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Indycar Bingo

Our printable, customisable Indycar bingo cards are designed for use over the whole 2024 season.  Add any extra items you'd like to the card where it says "Enter words/emojis or numbers" then hit Generate Bingo Cards.  You can choose to have the cards sent by email but for season-long play we recommend printing them out.

Customise Your Card

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Indycar Bingo
INDYCAR Series Bingo 2024
Malukas win
Pit road entry mishap
Mechanical failure while running in podium position
Fence climb
Emergency refueling
Crash during lapping attempt
Car at less than half distance at chequered flag
Rookie winner
Newgarden win
Last lap mechanical failure
Race goes under caution during ad break
Back to back poles
Veekay podium
Any team front row lockout
Rookie in Firestone Fast Six
Driver replaced mid season

What Is NTT Indycar?

The NTT Indycar series is North America’s premier single seater motorsport series.  There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of the Indy 500 (Indianapolis 500) that is its focal event, forming part of motorsport’s legendary Triple Crown along with the Monaco Grand Prix and Le Mans.

The 108th running of the Indy 500 takes place on 26th May 2024 but the season kicks off long before then with the Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg on 8th-10th March. For the puzzled, “St Pete” is NOT the one in Russia – it’s on an island off the coast of Florida, which is far enough south for a race to be run in that early in the season without serious concerns about the weather.  There’s then 6 week gap before the races in California and Alabama feature in the run up to the month of May.  In 2024 that gap will be at least partially filled by the Thermal $1 Million Challenge, a special non championship event to be run at the Thermal Club in Southern California.

One of the most interesting things about Indycar is that it is run on ovals as well as on road circuits.  Ovals require a very different set-up and it’s not unusual for drivers to concentrate on one type of track and the team run a different driver at the other.  In 2021, for instance, Romain Grosjean started off not racing the ovals as his experience (Formula One) was much more relevant to road circuits.

The 2024 season promises to be one of the most exciting yet, with a wealth of fresh talent on the grid and lots of returning drivers in title contention.

How To Play Indycar Bingo

  1. Tap to start
  2. Add any extra things you’d like to appear as scorable items on your bingo cards to the list and change the grid size to 3×3 or 5×5 if you like (you’ll need to add more items for 5×5 to make the cards sufficiently different to each other)
  3. Generate Bingo Cards
  4. Use the controls to choose the number of cards you’d like to print and the number per page then Generate Printable Cards
  5. You’ll be taken to a page containing your set of bingo cards (which will all be different to each other).  Print them out or if you’re not ready to print, bookmark the page to come back to later
  6. Each person gets one card.  Mark the things off as they happen over the course of the season.  First to mark off all their squares wins!
  7. If no-one has marked off all of their squares by the end of the season, the player who marked off the most wins!
  8. Enjoy the bingo and the racing!


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