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Darts Bingo

Use our free tool to generate and print out darts bingo cards. Ideal for watch parties! The first person to mark off most or all of the items wins!

Customise Your Card

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Darts Bingo
Darts Bingo
First 180
Double Ten Finish
100 Plus Checkout
7 – 0 Whitewash
Player Miscounts
Camera Misses Double Attempt
Footballer in Crowd
Double Top Finish
Arm Tattoos
Gary Anderson Annoyed by Opponent
Three Dart Checkout
Leg Won on D1
“Freed From Desire” Chant
Three Darts Missed at a Double
95 Plus Average
Gerwyn Price Booed

Professional Darts Bingo

Darts have come quite a long way since the beer-swilling days of yore that saw greats such as Eric Bristow lock horns with the likes of John Lowe, Jockey Wilson and Bobby George. Thanks the deep pockets of a certain televisual company, the ‘sport’ survived a potentially disastrous organisational split in the 1990s to become enormously successful, especially in the UK.

How to Play Darts Bingo

By way of celebration, we’ve created Darts bingo cards which are primarily aimed at Premier League matches. Instead of numbers they contain common occurrences and events that will likely play out during a match. The first person to mark off all or most of the items wins!