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Dance the Meccarena at Mecca Bingo

Sue Dawson

Rating: 3.8/5

Mecca Bingo‘s new TV ad went live on Boxing Day, with an absolute cracker of a promotion to go with it.

The ad itself features a Mecca Bingo player who gets so excited when her ticket reaches 1TG that she leaps to her feet (along with her pet poodle) and breaks into a dance routine – the Meccarena (we surely don’t need to point out that it is based on that old cheesy favourite, the Macarena).  The rest of the ad sees the song and dance routine continue in a hair salon, outside Buckingham Palace, in a shopping centre and on a Scottish moor, each time with a very entertaining supporting cast.  If you’ve managed not to see it on TV yet, this fun ad can be viewed on YouTube.

Never mind the ad you say, where’s the promotion?  It’s deposit & play £10 on bingo, get £5 bingo bonus – which sounds nice but not worth making a huge fuss about, until you realise that the offer can be claimed not just once, but once a day until the end of January (a potential 38 times in all)

The only snag is that each £5 bingo bonus has a short expiry time of 48 hours; this could present a problem at the majority of bingo sites as due to the spend order, a player would first need to spend all the cash in their account in order to use the bonus before it expired.  This doesn’t happen at Mecca, because the spend order has the bingo bonus used before the cash, so players can spend their bonus without it affecting their cash balance.  The bonus has a modest 2x wagering requirement and can be claimed by new and existing players alike.

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