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Wagering Requirements Explained

  • Sue Dawson

  • Last update: 6th August 2018

Rating: 4.2

It’s all too easy for the novice online bingo player to fall foul of wagering requirements which determine when and whether winnings can be cashed out.


  1. What is a wagering requirement?
  2. Example of a wagering requirement
  3. Why do bingo sites have a wagering requirement?
  4. How can I find out what the wagering requirement is?
  5. Two different types of wagering requirement
  6. Is there any way round it?
  7. The evolution of wagering requirements
  8. Network/software overview


What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement is a minimum spend condition imposed by an online bingo site when they offer a bonus of any kind. The minimum spend is generally some multiple of the bonus, or of the bonus plus any associated deposit, and it usually has to be on bingo tickets only, with anything spent on other games on the site not counted or else contributing at a much lower rate (for instance, back when Gamesys bingo sites had wagering requirements slots play counted, but only at 10%). Casino and slot sites also have wagering requirements for the bonuses they offer and these tend to be much larger than those on bingo sites.

Examples of wagering requirements

4 x bonus is a common wagering requirement for bingo bonus. Suppose you deposited £10 and received 300% bonus giving you £40 to play with initially. A 4x wagering requirement on this would work out at £30 x 4 = £120. You would need to spend £120 on bingo tickets (taken from the original deposit and bonus plus £80 worth of winnings) to clear this wagering requirement (although most sites will treat it as cleared if your account balance reaches zero in the meantime).
Some wagering requirements include the original deposit in the multiple. If the wagering requirement in the above example were 4 x (deposit + bonus) instead of a straightforward 4 x bonus, the required spend to clear it would be 4 x (£10 + £30) = £160. The less generous the bonus is, the more of an adverse effect the inclusion of the deposit in the calculation has. In the case of a 50% reload bonus, for example, including the deposit in the wagering requirement TRIPLES the amount of play required to complete it!
Deposit £10, receive £5 bonus. 4 x bonus = 4 x £5 = £20. 4 x (deposit + bonus) = 4 x £15 = £60.

In general, the sites that offer the best introductory bonuses also tend to have the highest wagering requirements and when those sites offer reload bonuses carrying a further wagering requirement, it can take a very long time indeed to clear (sometimes years).  You might not mind that, of course, if your main motivation for playing bingo is to have fun and socialise.

Why do bingo sites have a wagering requirement?

There are a few reasons for such requirements. Firstly, the bingo site has to comply with anti money laundering regulations, and this means no putting money in and taking it straight out again – at least one playthrough of the deposit is required. Secondly, the bingo site would like to ensure, in return for the bonus it gives you to play with, that you keep on playing at the site for a while (which helps to make the bingo rooms busy and lively and therefore attractive to players in general). Thirdly, without a wagering requirement there would be nothing to prevent a player from repeatedly taking money out and then immediately depositing it again to stack up multiple deposit bonuses.

How can I find out what the wagering requirement is?

The Gambling Commission licence conditions and codes of practice require the wagering requirement (and any other important terms and conditions) to be specified when the bonus is advertised/offered. Once upon a time this all used to be buried in the small print but following the crackdowns on gambling advertising that have been happening periodically since the end of 2015, bingo sites have to be much more careful about spelling it out. We also include the wagering requirements in our bingo reviews so you can see how the different sites compare.

Two different types of wagering requirement

  1. A wagering requirement that must be met before you can make any withdrawal whatsoever (or all winnings from bonus wagering will be forfeited as well as the bonus itself).
  2. A wagering requirement that need not be met before you make a withdrawal, but will result in any remaining bonus being forfeited should you make a withdrawal without meeting it.

Dragonfish network sites, for instance, used to operate with type 2, but as of September 2015 it was changed to be effectively type 1 and these days it is rare to find any bingo site with a type 2 wagering requirement. Worse still, many bingo sites – including all Jumpman bingo sites – cap the amount that can be withdrawn from bonus winnings even if you have completed all wagering requirements.

Is there any way round it?

Many sites will allow you to opt out of the bonus offer altogether to avoid wagering requirements (although they will then still require you to play through your deposit once to comply with money laundering regulations). And these days, not all bingo sites still have traditional wagering requirements (see next section).

The evolution of wagering requirements

In September 2013, the UK Gambling Commission published a consultation document regarding proposed changes to gambling conditions and codes of practice in connection with the new gambling legislation that became law in October 2014. The marketing of bonus offers and free bets was identified as an area of concern “particularly in relation to potentially misleading or unfair terms and conditions”, and a multi-agency review was planned. The Advertising Standards Authority has been receiving an increasing number of complaints about bonus offers and free bets, and of the 58 cases investigated between 2008 and 2013, 53 resulted in some kind of enforcement action. The ASA has been taking action regarding advertising on companies’ own web sites and via email and social media, as well as TV advertising and posters and once the Gambling Commission got involved as well it was the death knell for excessive wagering requirements buried in the small print.

