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Tory Leadership Bingo

Use our free tool to generate and print out Tory leadership bingo cards. Watch a debate or speech and then mark off the cliches as they occur. Have fun!

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Tory Leadership Bingo
Tory Leadership Race Bingo
For the Good of the Party
Cost of Living Crisis
Fresh Start
Most People
Decisive Leadership That This Country Needs...
I am Determined...
A New Approach
My Predecessor’s Support of the Ukraine
Social Justice
Raising Taxes
A More Inclusive Society
Difficult Times
I’d Just Like to Respond
As Prime Minister
We Will Fight Against Injustice

With Boris Johnson yesterday’s news, some of the most prominent Tory non-entities are coming out of the woodwork to battle it out for Prime Minister. And if today’s politics are anything to go by, the race to Number 10 is going to be pretty unedifying stuff.

Tory Leadership Bingo

To help you enjoy the whole sorry spectacle even more, we’ve crafted a Tory Leadership Bingo Card. It’s populated with some of the many clichés and tropes that you’ll likely hear in the coming weeks. For the best results, we recommend tuning into the BBC or ITV and listed to the  Tory debates and speeches that will emanate from your television.

Perhaps you could play during one of these debates or even wait for the acceptance speech around March. Whichever option you choose, all you’ve got to do is mark the items as they’re regurgitated. The first to mark all or the most off wins. Jolly good luck!