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Gladiators 2024

Use our free tool to generate and print out Gladiators Bingo Cards for the 2024 series. 

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Gladiators 2024
Gladiators 2023
Banter between Bradley Barney
Bradley makes quip
Bradley disses Bradley
“Well done”
“Bad luck”
Shot of contestant’s family
Sweeping camera shot of crowd
Bradley Says “Mate”
Contestant beats Gladiator
“The eliminators”
Nitro Beats Contestant
Diamond Beats Contestant
Gladiator Applauds Contestant
Gladiator gets ‘angry’
Giant Loses
Comet Loses

Gladiators Bingo 2024

Gladiators is back! The classic ITV show is back on our screens from 13th January 2024, this time courtesy of the BBC. Hosted by Bradley Walsh, the new series follows a very similar format to the original Saturday teatime staple. Put simply, four contestants, two male, two female, take on a gaggle of gladiators in a series of physical and athletic tasks.

How to Play Gladiators Bingo

To help you glean even more enjoyment out of the new series, we’ve put together Gladiator bingo cards. They contain events and occurrences that will likely play out during any given episode. The first person to mark off all or most items is the winner!

Gladiator Contestants 2024

Here’s the roster of gladiators for the 2024 series.


Athena – Karenjeet Kaur Bains

Comet – Ella-Mae Rayner

Diamond – Livi Sheldon

Dynamite – Emily Steel

Electro – Jade Packer

Fire – Montell Douglas

Fury – Jodie Ounsley

Sabre – Sheli McCoy


Apollo – Alex Gray

Bionic – Matty Campbell

Giant – Jamie Christian Johal

Legend  – Matt Morsia

Nitro – Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

Phantom – Toby Olubi

Steel – Zack George

Viper -Quang Luong