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£500K Of Summer At Rosy Bingo

Sue Dawson

Rating: 4.6/5

£500K Of Summer is a series of promotions that is running over June, July and August 2018 at Rosy Bingo and other Microgaming bingo sites run by Broadway Gaming – Butlers Bingo, Glossy Bingo, Dotty Bingo and Bingo Diamond.

The Broadway sites used to be famous for their huge welcome bonuses but now they have decided to put their resources more into promotions and prizes for regular players (and very nice prizes they are too).

  1. Win a Car
  2. World Cup Leaderboard
  3. Win A BBQ
  4. Slots Leaderboards

Win A Car

The Win A Car promotion is running three times – once in June, once in July and once in August – with a different car to be won each time.  June’s prize is a brand new Volkswagen UP.  The Win A Car games play as part of the bingo schedule in the exclusive Broadway Room, mostly between 7pm and 8pm but some at other times. The car could be won in any of these 90 ball games (all of which also have regular prizes), but by far the mostly likely outcome is for it to be won some time during the final series of games between 7pm and 8pm on the last day of the month.

This is because Win A Car is an escalator jackpot promotion.  At the start of the month, to win the car a player would have to win full house in 40 or fewer calls and while this is possible, it is extremely unlikely (less than one in a million for each ticket).  The ball count goes up by one each week, reaching 44 on the last but one day of the month (improving the chance each ticket has of winning to around 1 in 200,000).  If the car hasn’t already been won, on the final day of the month the ball count goes up as follows – 45, 46, 48, 50, 52, 90 – meaning that the car is guaranteed to be won in the last game if not already gone and making for a nail-bitingly exciting hour of bingo.  All these games are available for prebuy with the number of calls required to win the car shown in the schedule.


World Cup Leaderboard

This leaderboard runs from 14th June until 15th July and takes place in 4 stages, with an ultimate prize of a round the world trip for 2 people worth £12,500.  To participate, players must first opt in; they then receive one leaderboard point for each £10 of cash play on any game.

  • Group Stages June 14th – June 24th – The top 500 players progress to the Quarter Finals and collect 10 bonus spins on Deco Diamonds.
  • Quarter Finals June 26th – July 1st – The top 200 players progress to the Semi Finals and collect a £5 casino bonus.
  • Semi Finals July 3rd – July 8th – The top 100 players progress to the Finals and collect a £10 bingo bonus.
  • Finals July 10th – July 15th –  Top of the leaderboard wins the round the world trip and 2nd – 50th win cash prizes.


Win a BBQ

Win a BBQ is another escalator jackpot promotion, running every Saturday evening in June in the Broadway room.  Each week, there is a gas BBQ worth £400 to be won.  The five games all take place between 8pm and 9pm; the first three games have a ticket price of 30p and ball counts of 52, 53 and 55 respectively. The next game has a 35p ticket price and a ball count of 58 and the final game has a £1 ticket price and a ball count of 90 to guarantee that the BBQ will be won if it didn’t already go in one of the earlier games.


Slots Leaderboards

A series of slots leaderboards, each with £5K worth of prizes, are also running under the £500K umbrella.  The next one of these is the Fortinium Leaderboard from 21st – 27th June.  There are 20 cash prizes (top prize £1000) and players score one point for each £10 of cash play on the Fortinium, Avalon and King Tusk slot games.

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