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Women’s World Cup Bingo

Use our free tool to generate and print out Women's World Cup 2023 bingo cards. Then mark off the in-game events, platitudes and cliches as they occur. Great for watch parties!

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Women’s World Cup Bingo
Card Title
Anyone: “The Lionesses”
All Female TV Panel
Own Goal
Anyone: “Grass Roots Level”
Red Card
Pitch Invader
Missed Penalty
Milly Clegg Scores
Anyone: “Empower Young Girls...”
Alessia Russo Scores
Anyone: “The Men’s Game”
Player: “Taking it One Game at a Time”
Anyone: “There Are No Easy Games”
Goal in Last Ten Minutes
Penalty Scored
Anyone: “Write Them Off at Your Peril”

Women’s World Cup Bingo Cards

The Women’s World Cup 2023 is underway as 32 teams from 6 confederatons across the globe vie to become the best women’s team on the planet. The current holders are the United State who won their fourth title back in 2021.

Depsite being favourites for the competition, the US are going to have their work cut out for them if they want to successfully defend their title. Spain, France and Germany are all strong as are England.

The lionesses are second favourites having won the Euros last year. They’ll also need to keep an eye out or Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands who all boast strong teams.

Women’s World Cup Bingo

To help you get even more out of what promises to be a highly-entertaning tournament, we’ve created Women’s World Cup bingo cards. Instead of numbers, they include in-game events and sayings that will likely play out during any broadcase, be it a Lionesses game or any other for that matter.

How to Play Women’s World Cup Bingo

All you’ve got to do is mark off the items as they occur. The first person to mark off all or most of the items wins!