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Age of the Gods Slots

Age of the Gods Slots

Sue Dawson

What is Age of the Gods?

Age of the Gods is the name of a series of progressive jackpot slot games by Playtech.  There are now more than 20 Age of the Gods games to choose from and Playtech release a new one every couple of months.

Age of the Gods slot games first appeared in early 2017 shortly before Playtech’s rights to use Marvel comic characters including the Avengers in their slots games expired – an inevitable consequence of the earlier purchase of the Marvel brand by Disney.  The Marvel Jackpot had been extremely well known and popular for almost a decade and by phasing out the Avengers slots and replacing them with Age of the Gods titles over a few months Playtech were able to keep the same progressive jackpot going.  In fact some of the early titles in the Age of the Gods series were straightforward reskins of the Marvel games they replaced.

The Age of the Gods progressive jackpot, like the Marvel Jackpot, has four pots – Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power and these normally pay out 3, 4, 5 and 6 figures respectively.  The jackpot game can be triggered by any spin at any bet size and when it is, the player is guaranteed to win one of the four pots.  The jackpot game screen holds 20 gold coins and the player turns them over until they reveal three of a kind determining which jackpot they win.

The Age of the Gods Norse games have a slightly different jackpot arrangement. The Ultimate Power jackpot is shared with the regular Age of the Gods games but there’s no Power, Extra Power and Super Power jackpots and no jackpot game.  Instead, there’s an Extra Jackpot and an Instant Jackpot which are guaranteed to drop before reaching a certain amount.

Most Age of the Gods games including Age of the Gods Roulette are attached to the progressive, but now some Age of the Gods branded games have been released that are not part of the progressive jackpot network.  These games also differ from the rest of the series in that they can be played at Playtech/Virtue Fusion bingo sites (including with slot bonus) rather than at Playtech casinos (just to be confusing, some Playtech bingo sites have the jackpot AotG slots available to play in a separate casino tab).


Age of the Gods Progressive Jackpot Games

Age of the Gods


Age of the Gods itself, the first of the games to be released, is a reskinned version of the Avengers slot.  It has 20 fixed paylines and RTP of 94.03% (excluding the jackpot).  The bonus feature is triggered by 3 or more AotG scatters and consists of the classic Age of the Gods array of gold coins.  The player turns coins over until the reveal a set of 3 of one of the Gods, triggering 9 free spins with that God’s special bonus feature.  After playing the spins the player returns to the bonus feature to turn more coins over (and perhaps trigger another God’s 9 free spins).  The bonus feature ends when Hades is revealed.

Age of the Gods Furious 4

AotG Furious 4

Age of the Gods: Furious 4 is reskinned from Fantastic Four.   Another 20 line slot, it has RTP of 93.88% (excluding the jackpot) and 94.88% (including the jackpot).  The Furious 4 are Apollo, Pandora, Hephaestus and Atlas and their special powers come into play during the bonus round; this is triggered by 3 or more scatters and starts off with 12 free games.  During the free games, the four are stacked on reel 3 and when one of them covers the reel, that god’s special bonus feature is triggered –  4 spins with expanding wild for Apollo, 4 spins with a dynamic multiplier for Pandora, 4 spins with extra symbols for Hephaestus and 3 spins with freezing wilds for Atlas.

Age of the Gods King of Olympus

AotG King of Olympus

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus is another reskin, this time of Iron Man 2.  It has 25 fixed paylines and RTP of 94.99% (excluding the jackpot).  The bonus round of 20 free spins is triggered by 3,4 or 5 Zeus scatters; they play with a multiplier that starts at x2 and increases every 2 spins plus a locked wild in middle of reel 3.

Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus

AotG Prince of Olympus

Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus replaces the Incredible Hulk with Hercules, the mythical strongman. It is a 25 line slot with RTP of 93.83% (excluding the jackpot). It has three bonus features.  The Hydra bonus is triggered by hydra symbols on reels 1 & 5; fire arrows at the hydra heads for cash prizes and pick a head for a multiplier.   The Herculean Strength feature is triggered when Hercules appears either on the centre of reel 3 (in which case he expands & awards 2 respins with the reel locked), or in any positions on reels 2,3, and 4 (in which case he expands to fill all three reels and awards 1 respin).  There’s also a bonus round, triggered by 3+ scatters, of 10 free games with 3x multiplier.

