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Virtue Fusion £1 Million Escalator Jackpots

Sue Dawson

Rating: 4.5/5

The Virtue Fusion £1 million network promotion for Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018 reaches its climax this weekend.  The promotion, which has been running since 22nd December, consists of a pair of escalator jackpots every day in the network 90 ball bingo room and the Deal Or No Deal 90 bingo room.

In an escalator jackpot, the number of calls within which bingo must be called to win the room progressive jackpot is incremented over a period of time until the jackpot is won.  Essentially, it is a genuine giveaway but it is not possible to tell in advance exactly when it will happen – which makes for a huge amount of excitement and buzz in the bingo rooms.

These particular escalator jackpots work as follows:

  • The jackpots are seeded at £20,000 in the network 90 room and £10,000 in DOND 90 (with some exceptions, see below) at 28 calls.
  • At 6pm the escalator starts and the ball count (number of calls to bingo) is incremented by 3 per hour until 11pm when it reaches 46 calls (assuming it hasn’t dropped in the meantime).
  • At 11.30pm, if the jackpot has not dropped, the ball count jumps to 90 ensuring that it will drop in the next game to finish playing.
  • The jackpot is split 50/50 between the FH winner of the game in which it drops and all tickets held in that game.

Although the jackpots could conceivably drop during the day before the escalator even starts, it is extremely unlikely (1 in 1.2 billion chance per ticket per game).  The real excitement has been starting at 10pm when the ball count reaches 43.  The chance per ticket per game at that point is around 1 in 300,000 and with hundreds of players in each game (each of whom could have bought up to 36 tickets in 90 ball and 30-48 tickets in DOND) there is a significant possibility of the jackpot dropping in one of the 10 games between 10pm and 11pm – and indeed, it has happened at least once since the promotion started.

At 11pm, when the ball count goes to 46 calls, the rooms have been going crazy.  The chance per ticket per game is down to less than one in 100,000 and there are certainly thousands, maybe tens of thousands of tickets in play for each game (as everyone wants to have as many tickets as possible to the game in which the jackpot drops to get as big a share as possible), so the jackpot is quite likely to go (and so far it often has) in one of the 5 games before 11.30pm.  This makes for one of the most exciting half hours of bingo you’ll ever play.

This weekend, the excitement is bound to reach fever pitch as the seed amounts have been greatly increased.  Right now (Friday 29th), there’s £150,000 to be won in network 90 and £100,000 in DOND 90.  Tomorrow (Saturday 30th) the seed amounts are £100,000 in network 90 and £75,000 in DOND 90.  On New Year’s Eve, it’s £75,000 in network 90 and £50,000 in DOND 90.  Further enhanced jackpots of £100,000 and £50,000 respectively round the promotion off on 5th January.

All Virtue Fusion / Playtech bingo sites are running this promotion and there is plenty of scope to combine it with another promotion – such as the Cash Drop prize draw at Betfred Bingo, the Geese prize draw that is part of the 12 Days of Christmas promo at Sun Bingo, the DOND 90 10% stakeback offer at Paddy Power or the daily Meccarena bonus at Mecca Bingo (deposit & play £10 to receive a £5 bingo bonus).

Happy bingo-ing, and Happy New Year from Best New Bingo Sites!

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