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Buzz Bingo Birthday Promotions

Sue Dawson

Rating: 4.8/5

Buzz Bingo turns one year old at the end of this month, and to celebrate they have come up with some particularly great promotions! Buzz Bingo Birthday Promotion

  • Buzz Bingo Birthday Giveaway
  • £10K Weekly Birthday Draw
  • £100K Cash Climber Jackpot
  • Chat Stars £10K Bash
  • Mega Bingo Millions £10 Million Draw

Buzz Bingo Birthday Giveaway

This guranteed-win free game can be played once a day throughout September by anyone with an account at Buzz. Prizes include bingo bonus, free spins for the new Age of the Gods slot, club discount vouchers, free bingo and cash, with a top prize of £100 for one player per day.

£10K Weekly Birthday Draw

In this very simple promotion, players get one entry into the week’s draw for every £10 deposited during the week (Monday – Sunday).  Each draw has 235 cash prizes of £10 – £1000, worth £10K in all.  Once you’ve made the deposits, of course, they can be used for entry to other bingo or slot promotions such as the Slot of the Week.

£100K Cash Climber Jackpot

This escalator jackpot promotion runs in the exclusive Value Room.  Currently the magic number is 34 calls and it goes up to 35 on 16th September and 36 on 23rd September.  The real excitement begins at 4pm UK time on Sunday 29th September (if the jackpot hasn’t already been won).  The ball count goes up to 39 and on the hour, every hour after that, it goes up another three.  If it hasn’t been won by 23.55 (and it almost certainly will have been won earlier in the evening, because the ball count will have reached 63 if it hasn’t), it will drop in the 23.55 game – £50K to the full house winner (or winners) and £50K split between all tickets held for the game.

Chat Stars £10K Birthday Bash

This is a chat promotion, in the course of which £10,000 of bonuses will be awarded as prizes.  There’s six different types of quiz game (timetables on site) with prizes from £1 bonus to £50 cash, and everyone who participates in any of them will get an invitation to a £1000 free bingo room on 30th September with more quiz action.

Mega Bingo Millions £10 Million Draw

Prizes don’t get any bigger than this!  In this special one-off Bingo Millions 90 game which plays at 10.30pm on Saturday 28th September, a massive £10 million jackpot will be won if someone manages to complete full house in 30 calls or fewer.  There’s lots of other prizes too, ranging from £1 to £50,000.  All are awarded for completing lines or full house in a set number of calls, regardless of whether any other players have already done so.

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