Age of the Gods Goddess of Wisdom

AotG Goddess of Wisdom

Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom is yet another reskin and here Athena the goddess of wisdom replaces Elektra.   This slot has 20 paylines and RTP of 94.87%.  When the bonus round is triggered, players pick one of three high value symbols to enter one of the three bonus modes.   All of these have expanding wilds and substituted symbols; they differ in the number of spins and the multiplier.

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters focuses on the three Fates – Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos and is a reskinned version of Iron Man 3. It has 25 lines and RTP of  92.95% (not including the jackpot).  Each of the three sisters has her own bonus round and when the bonus is triggered, the player can choose the one they prefer 10 free spins with locking wilds, 8 free spins with random wilds or 15 free spins with dynamic multiplier.

Age of the Gods God of Storms

AotG God of Storms

Age of the Gods: God of Storms is NOT based on any of the Marvel slots and has a different look and feel to earlier games in the series.  It has 25 paylines (not all of which need be played) and RTP of 96.14% (including the jackpot). Age of the Gods God of Storms has two different Wild symbols, both of which are stacked and only appear on reels 2-4 – the regular wild and the Ship Wild. When a Ship Wild fills one of the reels it triggers the Wild Wind Respins bonus feature; the God of Storms appears to the right of the reels and blows the ship one reel to the left each respin, increasing the multiplier each time until it blows off the left hand edge.

Age of the Gods God Of Storms Live

In July 2020 Playtech released the Playtech Live version of Age of the Gods: God of Storms.  The game itself is the same as the regular version, but displayed on a big screen behind a live host.  To play, you choose your spin value (£1 – £5) and set autoplay for the number of spins you want to join (10 – 99).  A loss limit is obligatory and a single win limit (to stop the autoplay on a big win) is optional.  Once you’ve joined in, you will play the same spins everyone else does so when you trigger the bonus feature, you all play it together and can talk about it in the player chat window.

Age of the Gods Medusa & Monsters

AotG Medusa & Monsters

Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters is another game which is rather different to the other games in the series. It has an unusual arrangement of 6 reels some of which are 6 symbols high and some of which are 7 symbols high – with an impressive 164 paylines and a minimum spin value of 50p. The RTP is 96.09% (including the jackpot) and the game has all symbols stacked and an expanding wild symbol. Scatter symbols on reels 2,4, and 6 trigger the bonus round. Pick a shield to reveal which high paying symbol will be sticky and play the 6 free spins with a stacked walking Medusa wild moving from reel 6 to reel 1.

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Sky

AotG Ruler of the Sky

Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky is a 40 line slot whose big gimmick is the stacked Pegasus wilds – especially in the bonus round when more Pegasus symbols are added to the reels.  The bonus round (triggered by scatter symbols on the middle three reels) is just 5 free spins but it can be retriggered indefinitely.  The other claim to fame of this particular Age of the Gods game is that it has the worst RTP in the entire series –  91.04% including the jackpot.


Age of the Gods Roulette

AotG Roulette

Age of the Gods Roulette adds an AotG Bonus position to a regular roulette wheel. A player who bets on the Age of the Gods Bonus position of the wheel and wins, gets to play the bonus game (which comes in the form of a 3 reel slot machine) for a guaranteed win.  Age of the Gods Roulette is part of the AotG progressive jackpot system and the jackpot game (the usual coin array) can be triggered randomly during any spin.  The RTP of Age of the Gods Roulette is 95.73% and this compares well to other games where the wheel has 38 spaces but is worse than in European or French roulette.


Age of the Gods Rulers Of Olympus

Rulsers of Plympus

Age of the Gods: Rulers Of Olympus is a 5 reel, 25 line slot which focuses on the Zeus and Hera walking wilds.  Zeus moves from left to right and Hera from right to left, for as many spins as it takes for them to move off the reels.  If they meet each other the Battle For Power free games are triggered.  During this bonus round, when the two meet they fight and the loser shifts off the reels leaving regular wilds in their path.  The bonus round ends when a Zeus symbol is defeated.  There’s also another free spins bonus round that is played on a 50 line array.  The RTP of Age of the Gods: Rulers Of Olympus is 95.05% including the jackpot contribution.

