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New Year Bingo

Use our free tool to generate and print out New Year Bingo cards. Play on your own (not recommended) or with family and friends. The first person to mark off all or most of the items is the winner!

Customise Your Card

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New Year Bingo
New Year Bingo
Big Ben Chimes
“What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?”
Singing of Auld Lang Syne
Anyone: “I Can’t Believe it’s 2024”
TV Coverage of City Revellers
Social Media Post: “I’m Done With 2023”
“Here’s to a Fantastic 2024”
Fireworks on TV
Pretending to KnowWords to Auld Lang Syne
New Years Eve Snog
Outside TV Broadcast
Discarded Paper Hat
"The Year Has Gone So Quickly"
Someone’s New Year’s Resolution: Get Fit
“I Hate New Year”
TV Coverage: “New Year Brings People Together”

New Year Bingo

New Year – you either love it or don’t. For a lot of people, the annual calendar reset is a really big deal. Some view New Year has a renewal, a rebirth – a tantalising promise of things to come. Others use the celebration as an excuse for a p**-up.

How to Play New Year Bingo

Then you’ve got people who like to stay with family and put the telly on the background. And to be perfectly honest, our New Year bingo card is aimed squarely at these sensible souls. Our New Year bingo cards contain sayings, occurrences and happenings that can only play out during New Year’s Eve. Like really bingo, all you’ve got to do is mark these items off as they occur.

The person who marks all or the most off wins!

Create New Year Bingo Cards

To create New Year bingo cards, all you’ve got to do is decide on the terms you’d like to use. You can either settle for ours or come up with your own – maybe there’s some family in-jokes you’d like to add! Once happy, click Generate Cards. You’ll then be presented with another screen requiring you to enter the amount of New Year bingo cards you’d like to print. You can also invite friends by email. When you’re ready, click Generate Printable Cards.

If you’re looking for festive bingo cards before the holiday season begins, be sure to check out our Christmas bingo cards too!