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Wimbledon Bingo

Use our free tool to generate printable Wimbledon bingo cards. Use our terms or come up with your own. Then print them out and play with friends! Anyone for tennis bingo?

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Wimbledon Bingo
Wimbledon Bingo
Strawberries and Cream Mentioned
Rain Delay
“No Play on the Outside Courts”
Reference to Borg/McEnroe Tiebreaker
Forehand Winner
Aerial View of Centre Court
“Let’s Take a Trip Down Memory Lane”
Pundit: “The Women’s Game”
Post-Match Autographs
Rain Break
“The Stage Awaits”
Segment on Ground-Keeping
Celebrity Spectator
Overhead Smash
Ball Boy Drops Ball
Player Rejects Ball from Ball Boy

Wimbledon Bingo Cards

If you fancy tuning into watch the tennis, we recommend you try our Wimbledon bingo cards. They’re packed with clichés and match events that are likely to occur during the tournament. The cards can be used for any match – just mark off the items as they occur. The first person to mark the most or all items off wins!

Dale Shelabarger
Freelance Contributor