Age of the Gods Mighty Midas

Midas Touch feature 1

Midas Touch feature 2

Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas is a 40 line slot with an interesting gimmick, the Midas Touch.  The hand symbol, which only appears on reels 3-5 and points left, turns the symbol it points to and all other instances of that symbol  into a Golden Wild.  If it’s already a Golden Wild, it increases the multiplier on all instances of that Golden Wild.  The hand then disappears and other symbols drop down to fill the gap.  Age of the Gods has 5 different bonus rounds, all triggered by two scatter symbols; one is a cash prize, the others are free spins rounds and which one you get is determined by a spinner.  The RTP including the jackpot is 96.34% which is the best in the series to date.


Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Seas

AOTG Ruler of the Seas

Poseidon Respin

Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Seas is a 30 line slot which expands to 60 lines during any of 5 respin features and to 90 lines during any of 5 free spins bonus rounds.  The positions on the reels where the scatter symbols that triggered the bonus feature landed turn into Feature Frames which behave differently in each of the 5 variations.  For instance, in the Poseidon respin and bonus round, when a high win symbol lands in Feature Frame all instances of that symbol on the reels turn wild.  The RTP is 95.42% – 96.41%.

Age of the Gods: Apollo Power

Age of the Gods Apollo Power

Age of the Gods: Apollo Power is a 6 reel, 50 line slot which gets back to basics in that it only has one bonus feature, Apollo Power Respins.  Land a blazing wild anywhere on the reels to trigger; it moves one space at a time leaving a wild in every space it lands in and respins continue until it lands back on its trail.  Results from this can be very mixed, including not winning anything at all.  The RTP is 96.47% including an 0.99% jackpot contribution, a new high for this series of slots.

Age of the Gods Norse: King of Asgard

Age of the Gods Norse King Of Asgard

Age of the Gods Norse: King of Asgard is the first in a new series of Age of the Gods games featuring figures from Norse mythology instead of classical; of course, this will include versions of characters who appeared in the Marvel slots Age of the Gods replaced.  Like its immediate predecessor it has just one bonus feature, Odin’s Fury Respins.  Trigger by landing a stacked Odin Wild covering one reel entirely; it then moves one reel to the left with each respin (unless pushed back by the appearance of a Loki Wild).  The more respins that take place, the higher the multiplier that is applied to the final respin.  The RTP of 96.67% including the jackpot is the best yet seen for an AOTG slot.

Age of the Gods: Epic Troy

AOTG Epic Troy
Age of the Gods: Epic Troy is a bit of a departure from the previous games in the series in that it is a 243 way slot.  This time, the focus is on characters from the Trojan War.  Helen, Paris and Achilles each have their own respin bonus, triggered when two full stacks of the character land on the reels simultaneously. In each case the stacks becme sticky for the respins.  Helen grants three respins, reset every time you spin another Helen and pays on what is on the reels after the last respin.  Paris grants two respins, reset every time you spin another Paris stack and pays a special prize if there is a block of at least 3×3 (a Mega Paris) at the end of the respins. Achilles turns wild and grants one respin. The respin bonuses can happen in the base game and in the free spins bonus round – and in fact they are more likely to happen in the bonus round since during the free spins, only the high value characters appear on the reels.  The RTP is 96.45% including the jackpot contribution.

Age of the Gods Norse: Ways of Thunder

AOTG Norse Ways of Thunder

Age of the Gods Norse Ways of Thunder looks quite different to the earlier games in the series.  It is a 5 reel slot that starts with just 45 ways to win. This can go all the way up to 3125 ways to win and the key to this is the Lightning feature, which unlocks extra symbols  with each consecutive win.  The unusual thing about the Lightning feature is that when the win streak ends, the reels don’t immediately reset to their original state – they revert by one step with each loss.  Better still, when the Lightning feature is triggered during the free spins bonus round, the reels only expand, never contract, and the final state carries over into the base game. The RTP is 96.05% including the jackpot.

Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin

AOTG Glorious Griffin

Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin is much less specifically themed on Greek mythology than its predecessor; there are no symbols of gods or mythical heroes and the top scoring symbol is the Griffin itself.  It’s a 4096 way slot with a feature (Ways Plus) whereby any symbol apart from wilds and scatters can appear surrounded by blue lightning, which causes it to expand into horizontally and vertically adjacent spaces if doing so would create or improve a win. Age of the Gods Glorious Griffin has a classic free spins bonus round triggered by three or more scatters, during which blue lightning appears three times as often. The RTP is 96.05% including the jackpot contribution and quite a bit of that is tied up in the bonus round.

Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants

AOTG Norse Gods & Giants

Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants sees the series return from the ways to win format to a more conventional 50 lines on a classic 5 x 3 play area, complete with a free spins bonus round.  What spices things up a bit is the inclusion of Giant symbols on reels 2-4 which can result in winning on many lines at once and the game includes a couple of bonus features to help with this; Power Nudge for when a Giant symbol lands partially off screen and a respin (and possible move right or left) for a Giant symbol that’s fully on screen but doesn’t win.  In the free spins bonus round, ALL of the symbols on reels 2-4 are Giant and the symbols on the other reels are all stacked, and it doesn’t stop there – all of the lower value symbols are removed, making for one of the most potentially exciting bonus rounds in the entire series.

The RTP of AOTGN: Gods and Giants is 95.93% including the jackpot contribution.

Age of the Gods Norse: Book Of Dwarves

Book Of Dwarves

Age of the Gods Norse: Book of Dwarves is a 50 line slot with an unusual 5×5 reel set.  It’s one of those slots where it really is all about the bonus round and there’s not much else going on.  The first step is to spin up three of the golden Book symbol to trigger free spins. During the free spins, one of the symbols is randomly chosen to expand to a large 3×3 symbol, wherever it lands.  There are four different levels of free spins and each Book symbol that lands during the free spins advances the player up the track towards the next level.  At each level up, an extra symbol gets the 3×3 treatment and more free spins are added; if more than one kind of special symbol lands on the reels in the same spin they all transform to whichever has the higher value.  At level 4 the symbol that gets the 3×3 treatment is the Wild, and with three other special symbols in play as well, there’s lots of scope for things to get very “wild” indeed!

Age of the Gods Norse: Book of Dwarves has RTP of 95.66% including the jackpot and 94.11% without, and even though it is a 50 line slot it can still be played from 10p a spin.

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Dead

AOTG Ruler of the Dead

Age of the God Ruler of the Dead has the same classic 25 line format as some of the earliest games in the series.  Its special symbols are two different stacked wilds, Charon the ferryman and Cerberus the hound, and both of these appear on reels 2-4 only.  Cerberus adds a multiplier of up to 5x to any wins it appears in, and Charon triggers the coin bonus game at 1x for one stacked wild, 3x for two stacked wilds and 5x for the maximum of three stacked wilds.  The aim of the coin bonus game is to collect coins of the same type (copper, silver or gold) from both sides of the River Styx; in the screenshot the copper coins (and the multiplier) are about to be collected prior to a respin with the remaining coins locked in place. Respins continue until there’s no coin type matching on both sides.

Age of the Gods Ruler of the Dead has RTP of 96.53% (including the 0.99% jackpot contribution) and can be played from 10p a spin.

Age of the Gods Book Of Oracle

AOTG Book Of Oracle

Age of the Gods Book of Oracle has just 10 paylines.  Its main gimmick is the Book feature; the book sits above the reels riffling through pages at every spin.  If it ends up falling open at a page with a symbol on it, and enough symbols of that type are on separate reels to form a win they expand to fill the reel and award a payout.  Book of Oracle has a free spins bonus round, triggered in the usual way by 3 or more scatters, which starts with a randomly chosen book symbol already active and that symbol, plus any that are subsequently collected via the book feature, expand in every spin until the end of the bonus round. The bonus round itself can be retriggered indefinitely.

Age of the Gods Book Of Oracle has RTP of 96.48% (including the 0.99% jackpot contribution) and the minimum spin value is 10p.

Age of the Gods Norse: Norse Legends

Age of the Gods Norse Norse eLgends

Age of the Gods Norse: Norse Legends is another back-to-basics slot with a conventional 5×3 array and 20 paylines.