Some of the big name sites on the Virtue Fusion network reacted to the original consultation document by doing away with wagering requirements as such. Instead, they offered a welcome bonus that was not released until the player had deposited and spent at least £10. The bonus could only be spent on bingo cards – but after that, there were no restrictions. Ladbrokes at one point went one better still, and offered this arrangement 5 times in 5 different bingo rooms!

Where Virtue Fusion led, others followed. In January 2014 the 15 Network did away with the traditional wagering requirement they had previously imposed; anyone who had previously wagered a total of £30 real cash (from deposit and/or winnings) could withdraw from any of those sites any time that they have sufficient cash in their account to make the minimum £30 withdrawal, but making a withdrawal resulted in the loss of any unused bonus or loyalty points. This arrangement remained in force throughout 2015 and much of 2016 but at some stage the total playthrough requirement was quietly upped to £100 and the latest news from this particular network is a return to the regular sort of wagering requirements (to coincide with the introduction of slots bonuses).

We thought that other sites and networks might move to this type of arrangement, with a minimum amount that must be deposited and played in order to comply with anti-money laundering rules, and loyalty points and bonuses being used as an incentive for the player NOT to take any money out after that, but in fact much the reverse has happened. The Virtue Fusion sites discussed above continue to require the initial deposit to be spent before releasing their welcome bonus but now they almost all have a wagering requirement as well. This is partly to do with bingo sites feeling the pinch after the introduction of the POC tax and not having so much free money to give away any more, and partly to do with the increase in popularity of slots bonuses. Whatever happened with the wagering requirements for bingo bonuses, the wagering requirements for slots bonuses were never going to go away; the RTP on slots is so high that it would be financially ruinous for the bingo sites and casinos to drop them. What does seem to be a growing trend is the offer of free slots spins rather than a slots bonus. With free spins, it is generally the WINNINGS from the free spins that carry the wagering requirement – so if you don’t win anything from the free spins, you haven’t handed yourself a wagering requirement that must be filled before you can cash in your bingo winnings.

The latest development in the saga came in October 2016 when the UK Competition and Markets Authority launched an investigation into online gambling.  In particular, they were interested in “concerns raised by the Gambling Commission about potential breaches of consumer law, including misleading promotions and unfair terms, being used by firms to block players’ payouts”.  The end result of this was a new set of rules that came into effect in spring 2018.  Basically, the new rules say that wagering requirements must not prevent players withdrawing their cash balance.  This is not as helpful to players as one might imagine as most sites have responded by stipulating that bonus does not start to be played, or the wagering requirement started on, until the player runs out of cash (and if they withdraw the cash, the bonus disappears).

Network/Software overview

Here’s what to expect at the various different bingo networks and platforms regarding wagering requirements (last updated spring 2018):

Virtue Fusion / Playtech

Virtue Fusion wagering requirements are set by the individual operators and vary from a single playthrough to comply with anti money laundering legislation (usually combined with a requirement to spend all of the cash deposit before the bonus can be released in the first place) to as high as 6x for bingo. Virtue Fusion slots bonuses are kept separate from bingo bonuses and wagering requirements vary wildly from 1x in the case of a few special promotions up to a massive 50x . At many (but not all) Virtue Fusion bingo sites wagers are taken from the cash balance first and bonus will only be used if you have no cash left. Another variable at Virtue Fusion sites is restrictions on bonus usage with some rooms being made cash only.  If you like the Virtue Fusion bingo software and hate wagering requirements the obvious solution is to play at BGO which has an innovative welcome offer with no wagering requirements or Sky Bingo where the wagering requirements are low and bonus is always used before cash.


Microgaming bingo sites have a wagering requirement of 30 – 50 x bonus on casino (slots) bonuses. The wagering requirement on bingo bonus (BBz) varies from 3x to 5x and most sites have further restrictions – at the Betway sites, for instance, there was a complicated arrangement whereby bingo winnings could end up being paid as casino bonus if there was an incomplete casino bonus wagering requirement, and at Butlers Bingo there was a proviso about spending at least half of your most recent deposit on bingo tickets in order to withdraw winnings. These further restrictions seem to change quite often, so it is essential to read the small print.  The latest development is that Broadway sites such as Butler’s Bingo no longer have any wagering requirements on bingo bonus, but all their offers include slot spins which do have a wagering requirement.  BBz also typically have a short expiry and will only be used if there is no cash in your account.

Dragonfish/ Cassava / 888

The standard Dragonfish wagering requirement is 4 x bingo bonus and an extremely unattractive 99 x instant games bonus. If the bonus is deposit related the multiple stays the same for bingo bonus – 4 x (deposit + bonus) but drops slightly for instant games bonus to 80 x (deposit + bonus). Free spins winnings are treated as instant games bonus. Historically at Dragonfish all that happened if you withdrew before meeting the wagering requirement on a bingo bonus was that you lost any remaining bonus (although you did have to have made a minimum deposit, typically £20 or £30, before any withdrawals were allowed). This has now been changed at all the sites on the main Dragonfish network so that if you withdraw without completing the wagering, you lose all your winnings from bonus wagering as well as any remaining bonus. On the plus side, Dragonfish bonuses are usually valid indefinitely (as long as the player logs in regularly to keep the account active) so at least there is no time pressure to complete the wagering.

