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BOGOF Bingo Review

Sue Dawson

Rating: 4.2/5

Rating: 4.2/5

You may have heard the name BOGOF Bingo before; its new incarnation on the Pragmatic Play bingo software has little in common with its previous one on Virtue Fusion (which closed back in 2019) and it might just as well be a brand new site.


The new version of BOGOF Bingo is on the Nektan platform (now known as Grace Media) and has the latest, 2021 version of the bingo lobby (and of the casino lobby, for that matter) and in theory that should make it much easier to see what bingo rooms there are and what’s going on in them.  In practice, once you click on one of the rooms you find yourself in what looks and behaves very much like the old lobby (apart from some BOGOF specific theming) and the main issue with this is that on mobile, it’s difficult to leave the bingo lobby if you want to go play slots (apart from the Pragmatic Play games that are present in mini-game form in the bingo rooms).

There are more bingo rooms, too, than the four that were visible from the bingo home page when we visited, so perhaps the lobby integration needs a bit more work to make them all visible.

BOGOF Bingo has always struck us as a bit of an odd name for a bingo site, firstly because although they do have some BOGOFs they are exactly the same as at other sites on the same platform and secondly because BOGOFs in the context of a bingo game don’t make a lot of sense; if you give all of the players to a bingo game twice as many tickets without increasing the prize money, they have the same overall chance of winning as they had before.  It’s clearly been popular with players though, or they wouldn’t be reusing it.  It’s complemented by bright theming using photos of real people against colourful backgrounds, which is used in the bingo rooms as well as in the lobby and on the promotions page.  As part of the theming, the names of most of the bingo rooms are different to what you’d normally expect at a Pragmatic Play site; Bingo Blast is the same but the Jackpot Room is called The Biggest One at BOGOF, Heavyweight is called Roller Coaster and Super Heavyweight (rather confusingly) is called The Big One.  Like many other Pragmatic Play bingo sites, there’s no chat at all at BOGOF.

Going back to that promotions page, unlike at other Grace Media sites which have separate promotions pages for bingo and slots, here it’s all on one page making it much easier to navigate.  It’s mostly deposit bonus or spins offers.

Slot games at BOGOF are organised into 4 tabs – Popular, New, Last Played and All Games and there’s also a search facility but there’s doesn’t seem to be any way to filter the games by provider or even list them alphabetically.  Scratchcards and live dealer games (including the likes of Mega Ball and Crazy Time) show up in clusters on the All Games list so you should be able to find pretty well anything you want, with the possible exception of progressive jackpots.  Once you’ve opened a game (or bingo room) it shows up in Last Played even if you didn’t actually play it, so that area of the site can very quickly be populated with your favourites.  This is a great feature thaat really helps with playability on mobile devices.

BOGOF Bingo is probably most suitable for players who like to play slots as much as they like to play bingo, and aren’t bothered about the lack of chat; the bingo is very far from being an afterthought, however, with a good choice of rooms running different types of bingo and some substantial prizes.