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£10 No Deposit Bonus at Playtech Bingo Sites

Sue Dawson

Rating: 3.7/5

Who wouldn’t love a £10 free bingo bonus? Several Playtech bingo sites have run versions of this promotion over the last few months, and even though there are quite a few strings attached it seems to be very popular with players. The way it works is this:

  • The promotion is open to both new and existing players.
  • The bonus is drip fed in £1 installments. The player receives the first £1 bonus immediately after opting in.
  • Further installments are awarded on login, once a day. Miss a day and you miss out on the bonus.
  • In some versions of the promotion this happens on specified dates and in others, it is the 9 working days following opt-in.
  • Each bonus has a 24 hour expiry – so use it or lose it.
  • Wagering requirements vary from site to site.

During September 2017, two Playtech bingo sites – Mecca Bingo and Sun Bingo – have this promotion and the Mecca Bingo version has the edge over the Sun Bingo version:

At Mecca Bingo, the bonus is on offer as part of the X Factor Returns promotion until 30th September and players receive the bonus at 6pm on the 9 working days following opt-in (with a reminder sent by text to ensure they don’t forget about it). The wagering requirement is 2x and the code is 10FREE.

At Sun Bingo, the bonus is available by noon on specific days only – 11th-15th and 18th-20th September. To receive it all, players need to opt in on or before the 11th; players who opt in later miss out on the bonuses that have already been released. The wagering requirement is 3x, the code is BONUS and although players do not need to make a deposit to claim the bonus, they do need to have made a deposit at some point (preventing new players from using this promotion to try Sun out without depositing).

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