This change was rolled out across the rest of the Dragonfish /Cassava / 888 sites during late 2015 and 2016, and Dragonfish /Cassava / 888 sites have an additional restriction on slots bonuses and free spins, capping the amount of winnings that can be cashed out even after completing the wagering requirement at £400 plus the value of the original bonus (apart from in the case of a progressive jackpot win).  Again, on the plus side, most sites – including the ones that actually offer a slots bonus – have departed from the outrageous 99x slots wagering requirement, dropping it to somewhere between 30x and 50x.

In early 2017 Dragonfish tried something new – the Real Bingo Network.  The first, experimental site on this network was Blighty Bingo and after numerous tweaks to the welcome offer, other sites started to appear on the network in Summer 2017.  The Real Bingo Network does not offer any bingo bonuses as such; instead it gives out free bingo tickets to specific games and free slots spins, with no wagering requirements on the winnings.  The only restriction on taking money out is the minimum withdrawal (initially this was rather high at £35 but now it is just £5).  The jury is still out on whether players will get used to and ultimately prefer this rather radical solution to the problem of wagering requirements – it certainly generated plenty of complaints to start with when players were expecting a bonus and didn’t get one!


For years Cozy bingo sites had a standard wagering requirement of 4 x (deposit + bonus) or 8 x bonus on bingo and 10 x (deposit + bonus) or 20 x bonus on slots. This has now been changed to make the two types of bonus separate from each other with a 4 x wagering requirement for bingo bonus and 40 x wagering requirement for slot bonus (the deposit is no longer included in the calculation). This has to be filled for any withdrawals of winnings to be allowed and even then if you withdraw, you lose anything remaining from the original bonus. The rules for an initial no deposit bonus and/or newbie room winnings are different, though, and winnings from these can never be cashed out; when a player makes their first deposit previous winnings can only be carried forward as a type of bonus (currently bingo bonus) to the value of the deposit up to a maximum of £20, with the standard wagering requirement.

Daub Alderney

The standard bingo wagering requirement is 4x at the main Daub Alderney sites (such as Kitty Bingo) but with the odd proviso that bingo games count at 150% on the welcome bonus and the further odd proviso that free spins winnings from the welcome offer are treated as bingo bonus, not slots bonus.  The Daub sites also offer slots bonuses and these have a wagering requirement of 20x or 25x.

The wagering requirement at the Leapfrog powered sites (such as King Jackpot) used to be 3 x (deposit +bonus) on bingo and 10x on slots coupled with various restrictive rules connected with bonuses; as of spring 2018 they have removed their wagering requirements but replaced them with something even worse – an extremely bad conversion rate from bonus into cash (e.g. £50 of bonus can be redeemed for a risible £1 cash).


The Wheel of Slots has a 40 x wagering requirement on winnings from free spins. 15 Network had no wagering requirements as such but there was a one-off requirement to play through £100 real cash (from deposit and winnings) before any withdrawals were allowed at all, and even then all remaining bonus and loyalty points were forfeited when a withdrawal was made; this changed in autumn 2016 and now there is a standard wagering requirement of 4 x bonus for bingo and 40 x bonus for slots.   All Jumpman wagering requirements are recalculated whenever a fresh bonus (or free spins winnings) is added, so for example if a player has £2 bingo bonus in their account and makes a deposit that awards another £10 bingo bonus, their wagering requirement would be £48 rather than £40 (but this would supersede any remaining wagering requirement on the £2).  Jumpman also have a maximum convertible rule for bonuses.  This used to be £500, but in early 2018 it was quietly changed to £250 and the standard wagering requirement for slots was also changed to a massive 65 x bonus.  Jumpman sites no longer offer any form of bingo bonus, only slot spins.

Bede Gaming

Bede Gaming have a standard 4 x wagering requirement on bingo bonuses.  They also cap winnings by players who have never deposited at £20, and restrict bet size while there are outstanding wagering requirements.



Bingocams have a standard 4 x wagering requirement for most deposit bonuses (2 x on the welcome bonus) and 10 x for no deposit bonuses (on bingo only). Any remaining deposit bonus is lost when you withdraw.  Free spins winnings are paid in cash.


At Tombola, in order to withdraw without penalty you just need to leave at least as much cash as bonus money in your account.  The bonus money is only used to play with if you run out of cash funds.

At Maria and Bingo.com (Relax Gaming), the standard requirement is 35 x (with bingo stakes counting double) on a bonus and 15 x on winnings from free spins. Bonuses are also frequently given out as a bingo voucher (only to be spent in the bingo rooms) and these carry a wagering requirement of 4 x on bingo only.  Unibet Bingo (another relax site) has a bingo bonus welcome offer with a 2x wgaering requirement.

At mFortune (mobile bingo) the wagering requirement is just 1 x (deposit + bonus).

Gamesys got rid of all their wagering requirements in early 2018, replacing welcome bonus offers with slot spins and free bingo tickets with winnings paid in cash.

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