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Formula 1 2024 – Grand Prix Weekend

The Formula 1 2024 Grand Prix Weekend bingo cards are designed to be played over a single race weekend (and are set up for the current or most recent race weekend). Play with your friends or family - you'll each get a different card with different items on it to mark off as you watch. Or print just one bigger card to play solo.

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Formula 1 2024 – Grand Prix Weekend
F1 2024 Monaco Grand Prix
Charles Leclerc podium / Charles Leclerc DNF
Incident at the hairpin
2024 maiden podium
Heroics into Ste Devote / No heroics into Ste Devote
Verstappen on pole / Verstappen not on pole
Straight on at the chicane
Rain / no rain in qualy or race
Safety car / No safety car
Parc ferme repairs needed

Which Grand Prix weekend is coming up next?

The cards are set up for the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2024, which takes place around the streets of Monte Carlo on 24th – 26th May.  The Monaco race is followed by Canada two weeks later.

What’s on the bingo card?

The items on the bingo card get refreshed for each Grand Prix weekend and are a mixture of non track specific events, track specific events and topical references, sometimes with a few “you choose” events thrown in.

Monte Carlo is famous for its casino (but did you know that Charles Leclerc, as a Monaco national, is not allowed to play there?) and that’s why there are FIVE “You Choose” items on the Monaco bingo card.  Which do you thnk is more likely, Charles Leclerc podium or (given his history of atrocious luck at his home race) Charles Lecelerc DNF? Will there be rain in qualy or race or not? What about a safety car? And will someone attempt heroics into Ste Devote? Finally, Verstappen on pole would break the F1 driver record for most consecutive poles (which he currently shares wih Ayrton Senna) so what do you think – will it happen?

Also score for an incident in the tunnel or an incident at the hairpin (and this being Monaco, an overtake or attempted overtake counts as a incident) and when (not if!) someone goes straight on at the chicane.

Non track specific events

These are things that could happen anywhere – we swap them in and out to keep things fresh.

  • Driver complains about tyres or grip
  • Driver complains about strategy 
  • Driver complains about rival’s driving
  • Pit lane drama
  • Safety car or VSC
  • Swearing on radio
  • Qualy red or yellow ruins laps
  • Debris flies off a car
  • DRS Train
  • Rain affects at least one session – i.e. wets/inters used at some point.  Included if rain forecasted.
  • Plan B – you may hear this on team radio when they are having a coded discussion of strategy options.

Track specific events

These are things that can only happen at one track or at a certain type of track (night races, street races).  For example:

  • Under the lights – night races only
  • In the gravel or in the barrier – depends on runoff areas
  • Race restarted (SC/Red Flag) more than once – for tracks with a history of it
  • Track limits – for tracks like the Red Bull Ring where there’s lots of previous
  • Something happens in the tunnel (Monaco)
  • Winner hasn’t won F1 or F2 at (insert name of track) before
  • Hamilton Straight (Silverstone)
  • Eau Rouge (Spa)
  • Banking (Zandvoort)
  • 130R (Suzuka)
  • Stadium section (Mexico)

Sadly this year we have to say goodbye to the iconic Imola Cat – Formulino passed away in August 2023 at the age of 16

Feel free to make up your own!

Sprint events

These are things that are only useable for a Sprint weekend.  There are six of these in 2024, the first being in China in late April. Last year’s Sprint specials were:

  • Sprint race – it’s a Sprint not a Race – but someone’s bound to slip up and call it a race in the commentary
  • Sprint and Grand Prix have different winners – it’s happened before and certainly makes the weekend a bit more exciting
  • Sprint and Grand Prix have different front row – ditto
  • No retirements in sprint – can everyone last even that short distance with no crashes or mechanical failures?
  • Driver a lap down in sprint – this nearly happened at the Red Bull Ring in 2022 and 2023
  • Maiden Sprint win – only Verstappen, Bottas, Russell, Pérez and Piastri have won to date

The Sprint format has been changed again so that it takes place prior to qualy for the Grand Prix, which may result in drivers being bit bolder this year.

