a link to their own unique card. The cards persist, so you can mark off a square and see it change colour, and find it still marked off the next time you visit.  This might not work for the entire season (because of phone or browser software updates etc) so we suggest taking a screenshot after each weekend just in case.
  8. Watch and enjoy!  The winner is the first to mark everything off on their card, or if no-one manages to do that, the person with the most lines completed when the season ends on December 8th with the Abu Dhabi race.