Velvet Bingo

Velvet Bingo

Velvet Bingo Review

  • Sue Dawson

  • Last update: 1st February 2019

Rating: 3

Velvet Bingo is a retro styled Cozy powered bingo site operated by 8 Ball on the Live Bingo Network.    It has an exclusive bingo room (only open for a couple of hours a week) with a prize draw (but you have to deposit that week to get entries).

4 thoughts on “Velvet Bingo

  1. very amature site, leave rooms open even if there is only you playing, which means if you are playing with your free tickets you in effect lose them or win 0.01 … think other site close a room or wait until there are a certain amount of players. joke

  2. this is worst site i ave been on 4 bingo as i won last week and they refused 2 pay me out coz they were aveing problems but they took my money and allowed me 2 play 4 3hours not making sense this is bad dont join

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