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Extreme E 2023 Season

Sustainable. Off-Road. Electric. Mayhem.  What's not to like about Extreme E? Generate and print a set of free Extreme E bingo cards to play with your friends over an X Prix, a double header race weekend and/or over the whole 2023 season!

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Extreme E 2023 Season
Extreme E 2023 Season Bingo
Substitute driver
Formula 1 mentioned
Winning team mud/ water/ whatever fight
Race date or venue change
Group litter pick
McLaren in final
Switch zone position gain
Mechanical failure
Switch zone penalty
Mishap with seat insert
Bodywork debris on track
Photo op with local fauna
Driver/team commentary mixup
Driver goes wrong way
Poor visibility

What is Extreme E?

Extreme E is an international motorsport series that was first run in 2021.  The E stands for Electric.  Each team has two drivers, one male and one female, and all compete in Odyssey 21 electric SUVs. They race in extreme environments – sand, ice, mud – around the world.

The purpose of Extreme E is to highlight endangered remote environments and fight climate change by

  1. Promoting greater environmental responsibility
  2. Reducing the overall climate impact from sports
  3. Using its platform to educate for climate action
  4. Promoting sustainable and responsible consumption
  5. Advocating for climate action through its communications

Extreme E’s own carbon footprint is being kept low by drastically restricting the numbers of attendees at races (small teams, no spectators) and transporting all freight and infrastructure, including the vehicles, on the St Helena ship instead of by air (resulting in quite long gaps between races).  The St Helena also carries out scientific missions and Extreme E’s Legacy Programme supports environmental projects in each race location.

Fans can take part in the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge and pledge to take practical steps to reduce their own carbon footprint.

In 2024, a second championship series Extreme H will be launched to run alongside Extreme E.  The Extreme H car will have the same chassis and powertrain as the Extreme E car but will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a battery.

Extreme E 2023 Teams and Drivers

  • ABT CUPRA XENasser Al-Attiyah  Sébastian Loeb & Klara Andersson
  • ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team –Mattias Ekström & Laia Sanz
  • Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E – Timmy Hansen & Catie Munnings
  • Carl Cox Motorsport – Timo Scheider & Christine GZ Lia Block
  • JBXEHeikki Kovalainen Andreas Bakkerud & Hedda Hosås
  • Neom McLaren Extreme E – Tanner Foust & Emma Gilmour
  • No 99 GMC Hummer EV Chip Ganassi Racing – RJ Anderson & Amanda Sorenson
  • Rosberg X Racing – Johan Kristoffersson & Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky
  • Veloce Racing – Kevin Hansen & Molly Taylor
  • X44 Vida Carbon Racing – Fraser McConnell & Cristina Gutiérrez

Extreme E also has two Championship Drivers who attend all races in an advisory and testing role and function as reserve drivers for all teams in case anyone is unable to compete.  This year they are Andreas Bakkerud and Tamara Molinaro.  Andreas Bakkerud joined JBXE full time with effect from the Hydro X-Prix, and has been replaced by Tommi Hallman (Hydro X-Prix) and Patrick O’Donovan (Island X-Prix).  Tamara Molinaro subbed for Emma Gilmour in round 7.

There are several driver changes for the Copper X-Prix!  Hedda Hosås is switching to Neom McLaren, replacing Emma Gilmour who is still recovering from injuries sustained in Sardinia, and will be replaced at JBXE for rounds 9 and 10 by Tamara Molinaro. Christine GZ fills in as Championship Driver.  Meanwhile Adrien Tambay debuts for ABT CUPRA XE.


Extreme E 2023 Calendar

This year’s calendar consists of ten races arranged as 5 double headers.  Tweaks have been made to the weekend format to make the racing more exciting.  Both qualifying sessions will consist of two 5 car heats and the race will now consist of the 5 car Grand Final Race and a second 5 car race, the Redemption Race.

  • Desert XPrix – 11th & 12th March 2023 – NEOM, Saudi Arabia
  • Hydro XPrix – 13th & 14th May 2023 – Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
  • Island XPrix – 8th & 9th July 2023 – Sardinia
  • “TBC” XPrix – 16th & 17th September 2023 – Somewhere in the Amazon or USA (if the latitude and longitude on the Extreme E site are correct it’s in Montana)   er, no, it’s back to Sardinia again!
  • Copper XPrix – 2nd & 3rd December 2023 – Antofagasta, Chile


How To Play Extreme E Bingo

Extreme E Bingo can be played over one XPrix, over a double header weekend or over the entire season, alone or with friends. The card you see on this page is just a sample – here’s how to generate your own unique cards.

  1. Select your card size – if you don’t want the default 4×4 you can change to 3×3 or 5×5 using the dropdown menu in the Grid Size box.  We suggest using a smaller size for playing over a race weekend and alarger size for playing over the entire season.
  2. Add any extra items you’d like to appear on your cards in the box where it says “Enter words/emojis”
  3. Press “Generate Bingo Cards
  4. You’ll see an example, playable card (touch or click on an item to make the square change colour)
  5. If you want printable cards, choose a number of cards to print (from the drop down or enter a number in the “custom number” box).  Then press “Generate Printable Cards” to produce a set of cards which will all be different from each other.
  6. If you don’t have a printer you can invite your friends by entering their email addresses in the box and pressing Invite – you’ll each receive a link to a different card which can be printed or played online.
  7. We recommend printed cards for Extreme E bingo, as a race weekend consists of several sessions.
  8. Watch the races together – either in the same room or via a watch party – and daub the items off as they happen, online or on printed cards.  The winner is the first to daub them all, or the player who has daubed the most by the end of the weekend or season.
  9. Enjoy!
Last updated: November 29, 2023
Sue Dawson
Head of Content

Sue Dawson has been writing about (and playing) online bingo and slots since 2013, putting her unique spin on everything.  She has written pieces for iGaming industry news sites, appeared on panels at industry events and on podcasts, helped to judge industry awards and is a member of industry think tank Ampersand Plus.