The Legends of Asgard bonus feature is triggered by spinning up three or more bonus symbols.  There’s five bonus games to choose from – one is a pick-me and the other four are various combinations of free spins and wild modifier features – but only two of them are available when you first start to play.  Each time you trigger the bonus round, you unlock another one. Unlocked them all and can’t make up your mind which to pick? Choose “random bonus game”!

Here’s the exciting bit; after you play the bonus game you go to the Bonus Retrigger screen, to turn over the 9 golden coins until you get 3 bonus symbols (allowing another bonus game to be selected) or three Surt symbols (that’s him in the screenshot, with the horns) which ends the bonus and returns you to the base game.

Age of the Gods Norse: Norse Legends has RTP of 95.71% (including the jackpot) and the minimum spin value is 20p.

Age of the Gods: Wonder Warriors

Age Of The Gods Wonder Warriors

Age of the Gods: Wonder Warriors is themed on the Amazons, a mythical tribe of female fighters.  It’s a 243 way slot with a Megaways-like twist; the 5 x 3 array can expand on any spin to 5 x 4 (1024 ways), 5 x 5 (3125 ways) or 5 x 6 (7776 ways).

The Free Games Feature is triggered in time-honoured fashion by spinning up 3 or more Shield scatter symbols.  There are four options to choose from, ranging from 15 free games at 243 ways to 3 free games at 7776 ways (this last option is locked until you’ve triggered the bonus round 3 times).  In all cases, spinning two or more scatter symbols adds 3 more free games.

Age of the Gods: Wonder Warriors has RTP of 95.47% including the jackpot contribution and the minimum spin value is 10p.

Age of the Gods Non Progressive Jackpot Games


Age of the Gods King of the Underworld

AotG King of the Underworld

Age of the Gods: King of the Underworld has RTP of 96.02%,  the highest of all the AotG games if you don’t include the jackpot contributions.  It has 20 paylines, not all of which need be played, and the minimum stake is 1p per line.  It has two bonus rounds (Gates of Hell and Thread of Fate) both of which are triggered by getting 3 or more of the corresponding symbol on a payline.  Each of these bonus round consists of a series of pick-mes awarding cash prizes which are then multiplied by the number of lines played in the spin which triggered the bonus.

Age of the Gods Athena vs Ares

AotG Athena vs Ares

Athena vs Ares has a disappointingly low RTP of 92.03%.  It has 25 paylines, not all of which need be played, and a minimum stake of 1p per line.  It has an exploding reels game mechanic (similar to Avalanche in Gonzo’s Quest) and a bonus round where the player fights a duel with 1-3 opponents, collecting a multiplier for each defeated enemy.

Age of the Gods Lord of Lightning

AotG Lord of Lightning

Somewhat confusingly, Lord of Lightning DOES have a progressive jackpot, but it is separate to, smaller than and works differently to the usual one, instead resembling the jackpot attached to Virtue Fusion slots such as Clover Rollover.  The jackpot is equally likely (or unlikely) to be won on any spin regardless of stake size (it is the prize for 5 Zeus symbols on a payline) but it pays out a percentage depending on stake.  To win the full amount (£100,000+) requires playing £2 a line (so a spin value of £40 if all 20 lines are played) and at the minimum stake of 5p per line it would pay out just 2.5% of the headline amount.

Lord of Lightning has a straightforward free spins bonus round – 3 Pegasus scatters award 10 free spins, 4 award 20 and 5 award 30, and the spins are played with the number of paylines in the spin that initiated the bonus.  The RTP net of the jackpot contribution (1%) is 93%.

Age of the Gods Bingo

Age of the Gods Bingo is a 90 ball bingo game played across the Virtue Fusion network, with a bonus round inspired by the Age of the Gods jackpot game.


Where To Play Age of the Gods Games

For the widest choice of Age of the Gods games, you’ll need to play somewhere you can access Virtue Fusion bingo and a Playtech casino with the same wallet and login – this could be at a site such as Buzz Bingo where there is an integrated casino tab or at a site such as Betfair Bingo where the login is valid for other products including Betfair Casino.



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