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Formula E 2024 Season

Our Formula E bingo cards have been updated for Season 9 and the Gen 3 cars!  Use the Generate Bingo Card button to print out a set of cards or invite your friends via email - you'll each get a different card to play.  Play while you watch one race weekend or over the whole 2023 season - enjoy!

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Formula E 2024 Season
Formula E 2024 Season Bingo
Out of energy on the last lap
Penalty for energy over-use
Penalty for tech infringement
Penalty demotes driver from podium
Teammate collision
Rookie crash
Pole, win and fastest lap
Mechanical DNF
Any team double DNF
Same winner both races double header
Team referred to by wrong/last year's name
Driver unable to participate in qualy
Great British Jake Off
Rookie in qualy duels
Maiden pole
Maiden win

And that’s a wrap for Season 9 of the all electric single seater series FIA Formula E which ran from January 2023 until July 2023, with 16 races taking place in cities all over the world, including double headers in Diriyah, Berlin, Jakarta, Rome and London.  In the UK, you could watch Formula E races on Channel 4; not all of them were on live TV but they were livestreamed on Channel 4 Sport YouTube.  It’s not yet clear how UK viewers will be able to watch Season 10. You can also join in the lively discussion on Formula E Reddit.

Season 9 was set to be particularly exciting because of the introduction of the all new Gen 3 cars. Reliability was quite an issue!  Attack Mode is also having an overhaul but the introduction of Attack Charge, a mandatory 30 second pit stop to unlock two Attack Modes, was first delayed until later in the season due to insufficient testing, then postponed until the 2024 season when it still may not be used at all races (or may even just make an appearance in qualifying only).

Season 10 has now kicked off with pre-season testing at Valencia on October 23rd – 27th 2023, and there have already been a couple of big upsets in the form of the battery fire in the pits which caused the cancellation of more than an entire day’s testing and the premature end of the broadcasting deal with Channel 4.  Not to mention some shock driver moves.

The first race of Season 10 is due to take place at Mexico City on January 13th 2024 and between now and then, we’ll get the card ready for the 2024 races.  See you then!

As the 2024 season goes on, we’ll keep a running tally of what’s been checked off so far, so if you want to play the season version of the card you can still start if it’s a few races in. Here’s a sneak preview of what we can expect to see in season 10.

Round 1 – Mexico City, 13th January

In 2023 this race had three safety cars and several cars had mechanical issues.  It was also remarkable for not one but two rookies reaching the duels stage of qualifying.  Altitude at this track can affect car aerodynamics.

Rounds 2 & 3 – Diriyah, 26th & 27th January

This double header is an opportunity for a driver or team to establish early dominance.

Round 4 – Hyderabad, 10th February

Remarkable last year for the collision between Jaguar teammates and Sacha Fenestraz vs a rat during qualy.  This year, it’s someone’s home race – the rookie Jehan Daruvala.  Will he score points?

Round 5 – São Paulo, 16th March

Home race for Lucas Di Grassi and Sergio Sette Câmara. Will it be as exciting in 2024 as the inaugural race was in 2023?

Round 6 – Tokyo, 30th March

A new venue! It’s an 18 turn, 2.582 km street circuit around the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre.

Rounds 7 & 8 – Italy, 13th & 14th April

The Rome circuit that has been used for the last few years was considered to be too dangerous for Gen 3 cars following last year’s almighty mess of a multiple car pile-up, so this year the Italian races will take place at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli (which is best known as a motorcycle track).

Round 9 – Monaco, 27th April

Probably the most exciting single seater car race you’ll ever see round the iconic street circuit – Formula 1 eat your heart out!

Rounds 10 & 11 – Berlin, 11th & 12th May

Home race for Pascal Wehrlein and Maximilian Günther.  Remarkable last year due to no-one wanting to be in the lead because of energy usage.

Rounds 12 & 13 – Shanghai, 25th & 26th May

Another new venue, but not a new circuit.  The Shanghai International Circuit is a Herman Tilke designed track that was opened for Formula One in 2004.

Rounds 14 & 15- Portland, 29th & 30th June

The race at the Portland International Raceway was remarkable last year for the truly ridiculous number of overtakes – 403 to be precise.  That’s more than one overtake every 10 seconds on average – no wonder it was hard for viewers to keep track of what was going on!  This year, Portland hosts a double header.

Rounds 16 & 17 – London, 20th & 21st July

Season finale and home race for Jake Dennis, Sam Bird, Jake Hughes, Oliver Rowland and Dan Ticktum.  The only race circuit that is part indoor and part outdoor, which is especially interesting when it rains (as it often does in London).


Formula E Bingo – How To Play

Our Formula E bingo cards can be played alone or with friends, over one race weekend or over the whole season.  Here’s how to use them:

  1. Choose your card size – click in the Grid Size box to see the choices or stick with the default 4×4.  We suggest 3×3 for a single race, 4×4 for a double header race weekend and 5×5 for the whole season
  2. Add any extra items you like in the box where it says “Enter words/emojis” and remove any you don’t want
  3. Press “Generate Bingo Card
  4. You’ll see an example, playable card (click on the squares to make them change colour)
  5. EITHER choose a number of cards to print (from the drop down or enter a number in the “custom number” box).  The cards will all contain a different arrangement of items in the grid. Then press “Generate Printable Cards”.
  6. OR invite your friends by entering their email addresses in the box and pressing Invite – you’ll each receive a different card.
  7. Watch the race (or races) together – either in the same room or via a watchalong – and daub the items off as they happen, online or on printed cards.  The winner is the first to daub them all, or the player who has daubed the most by the end of the session.
  8. Have fun!