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Music Festival Bingo

Use our free tool to generate music festival bingo cards, then print them out and play with your friends. Our festival bingo cards features the kind of clichés and occurrences that you’d only find at a UK music festival.

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Music Festival Bingo
Music Festival Bingo Cards
Labour Politician on Stage
DJ Cuts Audio for Crowd to Sing
Flags on Long Sticks
Political Statement by Anyone
Audience Sing Along
Spectator Face Paint
Broken Guitar String
Activist(s) Appear on Stage
Glitter Shower
Pride Flag in Crowd
Beach Ball in Crowd
Friend Sleeps in Car
Long Guitar Solo
Jacket Around Waist
Friend Asleep in Tent
Performer in Fishnets

Music Festival Bingo

Festivals are the marmite of musical ‘community’ events. You either love spending a week with hundreds of thousands of addled people watching a band on a distant stage, sleeping in a tent, sliding around in mud, waiting in a long queue to use a portable lavatory, being subjected to political moralising and then staggering home in a fog of crushing introspection. Or you don’t.

Well, an estimated 32 million people most certainly do love them because that’s how many visit musical festivals in the UK each year. Glastonbury, the Download Festival and Wireless Festival are among the biggest, although Glastonbury is of course the most popular. Thousands of people attend the event attracting some of the biggest acts in the world. Sadly, it’s now held every five years so that the local population as well as the local landscape can recover from the influx of 200,000 festival-goers and the litter they leave behind.

Our Music Festival Bingo Cards

To help you make the most of your music festival experience, we’ve created music festival bingo cards that contain common themes, events and occurrences that are likely to happen at any given gathering. All you’ve got to do is use our terms or your own, select the number of people you want to play with and then print your Music festival bingo cards out. The first person to mark of the most or all of the items wins.