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Goodbye Dragonfish Million Pound Sliding Jackpot Bingo Games

Sue Dawson

Rating: 4.5/5

For many years a signature promotion of the Dragonfish network has been a sliding jackpot bingo game on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings with a headline prize of a million pounds.  Wednesday’s game has a £1 ticket price, Friday’s a £1.50 ticket price and Saturday’s a 50p ticket price and in each case the baseline prize (which is what is won if bingo takes 54 or more calls) is 1000 x the ticket price.  To win the million pounds would require bingo in 40 calls or fewer which is very, very unlikely – you can read a detailed analysis of just how unlikely if interested, but it’s less likely than a big lottery win.

The snag with the Dragonfish million pound games is that they are quite expensive to play because there is a minimum purchase of 5 tickets, and most of the time the jackpot slides all the way down to the baseline prize.

Nevertheless, some worthwhile sums have occasionally been won on these games over the years.  Dragonfish no longer publish a list of winners (probably because of recent changes in data protection and privacy regulations) but we know of a £35,000 win for bingo in 45 calls and a £75,000 win for bingo in 44 calls.

Now, though, we have heard that the rooms will be closing for the last time at the end of July – so if you do want to have a final shot at that very elusive million pounds, this week is your final chance.  Some Dragonfish bingo sites have already dropped the million pound rooms but many still have them.

Dragonfish still have plenty of jackpot games on offer, though, and one only need visit the bingo lobby to see that recently introduced games such as £1500 Terrific Tuesday (which has a 25p ticket price) are attracting many more players than the £1 million games.


For fans of sliding jackpots, the Sunday Funday game has a headline prize of £10,000 (for bingo in 43 or fewer calls), a baseline prize of £2000 (for 57 or more calls) and a ticket price of just 50p.  Not only is this a better buy than the £1 million games in terms of ticket price vs baseline prize and a (slightly) better prospect in terms of the number of calls needed for the headline prize, but it is also more likely that one of the larger prizes will be won as this game (which is widely networked) also apparently attracts more players and with many more tickets in play, the game ends quicker.

For those on a budget, the £1000 jackpot game that plays in the widely networked 90s Extreme bingo room at 7pm every evening has tickets priced at just 5p.

Then of course, there’s the monthly Big £10K where half the prize pool is split between all the players; free tickets to this game are given out as part of the loyalty scheme.

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