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Virtue Fusion 90 Ball Jackpot Giveaway

Sue Dawson

Rating: 4.1/5

We have some exciting news about the Virtue Fusion 90 ball network jackpot, which currently stands at over £52,000 and will drop if someone manages to win full house in 31 or fewer calls – split 50/50 between the winner and all other tickets .  For 31 calls, if you buy one ticket to one game in the network 90 ball room, your chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 152 million (worse than the single ticket chance of winning the EuroMillions).  Not much of a surprise then that it drops so rarely!

VF 90 Ball JP

Playtech are guaranteeing that this jackpot will be won before midnight on Saturday 29th September, by means of an escalator jackpot promotion starting at 4pm that day (and in the extremely unlikely event that it drops before then, the promotion will still run with the jackpot at its seed value of £10,000).

At 4pm on 29th, the ball count (i.e. the number of calls within which bingo must be won for the jackpot to drop) will be increased to 33 and it will then go up by 2 every hour, on the hour, until the jackpot has been won or the ball count reaches 47 at 11pm. If the jackpot still hasn’t been won by 11.45pm, the ball count will go to 90 ensuring that it drops in the next game.

When the ball count reaches 41 at 8pm, the single ticket chance of winning the jackpot becomes better than one in a million and here’s where it starts to get interesting.  The network 90 ball room typically has hundreds of players even when there is no special promotion going on, and on a Saturday night with an escalator jackpot in play it may well be thousands.  Depending on what the maximum ticket purchase for each game is and how many tickets each player actually buys, there could be enough tickets in play to make it start to look likely that someone will win – and this will certainly be the case if the jackpot lasts long enough for the ball count to go to 45 (at 10pm).  The single ticket chance of winning the jackpot at 45 calls is 1 in 132,792 – and with potentially thousands of players and 10 games to play over the following hour, it’s starting to look good to go.

If the jackpot is still to play for at 11pm and the ball count reaches 47, expect the room to go crazy with everyone scrambling to buy as many tickets as they can.   It certainly all makes for a particularly exciting Saturday evening’s bingo – especially for the lucky winner!

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