Topical references

These are things that could happen or be mentioned in the commentary that are related to current talking points in F1.  For example:

  • Anything to do with how a driver performs at their home race
  • Anything to do with a driver’s recent performance (e.g. Russell’s streak of top 5 finishes in the early part of 2022)
  • Driver changes for 2025 – this is bound to be an extremely hot topic during 2024 as it’s already kicked off before the season even starts!

You choose

“You choose” was first introduced for the 2022 race in Monaco (home of one of the world’s most famous casinos) and the idea is you have some items with two alternatives and choose which of them to cross out.  The crossing out can be done before you generate the cards (so everyone who gets the item gets the same version of it), or the players can do it before the start of qualy (in which case you might get different versions). “You choose” items are usually but not always topical or track specific.  For example:

  • Charles Leclerc does/doesn’t finish race (Monaco)
  • Heroics into Ste Devote / No heroics into Ste Devote (Monaco)
  • No DNFs / 5 or more DNFs (Baku)
  • British driver on podium / No British driver on podium (Silverstone)
  • Both French drivers score points / Neither French driver scores points (France)
  • Russell’s streak continues/ends – Russell was top 5 in every race he finished in 2022 until it all went wrong in Singapore
  • Verstappen wins/doesn’t win – introduced for his home race Zandvoort but could be anywhere

“You choose” items don’t appear every weekend, only when there’s something suitably topical to include. And of course, we’ll have them for Monaco and Las Vegas!


How To Play Grand Prix Weekend Bingo

The Formula 1 2024 Grand Prix Weekend bingo cards have been set to a 3×3 grid size with 9 items to mark off which we think is plenty for a single Grand Prix weekend (the Formula One Season bingo cards, which are meant to be played over several months, are bigger at 5×5).

  • Tap to start
  • Now, you have the opportunity to change the background and colours, add some items of your own to the list of events and/or remove any of ours you don’t like. We update the items on the cards for the current race weekend a couple of days before it starts – if you want to generate cards further in advance than that you’ll need to edit the list of items to remove anything unsuitable (e.g. under the lights if it’s not a night race, in the gravel if it’s a street race, anything related to Sprint if it’s not a Sprint weekend, stuff related to qualy if you’re only planning to watch the race itself).
  • If the list has any “you choose” items you can delete the alternatives you don’t like at this stage (or replace with regular items if you don’t like “you choose”)
  • Press Generate Bingo Cards.
  • Choose the number of cards you’d like to print and press Generate Printable Cards.
  • You’ll be taken to a page of cards, all different from each other and unique to you
  • Print from your browser (adjusting the scaling via the printer settings if necessary) or save the URL for printing later
  • Don’t want printed cards? Invite through email.  Each person you invite will receive a link to their very own bingo card, and you’ll get your own card too. (We don’t keep their email addresses).
  • If there are any “you choose” items on your card that weren’t edited earlier on, cross out the alternative you don’t like before the start of qualy.

Once you’ve got your cards, daub the events as they happen, are mentioned in the commentary or shown on screen over the race weekend.   If you’re playing online, you can mark your card by touching or clicking on the grid square.  If you mark a square during qualy (or the sprint) it will still be marked when you return for the Grand Prix.

The winner is the first to complete a line but as this has been known to happen before the Grand Prix itself even starts you will probably want to play on to see who completes the most lines or gets full house.

PRO TIP – Print out more cards than you need so you can pick one with something you think is extremely likely to happen in the centre square (swearing on radio and driver complains items are usually pretty safe bets).  That will give you an especially good chance of completing at least one line!

Want to play solo? – Set the grid size to 4×4 and print just one card with all 16 items on it!

Sue Dawson
Head of Content

Sue Dawson has been writing about (and playing) online bingo and slots since 2013, putting her unique spin on everything.  She has written pieces for iGaming industry news sites, appeared on panels at industry events and on podcasts, helped to judge industry awards and is a member of industry think tank Ampersand Plus.